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Heating Mantle Problem

Flip - 22-7-2006 at 19:16

Ok, so here's my latest problem with this mantle. It is an upper/lower stage mantle with two plugs. The plugs go into a controller which goes into the wall. I noticed that the wire for the ground does not continue inside the controller. However, the controller does operate other appliances just fine.

So I go to plug in the mantle, there is a big spark, the fuse blows out, none of my outlets work anymore, and I have to reset the power at the fuse box. I tried but I can't seem to dissassemble the mantle to see if there is some bridge... it worked before, but after I left it in the cabinet for a week and pulled it back out, I suddenly have this problem.

I've tried plugging it in three different times, and I hope that this hasn't destroyed it...

Can anyone help me out here?

Flip - 22-7-2006 at 19:59

Alright, so I just dissassembled it....

It appears that two of the insulated wires had *fused*

In other words, the insulation actually melted together to create a contact that was shorting the outlets. So i've stripped the wires now and i'm going to try and fix it... i'll let you guys know.

Flip - 22-7-2006 at 20:31

Problem solved.

Just had to strip the wire and reconnect the proper contacts.

So I guess if anyone has the same problem, that's the most likely cause. And it appears that mantles are fairly resilient to these kinds of problems.

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