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Interesting site.

Scratch- - 12-6-2005 at 09:49

"Science made alive"

Has some nice chemistry information and experiments.

Nice and clear photo's

Lambda - 12-6-2005 at 11:23

An interesting website Scratch-

In the download section, photography, are the most exquisite photo's of chemical substances. They are very helpfull, in visualising chemicals, as to get an idee on how the pure substance might look like.

Nice and clean site, with interesting stuff on photography.

I have allways been interested in ways to change the appearance of photo's during the developing stage.

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Kman100 - 21-6-2005 at 16:48

This picture can be sort of a "hidden pictures" type game. I believe someone already posted something like this with his own reagents.

<img src=""</img>

Don't cheat! :)