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bug identification please anyone?

rebecca - 25-10-2014 at 17:17

Would any one know what this is. its as small as my pinky fingernail. has 8 legs so must be some kind of spidery mite thing. its moves very fast and it appeared on my arm after i brushed up against my climbing rose bush which is covered in Aphids at the moment. i had it in a jar overnight but it died. or it was playing dead because it came back to life later on in the day after i took photos. sorry my camera is shocking.
it seemed to use its first two legs for feeling around. i found that interestingits body did not look segmented like a spiders and it was difficult to see eyes. its body had a green sheen which looked kind of blue but it was really red. it has two small little mouth parts which kind of looked fangy but it did not bite me at all that im aware of

2014-10-17 10.14.49-3-1.jpg - 4kB 2014-10-17 10.14.49-3-1.jpg - 4kB 2014-10-17 10.14.49-3-1.jpg - 4kB

Hawkguy - 26-10-2014 at 09:07

I think its Insectus Uglyus from Hellus... :D

Bert - 26-10-2014 at 15:03

What part of the world...

forgotpassword - 26-10-2014 at 15:04

It looks like a mite, Erythraeidae.