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ELX-3058 - 4-1-2006 at 19:36

Hi, does anyone know where I can get some glassware at a good price? If you do please tell! Thanks :P

btw I live in California, Bay Area

neutrino - 4-1-2006 at 19:59

Many online sources have been discussed, UTFSE!!!!!

ELX-3058 - 4-1-2006 at 20:09

What does UTFSE mean?

The_Davster - 4-1-2006 at 20:12

UTFSE=Use The Fucking Search Engine

There are dozens of suppliers talked about in various places here, most are for ordering from over the internet or by mail, I do not think any of them are directly in your area.

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Magpie - 4-1-2006 at 22:32

eBay is excellent if you know what you are looking for and are patient. There are also eBay stores.

Places that sell to educators have good equipment at good prices. The science supply houses have good/excellent stuff generally at outrageous prices.

evil_lurker - 5-1-2006 at 09:30

Probably the best discount glassware dealer is

Their prices are very competative and everything they sell is pyrex... much better quality than most of the other glassware floating about out there. Buy your basic distillation set up from them even if it costs a few more bux. Get the round bottom flasks upgraded to 2000 and 1000 ml if possible. Be sure to grab a tube of corning high vacuum grease too.

Speaking of quality, there are several grades... Pyrex is the best. Kimax comes into a close second. Bomex is considered the cheap shit.

Stay away from Bomex if at all possible, especially when purchasing flasks. Bomex is nowhere near as thermally shock tolerant as pyrex. I personally would be scared to use a bomex flask on a vacuum distillation. Furthermore, speaking of crappy Bomex, yesterday I recieved a set of Bomex graduated cylinders from McNan Biologicals Ebay store. You could tell that they are cheap. On the 250 ml cylinder, the glass at the bottom is uneven. Testing it out it reads about 5ml too high. The others were better but I highly doubt they would even make it to "Class B" accuracy.

On the topic of other Ebay glassware dealers, Kantu200 has a wide selection of 24/40 distillation columns in various configurations. Their prices are cheap, and so are their products. But, unless your willing to go thru Kimble Kontes or Ace Glass that is about the only place you will find some of their selections such as a double jacketed reflux condensor.

Avogadro's Lab Supply or whatever their name is has a few flasks, but the only real thing worth purchasing from them is the hempel column.

If you need seperatory funnels, jars, erlenmeyer flasks, vacuum filtration set ups, and aspirators, nobody can can match

Thats about the whole run down on glassware. Anybody know anything else that I don't?

Nick F - 5-1-2006 at 10:21

I've decided to sell my old assortment of odd glasswear and get some more, all with 24/40 joints. My old stuff was great quality, but all different sizes, and I hate using loads of adapters. So I've just spent $470 (inc postage) on new glass! :o Oh well, I'll just think of it as a Christmas present to myself, and remind myself that university students are supposed to be poor anyway :D. I should get a lot back when I sell my old stuff anyway.

I got quite a good selection though:

a whole soxhlet extraction setup
RBF's - 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L
three-neck RBF - 500mL
angled dessicant guard tube
250mL pressure-equalising dropping funnel
20cm Liebig
20cm Allihn
20cm Vigreux column
vacuum distillation adapter thingy (can't remember what you call them - the bit you attach the vac line to!)
Clasien adaptor
125mL addition funnel
600mL glass buchner funnel with vacuum port (so it can go into any of my flasks)
stoppers, clips, thermometer holder, misc stuff etc

This is from various ebay sources, I'll be sure to warn you all if I come accross a bad seller!

Fleaker - 6-1-2006 at 16:45

LOL to think that we probably bid against each other on ebay!

Personally, I'm a huge fan of Ace glassware, I've set up an account with them and they send a well-packaged product and their RBF flasks are pretty cheap (like 27.20 for a brand new 1.L w/ 24/40 and 30% thicker walls).

ELX-3058 check eNASCO, they're in Modesto, CA.

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Magpie - 6-1-2006 at 17:20

I 2nd that about Ace Glass, good products cheap, with no fuckups. Fisher Scientific is my supplier of last resort as it seems they always fuckup the order or send me broken equipment.

I bought a Teflon 19/22 thermometer adapter from Ace for $13. It would have been three times that from Fisher.