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It is not book but programme.

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chemist75 - 12-3-2007 at 18:15

I currently am trying to get the ACD to work after running the patch file and I am getting an error that says:

Cannot apply registration information.
Registration File "C:\ACDLabs ChemSketch 9.0\RINFO32.DAT" is invalid.

If I could be doing something wrong please let me know or if you have another way to get this to work can you please let me know.

Also does anyone know where an ACD H C and P NMR Predictor is available for download.

vidmis - 13-3-2007 at 00:11

Please wait and let me check.

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langtu01 - 13-3-2007 at 02:53

crack ACD not word
Please upload ACD Full to

langtu01 - 16-3-2007 at 20:07

link die
please upload it to
All in one Chemistry programmes(21 softwares)

File size: 2978195 bytes

1- Electronic Periodic Table v2.0
2- Chemical Molecule Viewer
3- PERSONAL CHEMCOM v4.0; Chemical Plume Dispersion Program. Personal CHEMCOM is a chemical cloud (plume) dispersion program. It allows the user to enter weather conditions and the type and amount of hazardous chemical being released and then shows the downwind concentrations and plume location.
4- Molecular Modeling Program (CGA or EGA)
5- Chemistry Database and Reference Material
6- Chemview (1/2) is a molecular animation program that shows 3 dimensional rotation on an EGA. The library of files was generated using CHEMICAL; a molecular modeling program that bonds and places atoms that the user has selected from a Periodic Table.
7- Chemview (2/2) is a molecular animation program that shows 3 dimensional rotation on an EGA. The library of files was generated using CHEMICAL; a molecular modeling program that bonds and places atoms that the user has selected from a Periodic Table.
8- COMPUTATIONAL CHEM MANUAL v3.12 For problem solving in Computational Chemistry and other areas. Techniques are applicable to all math-based analyses. Activity coefficients, conductivity data, flory-huggins formula, heat capacity, ideal gas law, langmuir adsorption, mixture composition, mole fractions, poison distribution, vapor pressure, weak acid. PCSCC INC.
9- Chemistry Pal v2.40
10- Study aide: data on the 106 chemical elements
11- ELEMENTAL v1.00 ASP - This powerful computer periodic table is the first one to show wire frame images of all 16 hydrogen-like wave functions. It has considerable data on each element including heat capacity, standard entropies and enthalpies, magnetic susceptibilities, ionization energies, reaction, solvent, and chemical properties, known isotopes, and much, much more. From CleoSci. $49.95 + $2.50 S&H. ($29.95 before 8-31-94)
12- The Integral Scientist v2.01 A data & calculation utility for working chemists & advanced students. Periodic table with 66+ properties per element. Calculators for molecular weight, chemical solutions, redox, dilution, 15000+ unit conversions, solvents database, scientific data viewer, context sensitive hypertext help and documentation. Extensive mouse support, windows style interface in a compact, fast DOS program.
13- WIN3: Read Atomic coordinates display molecule
14- Display the periodic table of elements, (EGA)
15- Menu-driven Periodic Table of Elements
16- Calculate Radioactive Decay
17- PERSONAL RADCOM v4.0; Radiation Plume Dispersion Program, Personal RADCOM is a radiation cloud (plume) dispersion program for nuclear reactors. Program allows the user to enter the weather conditions and the amount of radiation being released and then shows downwind concentrations and plume location.
18- Gives Radioactive Decay Information
19- ThermoDynamics: Kinetic gas model simulator
20- Organic chemistry ID of unknowns simulator
21- Video Chemistry. Chemistry Tutor.................

HraD - 17-3-2007 at 04:28

May be someone have a full version of ACD Labs 9/10 at work?

Per - 17-3-2007 at 12:03

I searched for a page to download the Römpp encyclopedia here but I didn´t find a good page jet.

Can anybody give me a adress where I can download the á german Römpp version, better a newer one than an older.

JohnWW - 19-3-2007 at 20:55

I think I have it somewhere, downloaded on EDonkey, but it will take a while to find it in my files.

Per - 21-3-2007 at 09:04

You have it, great, do you think that it´s still possible to download it on EDonkey?

Or if not I would be very greatful to you if you can find it in your files.

JohnWW - 21-3-2007 at 22:00

I have found my copy of it - it is a RAR archive of a NRG Nero Disk Image file, with the name Chemie - Lexikon Der Chemie - Römpp 2.0 - Thieme Verlag.rar, 303 Mb. I downloaded it on EDonkey in August 2006; you could search on Google for the EDonkey URL. I could also repack it into split RAR archives of 100 Mb or less, and upload those to

rachid.coisn - 23-3-2007 at 00:43

i have try but i can't download. so if you can just give me
-serila number
-code number
-database serial.
please i need thes numbers of ACD labs 9
think you frind

rachid.coisn - 23-3-2007 at 00:48

i have try but i can't download. so if you can just give me
-serila number
-code number
-database serial.
please i need thes numbers of ACD labs 9
think you frind:(

Per - 23-3-2007 at 09:44

I downloaded it on EDonkey in August 2006; you could search on Google for the EDonkey URL.

Thanks, I´ll search for it, if I couldn´t find it I´ll reply.

New Zealand hmm, great country with a greater countriside, if I´ll have the money I´ll travel to it.

JohnWW - 24-3-2007 at 00:01

Zwei taschenbuchen der chemie in Deutsch:

Lexikon Der Chemie - Römpp 2.0 - Thieme Verlag, und Taschenbuch_der_Chemie 102,874 Kb 102,874 Kb 102,872 Kb

This is a NRG file, which requires Nero CD Burner to open or burn to a CD.
Diese ist eine NRG-Datei, was braucht Nero CD Brenner für öffnen oder verbrennen auf zu eine CD. 97,394 Kb

JohnWW - 28-3-2007 at 01:55

Does anyone know of a really good brute-force password-cracking program, able to be used on password-protected files, web-pages, and FTP and HTTP sites; and from where it can be downloaded, please?

Per - 30-3-2007 at 12:38

Thanks a lot for the Römpp-Lexikon.

I think you´re going to learn german, may it´s helpful for you if I translate your sentences correctly.
This is a NRG file, which requires Nero CD Burner to open or burn to a CD.
Das ist eine NRG-Datei, welche das Nero Brennprogramm benötigt um geöffnet oder gebrannt zu werden.
Zwei Taschenbücher der Chemie in Deutsch:

rachid.coisn - 4-4-2007 at 03:56

so i try but i can't to downloading. so please can you help me?

samiw75 - 4-6-2007 at 05:07

Can you please upload this softwrae again in rapidshare or megaupload. I need it

solo - 4-6-2007 at 07:51

Originally posted by samiw75
Can you please upload this softwrae again in rapidshare or megaupload. I need it

what software are you refering to?..................solo

JohnWW - 4-6-2007 at 09:43

My uploads above of the German chemistry handbooks are still valid.

hlmkh - 9-7-2007 at 06:18


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xwonchem - 16-7-2007 at 23:31

Everybody or ayush helps me now. I want to get immediately computational fluid dynamics soft of fluent corp. Please give me now b/c of being wanted to study and use it for my present job. Thank u and deeply sorry if I make any trouble to you.
Emergency, SOS.!;):D

ACDlabs crack please!

deepredabc - 1-8-2007 at 21:04

Please Anyone has the crack of ACD lab.
I have download the install files, and also the crack file, but I still couldn't install it
It required the Number for main program, Number for Add-on, Number for Database.
Please send me the information. I'm really in need of the software.
Thank u very much for sharing!

acd labs 8

annette - 4-9-2007 at 14:24

is anyone got the serial for acd lab 8 i got the cd of it but i got no serial for the nmr predictor

sergio - 22-10-2007 at 07:50

do anybody could share the numbers to install ACDLabs 9.0?. I have ones but they do not work properly because are expirate..

Sauron - 22-10-2007 at 09:43

Don't feel like the lone stranger. That stuff did not work when first uploaded almost a year ago, it has been reuploaded more than once and still did not work, I think it is a waste of time.

solo - 11-12-2007 at 03:39


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Sauron - 11-12-2007 at 04:40

I have always been perfectly happy with ISI/Draw 2.5 and its predecessors and plugins, which are free and easy to acquire and I believe do have Mac versions as well as Wintel.

ayush - 20-1-2008 at 00:24

FX Chem 2

FX Chem makes typing chemical equations almost as easy as typing your name.

With FX Chem, you just type the information and FX Chem does the formatting for you. FX Chem understands enough about chemistry to recognise the various components of a chemical equation and puts them in the right place for you.

For example: If you want

just load FX Chem and type

nio2(s) + 2h2o(l) + 2e- =>ni(oh)2(s) + 2oh-(aq)

You do not have to do any more work. FX Chem will capitalise the elements and put everything in the correct location - all automatically.

Version one of FX Chem gained converts all over the world and now version two adds many new features.

* Nuclear chemistry. {238,92} U becomes
* Chemistry everywhere. You can now have formatted chemical equations above and below reaction arrows.
* Normal text everywhere. Wrapping something in quotes stops FX Chem from formatting it.
* Multi line equations
* Much more control over the output.
* Much better handling of complex ions and other chemical constructs

FX Chem links into your copy of Word and lets you enter chemical equations at the push of a button

Some more examples:

To Get

mno4-(aq) + 8h+(aq) + 5e- <> mn2+(aq) + 4h2o(l)

{238,92}u + {1,0}n => {239,92}u => {239,93}Np + {0,-1}e

c6h12o6(aq) ="yeast"> 2c2h5oh(aq) + 2co2(g)

ch3chch2 + hoh =h2so4,"Sulphuric Acid"> ch3chohch3

If you are upgrading from Version 1, a 40% rebate of your existing version will apply.

"FX Chem is an amazing product. It will give me a lot more time to live!"



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trufalup - 5-2-2008 at 21:18

Dying for anybody that could up a copy of acd labs 9. will trade anything for it. desperate. thx

amrhamed2 - 1-3-2008 at 14:09

MOE drug design package
need flexlm lic though .....if someone could supply please do it:(


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flower_eden - 30-4-2008 at 07:06

Does anyone has Chemkin software? Will trade Fluent for it.

ayush - 30-4-2008 at 08:06


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acd labs ms fragmenter

phillhere - 23-5-2008 at 02:29

please, please please.. does anyone have the module ms/fragmenter for acd labs or a link to it.
i have been struggling to find this for days, and this really is my last hope.

thanks in advance.....

ahc - 24-6-2008 at 13:03


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donlaszlow - 13-8-2008 at 07:52

I can't get ACD Labs 9 to instal. The crack doesen't work. I need the serial numbers. The DAT file that the crack created containes ascii I can't read, I've tried the whole office package (2000) notepad/wordpad, It's no use. Help please.:(:(:(

Sauron - 14-8-2008 at 02:27

I have been on this forum for two years and this situation has not changed one bit.

That crack has never worked and it has not been updated with a working one.

It's a waste of time to download ACDLabs.

So don't bother.

donlaszlow - 14-8-2008 at 03:42

Version 6 of ACDLABS PRO has a nice alkalloid library,the only bad thing is,that, I can't update it or open any recent NMR data with it.
The crack for version 9 creates a DAT file just like Yahoo Messenger's archive files. There has to be a way to open it,and view the data inside in a humanly understandable way. It's my final try,aftherwards I give up. I'm a student,and I can't afford to buy version 11 PRO; Chemsetch 11 (just a basic version,but usefull) is however free to download at the companie's web site
And you can copy and paste the molecules created here to chemdraw and give it a 3D look, or to any similar chemical drawing tool. And it contains 3 chemical search addons, I find that a nice touch:)
Thanks for answering:) Good luck with your research! :)

donlaszlow - 14-8-2008 at 03:49

what about the MOE drug design package? is it any good? Is it worth downloading or does it have a licence issue just like ACDLABS 9?

Chemoffice 2006

Gruson - 17-9-2008 at 02:55

Chemoffice 2006 Ultra, including Chemdraw 10.0, etc.
5-part archive:

Chemdraw Ultra 2008 (11.0) is soon to come.

[bewerken aan 9/17/2008 door Gruson]

[bewerken aan 9/17/2008 door Gruson]

Chemdraw 11.0

Gruson - 17-9-2008 at 12:17

Here is ChemDraw 11.0, for Mac and Windows.

This Serial Number and Registration Code will be valid until 4-Nov-2011.
Chemdraw 11 for Mac (dmg)

SERIAL NUMBER: 021-177633-8162

Sauron - 17-9-2008 at 19:12

When one installs ChemDraw Ultra 11 using the SN provided, the installation uses the Internet to activate. This works, but CambridgeSoft's server is constantly (or intermittently) snooping around based on security alerts I am getting. Since Cambridgesoft doubtless will sooner or later figure out that this serial number has been used more times than a 20-franc Paris streetwalker on payday, as long as an Internet connection is present they have the opportunity to shut down this software. For all I know they can do so even while the application(s) are not running.

Therefore the only safe way to run this is to put it on a machine with no Internet connection (once installed.)

Also. where is GAMESS? It is supposed to be included, I assume using Chem3D as an interface.

Gruson - 18-9-2008 at 00:35

The licence I provided is used university-wide, so there would be no problem with a lot of people using it. You will only get popups if more than one user is on the same hub, but you will be able to use the product. Gamess calculations can be made from Chem3D (Chemoffice 2006) but you have to have gamess installed.
I can't find it at the moment, maybe later.

[bewerken aan 9/18/2008 door Gruson]

Sauron - 18-9-2008 at 02:15

It's not a big deal, as I have Gaussian 03 and 98, HyperChem, several versions of MOPAC with and without Winows GUI front ends, and AMPAC w/its GUI. (Much the same as the GUI for Gaussian as Andy Holder wrote them both.)

I have used GAMESS before and did not fall in love with it compared to the above.

I am after CODESSA Pro, or else PC Model as a front end/assist for the original CODESSA. QSPR is fun.

amrhamed2 - 24-10-2008 at 02:58

Can anyone supply a flexlm license to MOE 2007.09 ???
It is so strange that no reverse engineering team has released this package although it is widely available in universities and iso file of the package is available everywhere.............if someone can provide a node free lic please upload it .................

jokull - 24-10-2008 at 08:52

as that on giga, but for the continuous seeking of those working with solids:

The Phase Equilibria Diagrams CD-ROM Database Version 3.1 2005
contains more than 20,000 diagrams previously published in phase volumes produced as part of the ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams Program: Volumes I thru XIV, Annuals 91 thru 93, High Tc Superconductors I & II, Zirconium and Zirconia Systems, and Electronic Ceramics.

The diagram preview feature makes searching quick and easy. Search results are displayed on the same page and list the records returned. Search capabilities allow searches by:
System components
Language of the original Publication
Year (of original publication of the diagram
Phase Equilibria Diagrams series volume number
Full bibliographic reference of the paper
Figure captions from the diagrams published in Phase Equilibria Diagrams volumes
67816 KB


Big_Player - 28-10-2008 at 04:56

Has anyone a copy of the Römpp 2006 CD?

I have the version 2.0 (1999), and I'm searching for the newer one!

ayush - 31-12-2008 at 11:16

PL Table v4.30

This multifunctional periodic table is an excellent tool for both students and serious researchers. It has over 20 types of data on each element and all known isotopes in customizable, user-expandable tables. All sixteen numeric data types (plus any user-added data) can be corelated in particle or line graphs. Includes a powerful chemical equation balancer that can solve the most complex organic reactions and calculate molecular weights and amounts of reagents.

- Complete data on the chemical elements of the Periodic Table including atomic mass, ionization potentials, electroconductivity, electronegativity, density, place and time of discovery (more then 20 various data types for each element).
- Provides information on more than 890 isotopes of the 111 elements, including natural abundance, half-life and decay mode.
- Balances the most complicated chemical equations.
- You can add numerical and/or text information on each chemical element and have it represented in tables and/or displayed in particle or line graphs.
- Displays graphs of any two of the supplied categories of numerical data on each element (can also graph user-entered numerical data).
- Displays the Periodic Table of Elements in all of the standard configurations using customizable styles and colour schemes.
- Determines the oxidation degree of each element in compound.
- Organizes and displays the complete series of chemical activity of metals.
- Converts temperature from one scale to another.
- Automatic checking of the reaction equation.


ExistenceGuest - 18-1-2009 at 10:39

thanx ;)

seravitae - 20-6-2009 at 19:50

Hey guys,

I'm desperately looking for links to ACDLabs software - particularly that concerning NMR. Ie, NMR simulator / NMR workbook and such.

If anyone has these on rapidshare or on torrent could they please release the download details?


Biginelli - 21-6-2009 at 04:37





seravitae - 21-6-2009 at 14:53 are a god amongst men, thankyou!

let's hope the people on that forum aren't right about the first 500-user license stuff..

Biginelli - 23-6-2009 at 05:10

ACD 10.0 - is much better - its license is endless.

ayush - 23-6-2009 at 05:28


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Polverone - 15-7-2009 at 18:52

Please do not post links to commercial ACDLABS software. I understand that they have some free products, which are fine to link to, but I just got a complaint directly from the company about links to their commercial software. We are lucky they contacted me instead of going straight to the web host and shutting the site down. I have scrubbed this thread of links to their commercial software. I searched but I don't think it was being linked to from any other threads.

hawkril - 4-4-2010 at 07:24

Is there a chance, that somebody ca reupload the "Roempp Chemie Lexikon" ? I'm desperately searching for this..

Thnx hawkril

JohnWW - 4-4-2010 at 07:37

Quote: Originally posted by hawkril  
Is there a chance, that somebody can reupload the "Roempp Chemie Lexikon" ? I'm desperately searching for this..Thnx hawkril

The Roempp Lexikon Der Chemie (Deutsch)? I had to re-upload it a few months ago, after my old upload of it was deleted after the Copyright Gestapo squealed to Rapidshare, when some idiot posted the links on an unsecure public website. The new links for downloading it are in the password-restricted References section. However, as you are a newcomer, you will have to earn the right to ask a moderator for the password to the References, by a good record of posts elsewhere on the forum. Because I do not know you, I am reluctant to give the links privately.

[Edited on 4-4-10 by JohnWW]

hawkril - 4-4-2010 at 11:50

Okay. I understand your position.. So I have to try..
But even when it doesn't change your mind, I have to say my search is a bit urgent .. I'm searching the Roempp for the preparation for my exams in 4 weeks..

So if there is somebody who can tell me where to get this thing I would be very happy

I already tried a torrent but there are only 630,8 of 651,8 MB of the nrg image online.. i downloaded it to the point but now i'm waiting for the remaining 21 MB..


PS.: Don't get me wrong. I'am aware of the rules, but I need this Software... the sooner the better..

PPS.: Sorry about my english, it's not as good as it should be :)

[Edited on 4-4-2010 by hawkril]

JohnWW - 4-4-2010 at 17:01

In that case, I will see if I can go online with uTorrent, find and load the Torrent file (can you post it here as an attachment, please?), and seed that Torrent with the complete NRG image file of the Lexikon.

P.S. I found the Torrent file, at: .
I am seeding it now, and will leave it seeded until no more "leeches" come along, or until another seed turns up. Are you in Austria? There is only one peer at present, in Austria - but the transfer speed is VERY slow, probably only dialup speed, about 5 Kb/sec.

[Edited on 5-4-10 by JohnWW]

hawkril - 5-4-2010 at 01:08

I'm in Germany and it's the same torrent I'm using ;)

In fact I'm downloading from you now ;)

Thank you for your help..


JohnWW - 5-4-2010 at 03:07

You are welcome. I have also uploaded the "Taschenbuch Der Chemie", also in German, approx. 94.5 Mb, with a link in the References section, and there appear to be other sources including Torrent downloads. There is also a "Taschenbuch Der Physik" in German, 328 Mb (ISO), which seems to be widely available as a Torrent download, and also a 38.7 Mb PDF version of it available as a Hotfile download.

P.S. I have found an huge posting of Hotfile links, all of which seem to still work, to German scientific and engineering textbooks and handbooks, on
Ironically, although all the ebooks are in German, the website itself is in Poland.

[Edited on 5-4-10 by JohnWW]

maxidastier - 22-1-2011 at 12:23

I'll need the Roempp, too. How can I get it?
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