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Cobalt Glass

mrjeffy321 - 15-1-2006 at 23:28

I am searching for a source of blue Cobalt glass suitable for viewing a flame through and filtering out any yellow light from Sodium impurities.

From what I see right now, Cobalt glass is pretty popular for use in dinner plates and serving items, but I am not going to pay $15 to $20 for a plate just so I can look through it.

Ideally it should be flat and smooth, so it wont distort what your looking at.

neutrino - 16-1-2006 at 07:02

There's tons of the stuff one eBay. You're bound to find something cheap there.

12AX7 - 16-1-2006 at 07:32

As I recall, there's a neodymium glass that works much better. Check out brazing supplies. sells them I think.


mrjeffy321 - 16-1-2006 at 10:10

Of the some 3400 items that show up on ebay after searching for "cobalt glass", the vast majority of them seem to be various forms of plates, bowls, glasses, ....

neodymium glass (or didymium glass) looks like a good option as well, and I can even find it in convienent goggle form. It tends to be even more expensive though. I will keep search for a little while and see what I find.

didymium glass is not just ordinary welder's glass is it? or is that something else