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Mechaton - 28-4-2006 at 18:52

I'm looking to get equipment to do extractions from various herbs. Anybody got advice on what equipment to use? I remember reading somewhere that a new type of extractor, better than the Soxhlet, was invented recently. I'm having trouble locating data on it. Overall, It sounds like a useful topic to discuss.

unionised - 29-4-2006 at 12:41

This sort of thing?

Mechaton - 29-4-2006 at 16:27

Not quite what I had in mind. The device I saw was a single piece of glassware. I'm pretty sure I saw it on this board but I'll be damned if I can search it out.

neutrino - 29-4-2006 at 18:55

Were you thinking of a Gregar extractor? There was a thread here on the subject.

Mechaton - 30-4-2006 at 10:45

that is exactly what I am thinking of!

Anybody have any experience using these? Would it be a good investment to have one built?

CherrieBaby - 7-5-2006 at 14:06

A Soxhlet extractor? I've seen the 200 mL ones going cheaply on eBay (below $10). You will have to outbid me for one of those massive 600 mL ones (should something like that ever turn up). Or,... you can make your own. Homemade ones are probably best made out of welded metal.

Has anyone else apart from me tried making a big Soxhlet out of plastic parts?

How are the Gregor extractors better than the Soxhlets? - Surely a Gregor is used for extracting liquids?

Mechaton - 7-5-2006 at 14:50

I suppose one could make a bigass extractor totally from PVC, that'd be cool. Is That what you did, CherrieBaby? I'd love to see pictures.

12AX7 - 7-5-2006 at 15:40

I want to make a Gregar out of a 5 gallon bucket and, I guess, a submersion heater. Just drape plastic over top to make a simple still. Add drip/extraction bucket in the center.


bio2 - 7-5-2006 at 23:37

.....Has anyone else apart from me tried making a big Soxhlet out of plastic parts?......

Yep, I made one from a 3 liter PET soda bottle which stands up to hydrocarbons very well.

The bottoms are thickened so either a hole can be drilled and a bulkhead fitting installed but I welded mine.

I've since found some extra heavy PET sport bottles with about a 2 inch cap.
Just keep PET out of the micro and away from strong acid or base. PP is better for all around use but softens some with hydrocarbons.

At the veterinarian supply I saw a very thick 1 gallon PP baby botle with a giant nipple. I quess the calfs step on them cause it's as thick as a plastic pressure sprayer.

Mechaton - 8-5-2006 at 13:56

I'd imagine the problem with PVC would be softening, I guess I'll have to go finda good chart on what dissolves it.

neutrino - 8-5-2006 at 14:14

You want a good chemical resistance table. There are hundreds on the web on different materials, so just Google it.

bio2 - 8-5-2006 at 23:45

....'d imagine the problem with PVC would be softening,.....

LOL, more like dissolving with many organics. What do you think PVC glue (solvent cement) is?

Ramiel - 9-5-2006 at 19:12

A metal Gregar would definitely be nice (I mean, personally, I find copper, for instance a tad easier to sweat weld than glass!). But then you don't get to see the beautiful extraction taking place... Perhaps solved [haha! get it! >_<] by little viewing windows at key points, e.g. solvent overflow tap, solvent reservoir and the actual “extraction place thingie” [technical term].

Mechaton - 10-5-2006 at 14:57

I think it'd be cool for doing extractions on Lots of plant material. I'm thinking of making herbal essences at some point and It'd be awesome to extract pounds at a time.