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Centrifuge for methylamine

FriendlyFinger - 14-3-2006 at 16:52

Where can I find a centrifuge to spin a kg or more of MeNH2.HCl. I'm not interested in a salad spinner, something more industrial.


Magpie - 14-3-2006 at 18:55

Check out the web site for Sharples centrifuge. I hope you have a lot of money.

leu - 14-3-2006 at 19:29

If that's too expensive one could assemble one from various scrapyad parts, if one was crafty enough :D

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solo - 14-3-2006 at 20:22

How about an old washer ......just modify the inside and it'a a ready made cantrifuge.....and use the spin mode........solo

Magpie - 14-3-2006 at 21:23

Or possibly a hand driven cream separator like grampa used out on the farm. But these are antiques and probably also expensive.

Odyssèus - 15-3-2006 at 06:11

My dad has a plastic hand cranked collender, works the same way as a washing machine does. Looks pretty inexpensive.

leu - 15-3-2006 at 17:20

Old style washing machines had a separate centrifugal water extractor, these particular models would provide the most easily used mechanical parts :) The most critical knowledge for such a project was provided in this old post, unfortunately not available presently:

07-12-02 19:19
No 331864
Electric Motor Explosion Proofing Modification
(Rated as: excellent)

From Ind Eng Chem 675 (1926):

To prevent sparks from the motor igniting volatile solvent fumes, the principle of the Davy lamp was applied. The air holes at the brushes were covered with 50 mesh copper gauze, welded on. The motor was then run free and under load in explosive mixtures of benzene, gasoline vapor and natural gas. No explosions occured, although the brushes were sparking badly. Under similar conditions the same unprotected motor invariably detonated the gas mixtures. It should be noted that this modification gives no protection from the improbable event of a spark between the shaft and bearings, but this is a rare occurance.

SWIL would test this in a small test chamber before trying it with diethyl ether or hydrogen. SWIL sees no reason brazing couldn't be used to attach the mesh either.