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Walter White goes Walkabout?

hissingnoise - 12-10-2015 at 04:56

In Nanning!

Check out his "lab"? :)

kecskesajt - 12-10-2015 at 07:00

Aren't they give me all that glass apparatus? :P

Praxichys - 12-10-2015 at 08:54

Haha, I like the bathroom lab. You know, I think my bathroom would have a lot more space if my toilet looked like that.

Unfortunately I think we will see this happening in the USA soon as well. Public school teachers are some of the most underpaid people by educational status. My girlfriend is a K-12 school teacher with a master's degree and makes less than the un-degreed, non-union technicians do at the automotive supplier I work for. Crippled by student loan debt, she works nearly 60 hours a week between prep and teaching just to make ends meet, in a salaried position where overtime is nonexistent. It's an absurd amount of pay for someone with a graduate degree doing that much work.

It's really no wonder why our public education system falls behind many other countries. Aspiring to be a teacher in this country is to resign one's life to a mediocre, working-class existence. Almost every teacher does something on the side just to survive. And, if you're a chem teacher, that supplement could easily lie in the get-rich-quick realm of the drug trade, if you know the right people.

Of course, one little slip and you have ruined the life of both your children and yourself.

szuko03 - 12-10-2015 at 09:19

Quote: Originally posted by Praxichys  
Public school teachers are some of the most underpaid people by educational status.

Let us not forget that in some districts they have to buy their own supplies after they spend the 20 dollars (exaggerated) the school gives them for the year. I know a few teachers who paid out of pocket to ensure the kids learned additional things not provided by the school. Its a shame you really have to want to teach to be good at it in a sense.

Also Breaking bad was the worst thing to happen to chemistry it seems. I can not talk about my passion in life without hearing about breaking bad on a daily basis. Sure it was funny in 2008... not so much isnt 2015 and definitely not in 2020.

Harristotle - 13-10-2015 at 04:22

You are right.
The socioeconomics for teachers really make it a profession for the downwardly mobile.

What I love about the profession is what I call "the robocop" mentality. That is, how you get these people who believe in their society, and who stick with the profession because they believe that if nobody does, the country will become a colony or a backwater. If you remember the scene in Robocop where all the "human implants" went mad, suicided, except for one grim individual who became excellent.

Teaching kids to think chemically is worthwhile, and the pleasure of getting a few out each year who can reason and problem solve with chemicals can't be underestimated, but it is a long, slow-drip reward.

However, speaking as a victim of meth crime (my house broken into, and my 23 year old bike that I rode half around my country stolen), and watching my indigenous neighbour nearly bleed to death after jumping through windows on a meth-powered binge makes me think that making meth is disgusting, and probably deserves the death penalty.

Hey maybe if I didn't teach I could afford a house in a better suburb and wouldn't have to carry such harsh attitudes around!

Enjoy the craft, stay safe, learn and have fun!

zed - 16-10-2015 at 12:25

Crushing student debt is a result of a diminishing tax base.

As the American worker spirals down the economic staircase, relative taxable income decreases, and the government's paid share of educational expenses must decrease too.

So, the individual student pays more, the goverment pays less, and students come out of school, destined to low paying jobs, while carrying crippling debt.

As for the entrepreneurial school teacher?...... It's China. He will be re-educated, via a firing squad.

aga - 16-10-2015 at 12:32

Crime and Sloppiness do not pay.

It always amazes me how such Smart people do such Stupid things.

If he could figure out how to synthesise drugs, WHY could he not figure out a way to do that remotely, instead of in his bathroom ?

Then again, the article said he was already a junkie, so maybe that was a factor.

Smarter people get into the workings of government and steal Properly, and even stay alive to enjoy the proceeds.

zed - 16-10-2015 at 12:57

Well, stealing by government officials is fairly commonplace in China too.

Plenty of corruption. And, most of 'em get away with it. At least, for a while.

None-the-less, being charged with corruption is a very serious matter.

Being convicted may be lethal.

Once again, government officials, convicted of corruption, are often sent for re-education via firing squad.

I stand corrected. Lethal injection is a more common Chinese execution method, as of late.

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aga - 16-10-2015 at 13:00

Clearly did not steal enough, or got too greedy and stole for too long.

They should teach these things to students on Politics degree courses.