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New chemicals for sale !

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Cou - 2-7-2020 at 18:36

I have to wait a while for cyclohexanol b/c COVID-19 has limited international shipping.

Tellurium - 6-7-2020 at 04:11

I just had another smooth transaction with mario! He really makes the wet dreams of a hobby-chemist become true! :D Always my no.1 Choice;)

Racconized - 10-7-2020 at 04:28

First time dealing with mario, very friendly guy and fast with replying to any questions. Paid using his preferred payment method/system and two weeks in advance of when he expected new delivery of chemicals. No delays and his prediction of when he would get it in stock was on point. Delivery time was 6 days (EU).

++ Shipping cost was good
++ Packaging was professional, more or less the same type packaging I have got with other chemical suppliers.

Overall a great first time experience and will be my go-to supplier for getting less available (i.e. only available from sigma, Fischer or whatever) chemicals

outer_limits - 22-7-2020 at 04:50

Another transaction with Mario - 10/10

oblivionbubble - 26-7-2020 at 19:31

My first experience and I must say i am sleeping better now that i know there are people who really conduct their business on a such a level.

Communication 5/5 (for a forum, impressive response times with relevant info regarding inquiries)

Packaging: 6/5 - Anything more and it would be overkill. Perfect

Product quality: - as advertised, excellent

Delivery time: standard courier transit time for my route

All in all, Thank you for your work.

nsimic3000 - 29-7-2020 at 08:47

No matter how harsh is the situation in the world right now, it doesnt make any difference to Mario.
Prices are good as always, delivery took only 1 week and the packaging was very precise and secure.
Communication was great as always, hes responding very fast no matter what time of the day it is.
To conclude i would buy again without any doubt.
Highly recommended.

Cognition - 2-8-2020 at 14:06

First time dealing with Mario and I can now highly recommend his service. With Covid-19 he said there may be some delays but I hardly noticed. Communication was excellent, payment easy in Bitcoin and the materials arrived well packaged. He seems to be able to supply just about any chemical requested. I will definitely order again.

Fyndium - 7-8-2020 at 02:38

I must say I'm very happy. I was at first a bit skeptical as always, but all the feedback so far has matched the expectations. The communication was very fast and easy, payment was easy, shipping was fast and packaging was very professional, and also the prices were very competitive and he really seems to be able to supply all the specialty reagents.

I'm 100% positive I will order again.

Planophore - 14-8-2020 at 08:47

Excellent service from Mario. The communication was extremely quick, the prices competitive and shipping was fast. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Would recommend to anyone looking for any reagent at all! It’s certain that he will be able to source it for you.

Will be sure to order again.

Tellurium - 20-8-2020 at 05:58

Excellent service as always! Goods arrived fast, best service possible!

freefire12 - 22-8-2020 at 15:36

Mario is a great source for reagents and has great communication. I would highly recommend his services.

First Order With Mario

earpain - 6-9-2020 at 03:41

Yes it's fun and educational to make your own reagents OTC. But sometimes there will be that one chemical, impossible to make, that keeps closing door, after door, after door of research and experimentation.

Mario: Oh my god you have made my day.

Most people with his resources and obvious strong fundamental grasp of chemistry, might just start an ebay store or take various traditional routes. Simply having the creativity to plant his seed of reputation on this forum, (and even BEING on this forum) tells me right away that he is both a smart businessman, but also a fellow colleague .

Actually, I want to take a moment so share my views on the whole experience and this thread, because, Mario, this will help your business! Trust me!

At First Glance

I really was concerned that this was an on going scam, the first time i skimmed this read from the start.

I'm not the only one:

Quote: Originally posted by Fyndium  
I must say I'm very happy. I was at first a bit skeptical as always, but all the feedback so far has matched the expectations.

There's several reviews where the person mentions an initial skeptical attitude.

Here , IMHO, is the reason why:

1. The reviews sound like shills. Page after page of perfect praise. This can sometimes be a red flag
2. Since I give him a 11 out of 10 on communication, we exchanged several messages. He is boastful. And the abilities he boasts of having, are indeed quite rare. But really, a general rule of thumb is that honest vendors are very modest, and scammers are very boastful.
Well if there ever was an exception, here it is
3. His communication is very intense, and can sometimes come across as antagonistic.

Please fellow forum members: allow me to share my interpretation, addressing those 3 points. Mario: Bear with me buddy! You need this.

1. To earn a trustworthy collection of reviews and reputation, especially on the internet, it's very important that people share the negatives as well as the positives. If no one has a single bad thing to say, strongly suggesting that negative criticism is being held back,
intelligent buyers, especially of the DIY and Self-Reliance mindset, will right away wonder "Hmm, not one bad thing has been said. Are the bad things THAT bad!?"

Thus, i'm doing my best to review anything negative about my experience, along with anything positive. Actually I've already listed all of it up top. This section's purpose to to address each of the 3 points, to explain the discrepancy.
2. Boastful, and a bit of attitude sometimes. I'd prefer not to share specifics, but since I assumed he is native to the place that he operates out of, and I was born and partially raised in the same region, just two countries over, I want to quickly explain an key cultural difference.
In western or American society, one expects 'service with a smile'. Or at least "the smile" suggests that the person is serious about whatever business they are soliciting, and that they value you as a customer.

In the country I'm from, hahah, this is not quite so.
Simple principle: 'Respect and Appreciation to Customers is shown through candor and warmth, instead of big smiles and huge grins

In fact, simply going to a food store I've had the person at the teller say things like "Wha tthe %%*&(^$ do you need tomatoes for!? Hurry up!"
Or a visit to the doctor complaining of a severe headache, might lead to the following response form the doctor: "Guess what? I got a headache too!"

Often times people unfamilliar with my culture, experience this or here of it, and feel offended. Were in fact, I would feel offended if people did NOT get snarky at times, after all, THEY ARE AT WORK. Nobody is happy at work.

Anyway this characterized only just one or two messages exchanged with Mario, and definitely my examples are caricatures.
Over all just exchanging a few emails I felt like I made a new friend. Also he rooting for my package just as much as I was. And I could tell this was sincere. Clearing customers in my country sent a tracking update, and he saw it and emailed me "GREAT NEWS!!" haha

He is genuine.

Final Take Away
EVERYTHING he boasted about, turns out, was 100% true. In those cases I see no problem with boasting! It's a convenience! And in this case, it did NOT indicate a scam.

Needless to say, the contents of my order, have been verified analytically before writing this. Absolutely authentic, and exactly as pure as he said i t would be(e.g. reagent grade but not analytical grade , etc.)

He worked very quickly, and It is clear that he has a diligent work ethic.

Mario: Sorry buddy! Trust me, reviews like mine will help you, especially in places like here.

[Edited on 6-9-2020 by earpain]

Boffis - 12-9-2020 at 09:44

Mmmm... I think some people are a little sensitive.

I have bought all sorts of interesting reagents from Mario without any problem, including may latest acquisition; 4-chlorophenol which arrived yesterday. I have always found communication to be fast and accurate and the reagents to be of excellant quality.

Yaahhhoooo- no more vacuum fractionation of chlorophenols.

Cou - 13-9-2020 at 19:20

I received 500 g of cyclohexanol from mario. I haven't yet tested boiling point, but it smells like camphor so it's likely the correct compound.

Herr Haber - 15-9-2020 at 04:12

Quote: Originally posted by earpain  

1. To earn a trustworthy collection of reviews and reputation, especially on the internet, it's very important that people share the negatives as well as the positives. If no one has a single bad thing to say, strongly suggesting that negative criticism is being held back,
intelligent buyers, especially of the DIY and Self-Reliance mindset, will right away wonder "Hmm, not one bad thing has been said. Are the bad things THAT bad!?"

[Edited on 6-9-2020 by earpain]

Okay then.
I've ordered several reagents from Mario over 2-3 orders.

If it wasnt for that last order more than one year ago I would have nothing but praise for Mario.

This is what happened:
I specifically asked Mario for a salt in cristal form having no desire whatsoever to play with loose and fluffy powder. I even used CAPITALS saying I did NOT want it in powder as I felt I was not equipped to handle it.

It arrived in powder form anyway... I dropped a line to Mario, saying that was not cool and then all Hell broke loose.

The nice guy that you guys describe in these pages and I've been used to was totally unhinged.
How I was an ingrate for not thanking him, that that would be my last order and even got flak for asking the concentration of another reagent !(He told me but being non standard / forgetting I asked again. Not out of doubt, but for my maths).
Getting so much shit for saying "not cool" was from another world...

To be honest, It was like having a conversation with a coke addict on a comedown.

Sure, when I pointed out my original U2U he saw he sent me exactly what I did not want, started to apologize and offered to add a huge chunk of sodium metal to my next order (about or above the value of the salt I could not use in the form it was provided). I did not need sodium at that time and told him so.

Now I need Mario's services again but I am unsure if I want to do business again with him. If you know you've screwed up, then dont "this is the last time we do business together" otherwise they'll think that since that relationship is over you're going to scam them.

Here is where I stand. Everyone has bad days, I get that: I do too.
But trust has been severely damaged after this experience and I am simply unsure about what do do.

mario840 - 15-9-2020 at 05:06

Hello Herr Haber

I am also happy with this opinion because, like everyone else, you have the right to write what you think is right.

From what I remember, you ordered 2-3 items (last order), except this one product - the rest met your expectations.

Of course you got this product what you ordered only in a different form. I apologized for that - repeatedly. However, considering the very limited access to this reagent - I only had this one at my disposal. I tried to explain it and maybe it's strange for you I used the word "sorry" many times.

As for the question regarding the concentration of the second product - I wrote back if you want a certificate of analysis and if so, I will arrange it and send it to you. You replied that my word was enough. I don't see an answer like - and here I am quoting you "a coke addict on a comedown".

You can see for yourself what language you speak, after all, I responded culturally and to the point - I suggested sodium worth half / all of your reagent that did not meet your requirements as an ADDITION to your next order.

I didn't get a reply, so I assumed you'd enjoy it. If you replied that you do not need - I would send the one that is closest to your interests. You would choose this product yourself.

I believe my dialogue with you was impeccable, I treated and treat you with respect. As well, I made it clear that if I do not meet your requirements, I will not force you to do business with me and I wish you good luck in business with others.

Strange, I thought that the case from before the YEAR was over.

Of course, you are giving an example that you suspect something that didn't happen (I quote from your today's post: "If you know you've screwed up, then dont" this is the last time we do business together "otherwise they'll think that since that relationship is over you're going to scam them.")
I don't remember you ordering anything from then on, of course, would you place an order for 10 EUR or 100 EUR
it doesn't matter, you would get the reagent of your choice as FREE (word is word). So if you had proof that you were in fact cheated on your next order, you would have every right to write like that. Otherwise, your words (suspicions) do not reflect the facts.

If you were to "Now I need Mario's services again" you would just write U2U and we would definitely get along like we did before.

If you have any questions, feel free to write U2U, i hope we have made our views clear.
So thank you for your opinion anyway.

arkoma - 15-9-2020 at 05:35

Proud of you both (Mario, Herr). No flames.

Tsjerk - 18-9-2020 at 07:12

Quote: Originally posted by earpain  

Mario: Bear with me buddy! You need this
[Edited on 6-9-2020 by earpain]

No, he doesn't, he has five years of (almost only) positive reviews from dozens of customers.

To add one: Got my package, nice communication, nicely packed, overall: nice experience.

Raven1 - 2-10-2020 at 10:23

Ordered off Mario many times before and like always
Excellent communication .every effort made to secure reagents from breakage or damage when in transit and actual time it takes to arrive when posted is super fast
Im starting to think he uses black magic to help his parcels to arrive unbelievably quickly.
Seriously top man completely trust worthy.
Talks the talk and walks the walk
As they say!

Raven1 - 3-10-2020 at 12:36

Mario tryed sending message through sciencemadness
Messenging service half a dozen times to say
Thanks everything a.o.k but will not send
So posted this here
Apologies to everyone for using
The thread for a off topic,ish post

nsimic3000 - 9-10-2020 at 10:18

Got another package from Mario. Delivery time was under 6 days!
As always everything is well packaged, great quality, and the price was very affordable .
Will definitely purchase again soon.

Cou - 15-10-2020 at 10:04

Just received 500 grams of phenol from mario, shipped to USA

Cou - 17-10-2020 at 11:19

We need more humans like mario840 in the world.

B(a)P - 22-10-2020 at 23:33

Hello fellow Australians (or anyone with general advice on the subject). I would like to make a purchase with Mario using Bitcoin and I would love a recommendation from someone on what platform to use and any advice you might have on the matter. I tried one platform, but it wouldn't accept my Australian driver's licence. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

njl - 23-10-2020 at 09:36

Coinbase should work in Australia. Other than that I know CashApp has a bitcoin feature that I've never used.

nzlostpass - 23-10-2020 at 18:28

Is he able to post to Australia? According to this, he cant send priority parcels which I think is what he uses.

B(a)P - 23-10-2020 at 19:16

He can't at the moment, but presumably that will change at some point.

B(a)P - 23-10-2020 at 19:18

Quote: Originally posted by njl  
Coinbase should work in Australia. Other than that I know CashApp has a bitcoin feature that I've never used.

Thanks, that seems to work.

Planophore - 27-10-2020 at 08:43

Another excellent order.

As usual, the communication was very fast, and the prices and quality perfect. Mario even threw in some extra solvent which is very much appreciated!

On top of all this the shipping took a fraction of the estimated time. A total of only around a week for both the reagents to be shipped from the supplier to Mario and then on to me.

Would highly recommend

Thanks again Mario!

derk19 - 5-11-2020 at 21:03

Ordered again with mario, and again I was highly satisfied. Rapid and clear communication, no problems at all with delivery. Very happy with my reagents.

Panzerkemie - 14-11-2020 at 11:00

Got an order with Marrio too, excellent communication, super fast shipping,super safely packed, and not a single gr/ml was missing, the only downside is that some items are quite pricey compared to other polish vendors, nonetheless will surely place an order again !

Place your order without any problems, Mario will come through !

HydrogenSulphate - 19-11-2020 at 15:29

Another happy and satisfied customer. I honestly don't have a bad thing to say. Shipping was speedy, and the chems were packaged very well. Thankyou for providing these interesting and somewhat 'exotic' chems (they are 'exotic' in the sense that they are difficult for hobbyists to acquire because too many of the big chem supply companies have a policy of not selling anything chemical to individuals- not even innocuous reagent grade sodium chloride!).

Mario840 is an absolute treasure

Dope Amine - 20-11-2020 at 15:40

I have placed numerous orders with Mario840 over the years and what I can say with confidence is that Mario truly cares.

I trust Mario 100% and I pray that he continues providing his excellent service for many more years in the future.

Lastly, to anyone who has been upset in their interactions with Mario- realize that English is not his first language and having a language barrier can sometimes cause misunderstandings. Even when people speak the same native language there can be misunderstandings with text communication. So take the extra effort to make sure everyone understands each other. And if he takes your words the wrong way, or if you feel like his response was more direct than you're accustomed to or maybe even a little rude - don't take it personally! There was probably just a misunderstanding somewhere. Your order matters a lot to you and it also matters a lot to him. Recognize all the efforts this guy (who has never even met you) goes through to reliably provide you with whatever chems you desire, and be thankful for him!

Mario works very hard to make us happy and he absolutely deserves our gratitude!

[Edited on 20-11-2020 by Dope Amine]

HydrogenSulphate - 9-12-2020 at 04:56

Safely packaged, excellent communication and swift arrival. Overall, a great service. Thankyou, Mario.

Bonee - 16-12-2020 at 06:01

Everything is smooth with Mario. Service and shipping and everything is 10/10

oblivionbubble - 13-1-2021 at 07:53

Just to restate the obvious.

This was my second order with mario and man.... like, everyone who dealt with him knows he is a true gem in this waters.
Arrived in a week, well packaged.

Make sure you give him a number for the courier, there was a slight delay due to me not providing a number and DPD stumbled a bit.

On his part. 20 out of 10

lewke1980 - 26-1-2021 at 01:42

Hello all ;)

As probably with many not registered yet, I have been around the forum for many years.
A great place to find information not available anywhere else.

I owed you this and wanted to thank you Mario for your help.
We carried out around 10 transactions, ranging from common chemicals to very rare.
I could compliment you for hours but I'll go to the most important.

Thanks to you, my hobby has become much easier. Chemistry itself is not easy and it is not a cheap hobby, but having an unlimited possibility to purchase the most necessary chemical reagents for my experiments - has become easier.
Thank you for being available practically around the clock. The quality of the offered products is of the highest.
If I had to choose again, I wouldn't hesitate and wouldn't change anything in our cooperation.
When I needed the exact concentration of the product or the water content, you immediately sent me a certificate of analysis.

As I read, I am not alone in my opinion.
I'm sorry it took so long, but like you, I kept my word.

Thanks again for your help, if I need anything in future you are the first to contact.

apzm - 5-2-2021 at 17:16

Long time reader first time posting.
Created an account to just reiterate what everyone has said,

My first order, small bit of Chloracetyl chloride, went very smoothly, his response time was amazing, put me to shame in that regards! Shipping was professional and quick, I couldn't fault it. Couldn't fault anything.

I'm sorry it took me so long to post this, I was waiting for my account to be activated, and as established my response time is a bit slower than his, ha(!)

But like the above poster mentioned, Mario you kept your end least I can do is put a good review up

Mario all the way :cool:

enlight - 13-2-2021 at 06:59

Hello everybody,

I'm a lurker around here, but I figured I'd chip in with my experience.

I received one package from mario in great shape. Another is on the way! Material was wrapped safely in a nondescript container. It was purchased for me by my friend, who said mario communicated with him back and forth throughout the process.

So far, I have only purchased sodium borohydride. All qualitative tests indicate its legitimacy! Big ups to mario.

Weinreb - 1-3-2021 at 18:10

Mario truly is a fantastic asset for the hobby chem community. I recently received my first order from him, and to be perfectly honest my experience could not have been better!

Mario is a consummate professional from start to finish.
- Communications are all handled expediently and professionally
- His packaging is some of the best in the business
- Quality of product is the highest available
- His selection is a hobbyists dream

Marios a great guy to work with. He takes MUCH PRIDE in the service he offers. He totally lived up to my expectations after reading the positive feedback above.

Thank you, Mario! You made a lifetime customer out of me!

Tellurium - 7-3-2021 at 13:46

I just had another great experience with mario and I can't recommend him enough.
He always holds his word and often even more than that! This time I ordered something and he told me it would take about a week for him to ship it, as he has to order it himself. Now after only two days he already gave me the shipping number and told me, that he will ship tomorrow. Also price this time is unbeatable, about 10 times cheaper, than the cheapest source, that I found(but ordered quantity is also higher). Great guy, that is very professional and hasn't let me down ever. I'm buying from him since years, this guy really changed my home-science a lot! I really hope mario and his service will further stay for years:)

[Edited on 7-3-2021 by Tellurium]

Fyndium - 12-3-2021 at 04:06

Received another order, and I'm very happy with the great service!

The reagents are of higher quality than I originally ordered, and it appears that the actual tare weight might be a little extra. Shipping and packaging were great, too. He is prompt in his communication, and was able to ship my order a week faster than anticipated, and the total shipping time took only 5 days.

Hope you keep up the great work! I'm absolutely positive that I'll order again when I need something. The very reason I haven't ordered anything during this time is honestly the issue that I couldn't figure anything I'd need, but if I haven't had stocks of reagents over the years, he would be the guy I'd be ordering them.

FrenchChemist - 30-3-2021 at 11:34

One of the best suppliers I have had the opportunity to work with,
no feedback turned out to be false,
even though I am skeptical and cautious about buying online
- obeisances to you Mario

LD5050 - 28-4-2021 at 13:01

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make sure to leave another good review for Mario. He has came through just like usual. He is always able to get me what I need when I need it. He is stays on top of reading and replying to my messages and even sends me an update on my package as far as tracking and letting me know my order has passed customs and is in the United States! ( yes I know I can do this myself but it just shows to me that Mario is on top of his game and making sure his customers receive there package).
Shipping is always a breeze and the items are consistently packaged and sealed extremely well leaving no chance for solvents or or containers to bust open or leak. Oh and pricing is always extremely fair. Give him a shot and he won’t let you down. Thanks Mario!

Cou - 13-5-2021 at 12:07

What would we do without mario

Fyndium - 28-5-2021 at 07:54

Another great experience ordering from Mario. Items were packaged in such way that it would really need some serious effort to harm them, and the shipping was fast, all in a single week.

If you need any exotic reagents, I highly suggest you give him a U2U, by my experience he can get you pretty much any reagent you need, with a fair price tag, and the stuff ain't no garbage - last time I received higher quality reagents than I ordered.

Tdep - 25-6-2021 at 04:49

I had a pretty exotic request, and so gotta say, Mario came through for me. And the price was pretty great for something that's usually very inaccessible.

No shipping directly to Aus, which is a Covid restriction that refuses to go away, but Mario was very patient and let me work out someone within the EU I could have the parcel shipped to, who would then ship it on to me. Really good communication.

Just heard that my EU friend has recieved the package all good. Will it get to Aus all fine?? Who knows. But Mario has done all I could ask, so I'm happy with that!

DSC_0565.jpg - 916kB

Tellurium - 25-6-2021 at 13:32

Just had another smooth transaction with mario. Very professional and fast! I had some stuff in there, that is quite volatile, but packaging and insulation was very good, so everything came to me in perfect condition :)

woelen - 26-6-2021 at 11:30

Xenon difluoride, 1 gram! I'm really interested what you are going to do with that. That's a really special reagent!

FrenchChemist - 12-7-2021 at 02:48

Another order has arrived. Another satisfaction of mine that never ends.

Top quality bottles, some products packed under nitrogen also some of the products are packed to avoid damage in metal cans, which are not only of good quality, but also with a very nice design, where after using the reagent, it can be used as an ornament in my garden (after a few modifications, of course).

A supplier worth every EUR spent.

I am glad that I can also repay you in this way - by issuing an opinion.

Thank you and have a nice week Mario !

Fyndium - 3-9-2021 at 07:03

Got another order for some missing reagents I needed.

Everything was perfect once again, and I'm most happy!

Mathias94 - 6-9-2021 at 11:25

Excellent service once again! Good quality chemicals from reputable suppliers, if you ever need hard to get stuff, mario is the go to guy. He even gets it past the customs which is not the easiest in my country.

lewke1980 - 9-9-2021 at 06:40

Thanks Mario for next successful order, when it comes to suppliers of hard-to-reach reagents, you will always be my # 1

DSC_0072.jpg - 320kB

Bonee - 15-9-2021 at 08:30

Mario delivers again, he can get almost anything from common to hard to get chemicals. Had many orders with him, good as always.

BluBoirt - 20-9-2021 at 10:22

Order arrived within a few days from the shipment, really great service. Replies so fast you wonder if he even goes to sleep sometimes:D I can recommend him, thanks!

FrenchChemist - 23-10-2021 at 06:49

Another successful transaction, thank you also Mario for the free reagent added to the package


MichaelBijanAfghani - 15-11-2021 at 18:27

What would we do without mario

Schleimsäure - 24-11-2021 at 08:54

Got a new order from Mario. As expected safe, and quick delivery too. Good communication as always.

Newton2.0 - 12-12-2021 at 07:38

I received an order from Mario840 and I must say that I will be doing so again!

I am very pleased with the shipping time, his constant communication and the packing material and shipping material was absolutely no less than I'd expect from a larger distributor.

10/10... You have my vote!

Edited: because of spelling our kind benefactor's handle incorrectly.

[Edited on 12-12-2021 by Newton2.0]

lewke1980 - 16-12-2021 at 11:25

Another order, quickly, efficiently, without any problems.
Thanks to you, Mario, many paths have opened for me that were previously unattainable or very difficult.

Thank you for your work !

DSC_0008.jpg - 353kB DSC_0009.jpg - 259kB

Tellurium - 23-12-2021 at 19:13

Just had another great transaction with mario. Fast, friendly and also for a good price. Goods already arrived a week after the order - thanks :)

Bubbles - 20-1-2022 at 08:55

Another good experience with mario. Fast, good pricing, good communication.

FrenchChemist - 5-2-2022 at 06:15

Thank you Mario for the extremely good quality of the Grignard reagent.
I am very grateful to you once again, you saved me a lot of work and time.

Another 10/10

Perfect order

Weinreb - 7-2-2022 at 14:46

One more perfect order, thank you Mario! No complaints whatsoever. You can trust Mario for your reagent needs.

dome13 - 14-2-2022 at 09:32

Excellent business with good prices and fast communication. A really reliable seller, I definitely recommend mario840!

cripple_chemist - 15-2-2022 at 09:16

Got some new stuff to try making some pigments:D

Excellent service and quality as usual!!

thx Mario!

Racconized - 17-2-2022 at 06:29

Second order received. Fast delivery, well packaged++.
Have not done any actual tests too verify the identity or purity, but I think it's safe to say that everything is top notch, if not I'll edit this review in the future.

Thanks again mario :)

Mathias94 - 19-2-2022 at 10:31

There is no words that makes justice to marios service. Everything is perfect from communication to packaging to product quality. Thanks for another delivery, looking forward to the next ones.

lewke1980 - 19-3-2022 at 07:13

Thank you Mario for another successful transaction :D

DSC_0789.jpg - 264kB

Mathias94 - 30-3-2022 at 06:00

Latest order, 1000 EUR of chemicals just coming through :D I trust this guy with my life. He can get almost anything, super friendly and helpful as well. Thanks again!

kweiny - 31-3-2022 at 15:14

Decided to write this review even though plenty of people have done so before me.

I was honestly a little bit sceptical when I first came across this listing (more or less accidentally) because it simply seemed too good to be true.
You know what they say; If something's too good to be true it's probably not true.
I was searching for some quite hard to obtain reagents and it was a pain trying to find them on various online-shops, let alone actual chemical suppliers (you know how it is).
You could say Mario was the one that saved me from the misery ;)

Anyway, contact was easy and the reply very fast! I was prepared to sit there and wait for a week or two.. NO! If I remember correctly it was a few minutes after sending the mail that he replied with the availability and pricing. We exchanged some messages and it all went smooth.
Initially he told me I'd have to wait 2-3 weeks because the reagents had to be imported. But what do you know! A week later he sent me a tracking code and told me the package was going to be shipped tomorrow. AMAZING!
Once it arrived I opened it and sure enough: the others weren't lying when they said it was well packaged! The package was lined with shipping tape, a lot of paper inbetween bottles to fill the space and styrofoam on the sides of the cardboard box. Glass bottle in bubble wrap and each container individually packaged in a bag.

Honestly: I can only recommend him! It's easy doing business with him and the goods arrive fast and more importantly: SAFE!

Attached are some Pictures.


Chems2.png - 3.7MBChems1.png - 3.2MB

karlos³ - 1-4-2022 at 06:20

Mario is a pure-blood professional :)

Sincerest recommendation!

laserlisa - 13-4-2022 at 09:01

Long time customer of Mario and Ive never been disapointed. Can highly recommend :)

Mathias94 - 20-4-2022 at 10:02

New order arrived today. Super professional as always. Good packaging, quick shipping, high quality chemicals!

FrenchChemist - 22-4-2022 at 06:17

I will say it this way.

Another successful deal that proves Mario is number 1 here.

Thank You so much for Your work !

Tsjerk - 22-4-2022 at 08:00

Quote: Originally posted by kweiny  

Attached are some Pictures.


Such a tease! Nice photos of reagents but no readable labels...

Sticky topic now? Mario must have done something right.

[Edited on 22-4-2022 by Tsjerk]

kweiny - 30-4-2022 at 02:55

Quote: Originally posted by Tsjerk  

Such a tease! Nice photos of reagents but no readable labels...

Haha sorry.
I chose not to show the labels because I don't believe everyone here has to know ;)

The order includes Glacial acetic acid and Diethylether among other things.


[Edited on 30-4-22 by kweiny]

Mathias94 - 9-5-2022 at 02:46

Very nice! Proven time and time again mario is one of a kind

lewke1980 - 12-5-2022 at 10:14

The best of the best

Thank you Mario for another successful transaction

DSC_05581.jpg - 288kB

laserlisa - 17-5-2022 at 06:03

Another order delivered flawless. Can highly recommend Mario! :)

Mathias94 - 25-5-2022 at 05:48

Reviews have become redundant at this point. Just bumping the thread, mario deserves every customer he can get!

Mathias94 - 9-6-2022 at 03:13

Received a few quite reactive reagents. Mario takes better care of packaging than I will my future child.

lewke1980 - 17-6-2022 at 01:52

Thank you Mario for your understanding, reserving this order for me and waiting for my payment.
You're the best.

P72002008.jpg - 681kB

Mathias94 - 18-6-2022 at 08:11

Very very good supplier

FrenchChemist - 22-6-2022 at 23:42

Thank you for the professionalism you show in every transaction.
Of course, another successful deal, even despite these temperatures, the cold-packs work very well. Thank you for adding them.

Mathias94 - 5-7-2022 at 04:26


Snakeforhire - 19-7-2022 at 07:22

Just got my first order from Mario : very satisfied ! :D
Fast shipping (5 days total, including a national holiday on which the courier wasn't working) and very good and discreet packing. :cool:
Will definitely order again if I need any hard to get chems.

(NB : Mario ships from inside the EU and I am also in the EU, so there were no potential customs hurdles involved. As such I can not tell for people who want it shipped worldwide, but from what I've read in the comments he knows his shit in this area as well. :D )

PirateDocBrown - 19-7-2022 at 12:18

There's just no substitute for red phosphorus in some reactions.

Has anyone gotten any here into the United States? Has there been any consequences?

What could the consequences be?

Under no perspective am I any kind of drug cook. I'd want anywhere from 500g to 2 kg, which ought to last me for life.

pantone159 - 19-7-2022 at 13:25

Quote: Originally posted by PirateDocBrown  
There's just no substitute for red phosphorus in some reactions.

Has anyone gotten any here into the United States? Has there been any consequences?

What could the consequences be?

Under no perspective am I any kind of drug cook. I'd want anywhere from 500g to 2 kg, which ought to last me for life.

My understanding, as a USA citizen/resident, is that importing DEA List 1 chemicals (which includes phosphorus), is against the law, and you could potentially be in serious trouble. You are legally able to buy List 1 chems (though it is hard to find a seller of course), but you are NOT legally able to import them without a license.

Mathias94 - 28-7-2022 at 07:35

Received large amounts of a very volatile and nasty element in the middle of summer. Mario packed it in an excellent way and the package was collected without any troubles. 10/10 again!

Mathias94 - 8-8-2022 at 10:23

the second part of hard to get chemical arrived, no words to thank You Mario

[Edited on 8-8-2022 by Mathias94]

Mathias94 - 25-8-2022 at 17:06

Professional as always!

Mathias94 - 5-9-2022 at 09:39

Impossible to get chemicals, no problem for mario. Turned up the packaging a notch from last times even. Thanks :)

lewke1980 - 10-9-2022 at 02:33

Thank You Mario for another great service :cool:

DSC_0940.jpg - 695kB

Loptr - 10-9-2022 at 06:42

Quote: Originally posted by lewke1980  
Thank You Mario for another great service :cool:

Holy crap! Superhydride.

Mathias94 - 17-9-2022 at 18:09

Package received, thank you! As always nothing to improve

FrenchChemist - 18-9-2022 at 06:05

Another successful transaction, I highly recommend this seller.

Mathias94 - 1-10-2022 at 07:21

Once again mario delivers, all chemicals from Fisher Scientific. Packed better than you can imagine in multiple layers of styrofoam for safe delivery of glass bottles. Very good service as always!

Mathias94 - 11-10-2022 at 12:05

Perfect again, thank you!

Mathias94 - 24-10-2022 at 21:44

Package arrived, everything looks excellent. Thanks!
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