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Rosco Bodine - 17-11-2005 at 07:42

Here's an interesting and easily made compound which may have usefulness as an intermediate in organic syntheses , including the preparation of polymers .

It may also have interest as a possible reactant and sensitizer for ammonium nitrate explosive compositions .

It possibly could also form energetic nitrosite type compounds .

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BASF - 17-11-2005 at 08:55

1,3,5-triazine-2-one, no?

Then this would be the K-6 backbone......triple nitrosation in acetic acid and oxidation with HNO3 99%, here we go :D

But ... maybe this is too good to be true...

BTW, how can we purify the crude product?

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Rosco Bodine - 17-11-2005 at 09:27

About the purification I'm not sure , but the material is water soluble and is present in high concentration so in many reactions it could likely be used without further purification .

There is another material which I have considered may have possible usefulness as a fusible binder for pyrotechnics . See the attached file .

Ketone N is polymerized cyclohexanone .

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ordenblitz - 17-11-2005 at 17:34

fusible binder for pyrotechnics

You have my attention, please elaborate.

Rosco Bodine - 17-11-2005 at 19:35

Ketone N is cheap , ~$10 pound , and is a low melting 75 - 85 C hot melt adhesive sort of material which is neutral pH and non - reactive , chemically stable material that is waterproof but soluble in organic solvents . It is used by conservators for
preserving oil paintings for museums and such , mixed with solvent and sprayed on as a protective sealant lacquer . It lasts
for decades without any deterioration or yellowing . There is an aerosol spray for
archival preservation of photographs , sold under the brand name Rembrandt ,
and the lacquer it contains is Ketone N .

It is probably possible to spray pyrotechnic powders or crystalline materials with a solvent carried film of Ketone N , and then press the compositions warmed to the point where the Ketone N flows under pressure to
bind and seal the materials permanently upon cooling , also gluing the composition quite securely to the walls of its container .

There are other polymers which would work similarly , but Ketone N is probably one of the least expensive .

Rosco Bodine - 22-1-2007 at 19:13

Here's another easily made triazone which could be a useful intermediate .

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