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Homemade absorption tower?

antimon - 30-10-2015 at 14:14

Hi, i wanted to get your opinion on what you think if it would be possible to make a small efficient absorption tower at home?

Thanks in advance. :)

aga - 30-10-2015 at 14:24

What will it be absorbing ?


This may come as News for you, but how on earth could anybody make any sense at all out of that question ?

#1 Answer : YES ! Stuff the toilet paper from the outside of the toilet roll into the Middle of the roll, and you have a small absorbtion tower. Pour in your weak Tea liquid and it will be absorbed.

Some explanation of what you're trying to do , with some Reference might be useful - you'll get much better answers that way.

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violet sin - 30-10-2015 at 17:02

NO2 most likely. Based on posts in Homemade Birkeland-Eyde reactor thread.
Have you read this one?

j_sum1 - 30-10-2015 at 17:11

Well, in the interests of having another crack at the nitric acid comp, I am not going to disclose the details of my design. Sorry. Suffice to say that I am confident of absorbing NO2 at acceptable efficiency and I am not using any equipment or design features that are in any way sophisticated. Give it a shot and see what you come up with.

If you want specific help with your design, I am afraid that you will need to ask a more specific question.

BromicAcid - 30-10-2015 at 17:30

antimon - 30-10-2015 at 17:53

I am going to put together a Birkeland reactor and i would like to make the reactor as efficient as possible with bubble cap tray, and all of that. But 1 /3rd or 1/5th of its original size.

I have just bought a AC welder thats just sitting in my man cave just waiting for a project. I am new to welding, so i need a lot of practice before i get into something like this.

Also, do anyone know about Teflon coating?

Ps. I know, i should have been more specific, and all that, but what i really wanted to ask was if it is possible or not.
I will keep in mind the next time i post a thread.

Thanks guys.