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Looking for a tube/kinda funnel

math - 9-1-2015 at 17:03


I'm looking for a pipe/funnel (or any other plastic/glass container that can be easily adapted to that shape) like in the following drawing:

(lateral view on top, bottom view on bottom)

it should be open and circular in both ends,
the larger end should be flat,
and the smaller internal diameter should be at least 0.9 inches (about 23mm).

I don't know what to look for, so any idea is appreciated :)

Thank you and sorry for the odd question.

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Bert - 9-1-2015 at 17:19

Something like these?

image.jpg - 79kB image.jpg - 52kB

They're called "thistle tubes".

math - 9-1-2015 at 18:00

Quote: Originally posted by Bert  
Something like these?

They're called "thistle tubes".

That was a good call, thank you! :)

I think it'd be difficult to find one shape more like my drawing because I'd need surface at the bottom and larger smaller end to fit another tube in it (of about 0.8" diameter).

Thanks again :D

Eliteforum - 10-1-2015 at 05:01

When I saw the drawing I immediately thought of this:

But turned 180

math - 10-1-2015 at 10:59

Right (it's already written in the title) but I'd need something closer to my drawing and with less interal volume at the bottom (thus not conical).

Thank you

WGTR - 10-1-2015 at 11:00

Have you checked with this person:

It's a simple piece that I could almost make by hand, even with my poor skills, but any glassblower with a lathe could do it easily.

subsecret - 11-1-2015 at 06:57

If you really want to do it yourself (It won't be expensive if thglassguy does it for you), just use a thick glass tube in a drill, using a graphite battery rod or wet dowel as a shaping tool. Flare it out while heating. I flared out the ends of several 5mm tubes like this, which I use as thermocouple wells.

Magpie - 11-1-2015 at 11:26

Dr.Bob - 11-1-2015 at 18:51

Looks like a valve from a my old straight 6 Dodge...

Also looks like a glass frit funnel bottom, that is the closest thing I have seen to that.

math - 17-1-2015 at 12:28

Thank you :)