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25 pounds of KMnO4 for $22!

evil_lurker - 17-11-2005 at 16:35

I love salvage places!

Found 30 pounds of sears brand green sand filter recharger for a measly $22!

Thats more KMnO4 than I'll use in a loooong time. :D

I didn't know sears sold this kinda stuff...

Other useful chems at sears includes sodium thiosulfate (chlorine neutralizer) and calcium hypochlorite (pool shock).

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Darkblade48 - 17-11-2005 at 16:38

You're amazingly lucky!

I can't even find potassium permanganate in the Sears here in Canada.

The_Davster - 17-11-2005 at 17:21

I have searched sears so much in Canada for permanganate....some idiot put permanganate on the same controlled substances list as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, and hence I do not want to order it.

I have crazy plans for which I need relatively large ammounts of pure Mn2O7(on the order of 10-15 mls) and the only KMnO4 I have I brought back from a south-pacific island and only 15g of it! I am contemplating buying manganese electrodes simply so I can make it myself.

Lucky you.

Blind Angel - 17-11-2005 at 17:24

I bough 5 pound of KMnO4 for 25$, ok it's not that a good deal but it's easy to find. Go in any place where they sell water filter, look in your yellow page. Go there, ask for KMnO4 (or green sand filter recharge), pay and go home, the end. All in Canada, all in your city.

Edit: these are the place that say's "Water Analysis Here!" or something along the way, they usually sell treatment with the outrageous result that they give you, showing how much you have iron and all in your water (unless you live in Walkertown)

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evil_lurker - 17-11-2005 at 18:02

I had to edit my first post.. I thought the jars were just 5 pounds each... got to looking and they were 6.. so that makes it even better!

Darkblade48 - 17-11-2005 at 18:33

Originally posted by evil_lurker
I had to edit my first post.. I thought the jars were just 5 pounds each... got to looking and they were 6.. so that makes it even better!

And the chemists in Canada grow more restless ;) We might just have to come loot your supply one day

ChemHack - 15-12-2005 at 06:34

I have a pound of KMnO4 i'm willing to part with. Any takers?

chochu3 - 16-12-2005 at 02:41

It can also be found in products (as a solution) for getting rid of cloudiness and oder from fish tanks.

Zinc - 23-4-2007 at 13:11

I buy my KMnO4 at the pharmacy for 1 dollar per 10 grams.

12AX7 - 23-4-2007 at 14:22

Yikes! I got a 5 pound jug of the stuff (for removing iron / filtering water) for, what was it, $20? Menards.


garage chemist - 23-4-2007 at 14:50

KMnO4 is not easy to buy here too, as it is a watched substance... only small amounts can be had, like 100g or 250g. The paperwork to fill out is the same as for acetic anhydride.

I tried out simple KMnO4 production from MnO2, and did suceed to make a dark violet solution (no attempt at isolating it though).
Melt MnO2 with NaOH and KNO3, dissolve in water, acidify, filter off MnO2, crystallize.
MnO2 would be the obvious choice as the cheapest precursor to KMnO4.

egloskerry - 23-4-2007 at 16:52

I got the same stuff a lot of you other guys got, 5lb for 25$ on ebay, greensand filter regenerate. I went to Lowe's, Walmart, a fish store, and Publix (supermarket) and none of them had it. 30lb for 20$ would be awesome. I never thought to look there. I think I'll go there over the weekend.

I just have one question for the OP: is it technical grade, as in very coarse, or more of a powder? The stuff I got is tech. grade coarse, and crushing up 5lb KMnO4 is very tough. I'm only about halfway through. I do it whenever I have spare time.

evil_lurker - 23-4-2007 at 17:00

Yeah its coarse technical grade.

I suggest using an old food processor or coffee grinder in small amounts as you go.

egloskerry - 23-4-2007 at 22:39

I was thinking of getting a cheap ball mill.

So I went to Sears and they didn't have any. They said to try Kmart.

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Matchheads - 15-5-2007 at 19:11

The KMnO4 story goes where a certain coke kingpin of Colombia put the President in power, and the permanganate was necessary to treat cola base, with every kilo of permanganate in South America resulting in a kilo of coke, and SA has no permanganate of its own, and I think perhaps the chemistry is that the permanganate oxidizes cinammylcocaine to cocaine and so the coke now crystallizes, because you know how having something very alike to the thing you want to crystallize means neither will crystallize, but this chemistry needs further investigation.

When a DEA higher-up was about to retire, as a last act he seized two ships loaded with permanganate that were stopping in Long Beach on their way from China to Colombia. He wasn't an "idiot". He put the hurt on this drug trade which exports like 1000 tons per year of something which is just poison, has no use helping people, costs us in ways we know not, ruins the environment.

The guy who runs the government in Colombia, behind the scenes, still has his chemical company. It is the nicest one. There are 4500 chemical companies in Colombia.

I admit there is a brand of idiocy in stopping us from having a kilo of KMnO4 by thinking it equals a kilo of coke. You got me there. Is there something else? I just thought you poured glycerine on it once in awhile, or destroy the organics in a plating bath, or God forbid, throw it in the neighbor's pool.