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Database of LD50 tables?

math - 29-1-2015 at 00:20


I was looking around for a database or toxicology encyclopedia with standardized/easily comparable LD50 values of chemical compounds.

This on wikipedia surely looks nice, but is way limited in the compounds list:

Thank you :)

DrPepper - 29-1-2015 at 08:51

Why do you need it?:) The most practical thing to do would be looking up the LD50 value of each compound of interest individually.

Are you looking for chemicals with low LD50 values?

Nicodem - 29-1-2015 at 08:59

Here's a metasearch engine that searches trough all major toxicology databases:

Chemosynthesis - 29-1-2015 at 13:42

Nicodem linked to the go-to for a lot of toxicology resources. Just bear in mind that LD50s are animal-specific, and extrapolating from one model organism to another can be extremely problematic, so it's best not to much of that unless you are very specific on the mechanisms of toxicity and the molecular and organ systems involved in your organism(s) of interest.

math - 1-2-2015 at 12:12

Thanks for your replies :)