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making calcium peroxide

idrbur - 14-7-2015 at 09:28

Previously i posted a thread where i get this reply-
As shown in hissingnoise's link, the use of barium peroxide precipitates the sparingly soluble barium sulfate, leaving a nearly clean solution of hydrogen peroxide.I've made barium peroxide by heating barium nitrate to 1 000°C in a SS crucible with an oxy-methane torch: 
Ba(NO3)2 → BaO + 2 NO + 1 1/2 O2
Then I cooled it down to 500°C and blew pure oxygen over it for ten minutes while maintaining that temperature
.2 BaO + O2 → 2BaO2
Now I had much better things to do with this barium peroxide then make such an OTC material as dilute hydrogen peroxide, but if it's worth it to you, this is rather easy. 
So my question is that can this procedure also be used to make calcium peroxide?

aga - 14-7-2015 at 09:45

C'mon idrbur.

We're trying to be tolerant, as we know you're a great guy really, yet you keep doing this random stuff.

That's fine in Beginings, but not in Chemistry in General, as the topic is mean to be for actual Chemistry, not random thoughts.

(you'll find a lot of my posts in Beginnings, as it's a safe place to post most stuff).

Have you done any research about this reaction ?


A quick google brought this up :

To find that, i typed into google:- preparation of calcium peroxide

P.S. thank you for Capitalising the chemical formulae.

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blargish - 14-7-2015 at 14:05

You will probably run into issues since calcium peroxide decomposes into the oxide and oxygen at about 330 degrees celsius (opposed to barium peroxide decomposing at 800 degrees). A much easier method of preparation is the reaction of calcium chloride with hydrogen peroxide and aqueous ammonia.

Here is a reference of use:

Brauer's Handbook of Practical Inorganic Chemistry (located in the sciencemadness library) also details the preparation of this, and related compounds, on page 936.

Zyklon-A - 14-7-2015 at 15:25

Quote: Originally posted by aga  
C'mon idrbur.
P.S. thank you for Capitalising the chemical formulae.

You mean copy and pasting my posted experience.

blargish - 14-7-2015 at 15:37

Quote: Originally posted by Zyklon-A  

You mean copy and pasting my posted experience.

I think he was just referencing your reply to his other thread, and not claiming that it was he that carried out those actions... Although it could have been more explicitly stated.

Metacelsus - 14-7-2015 at 15:40

When you want to quote someone, use quote brackets: [quote] [/quote] (with BBcode on, I turned it off to show you)

idrbur - 14-7-2015 at 16:01

Firstly i post all the problems related to chemistry in chemistry in general but if you want i will post my other thread in beginings .
Secondly i had done a little research about calcium peroxide.
And i am finding a way to make H2O2 because as you know it is available in very low conc. In market. So i think its not a good idea to make calcium peroxide from H2O2 .
And thanks for replies.
One more ques. There is any method to make Na2O2 from Na2O.

kecskesajt - 14-7-2015 at 23:31

Please,some Admin.Give this n00b a good ol' talk about the rules.Posting random ideas in every topic.Why?