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Sodium Salicylate

FrankRizzo - 17-10-2005 at 23:36

Would anyone happen to know a synth for sodium salicylate? Pyro suppliers want upwards of $14-15/lb for the stuff.

Guess it would help if I spelled the damn chemical name right...

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12AX7 - 18-10-2005 at 00:06

Hmm, base hydrolysis of acetyl salicylic acid, then seperation from sodium acetate and salicylate?

Hrm.. I get the feeling the seperation either needs acid, or will be ugily non-stoichiometric and possibly result in a polysodium compound.


The_Davster - 18-10-2005 at 05:12

Oil of wintergreen(methyl salicylate) + NaOH