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SpaceX - Falcon 9 Soft Landing Return First Stage Success

Rosco Bodine - 22-12-2015 at 10:56

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Nice going :D Third time is the charm :D

aga - 22-12-2015 at 13:23

Wonderful !

Amazing that us apes can co-ordinate enough to do these things.

Cheers for posting it Rosco

Fulmen - 22-12-2015 at 15:35

I was cheering with them when I saw the video. Awesome work.

arkoma - 22-12-2015 at 15:49


Rosco Bodine - 22-12-2015 at 15:50

Those niobium alloy nozzles are not cheap, so it makes sense they would want them back, and getting the whole shebang first stage back is a bonus.

Recycling launch vehicles is probably good economy in the long run.
I heard some lady say the payload was 11 satellites. That is a bucketful, and the trebuchet comes back home ....or half of it anyway.

They could possibly do some kind of ablative shielding on the motor section of the second stage and recover it too if only as splashdown niobium scrap.

Metals market investors take note.

Double exposure overlay going up (right) coming down (left) I think


3000.jpg - 130kB

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for scale

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The_Davster - 22-12-2015 at 17:37

Whenever spacex IPOs....I am so in.

arkoma - 22-12-2015 at 18:07

it's a shame Robert Heinlein didn't live to see this. I remember reading "Rocket Ship Galileo" in third grade. We ARE stardust; time to head on out....................

*edit* ah HELL. tjis was post 666!! Hail Leviathan!

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violet sin - 22-12-2015 at 22:18

^^^ indeed arkoma, on both.

I was pleased to watch that bit on the news this morn, not so much that it was 4:30 am... Rockets returning is pretty exciting. I heard on the 3.5 hr drive to work today that it was a 16M$ unit, and after refurbishing and refueling about half that could be saved. But for now it was more of a info gathering mission. What's good, what's not.

It struck me as odd something like that could be bought for 16 million dollars, or you could put in one freeway overpass. Hmm concrete rock and rebar or self returning rocket.... Choices, choices.

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Rosco Bodine - 23-3-2016 at 08:19

Seems like forever since the Challenger "major malfunction"

Morton Thiokol engineer dies ......Well done, good and faithful servant RIP

The man was tormented for 30 years knowing that he was able to foresee a disaster, but which he was unable to "say the magic words" needed to convince his superiors would occur. What a poignant dilemma.

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arkoma - 23-3-2016 at 10:05

I remember watching the challenger launch on live TV. "Tazed" is the only semi-adequate word I can use to describe the experience, as it was beyond stunned.

Rosco Bodine - 23-3-2016 at 10:50

I watched it live too, when Challenger disintegrated in flight. I truly appreciate the dilemma and perplexity of foreseeing a problem clearly that lights up the board red flashing "abort" and being unable to convey the gravity of the problem to the wilfully clueless who are "deniers" CRIMINALLY culpable in negligent homicide. In that futility I have too many kindred spirits.

Never confuse authority with competence. Authority tends to deal with weighty matters and when authority screws up because of error, incompetence, and/or ignorance or bad intent, it leads to weighty consequences for those who have misplaced trust in such authority.

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Rosco Bodine - 9-4-2016 at 10:33

Another successful SpaceX launch yesterday

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The Volatile Chemist - 9-4-2016 at 17:16

Nice to see Space-X getting bigger, but they raised the price of their cheapest rocket up from 51.5 Mill...

AdamAlden - 26-6-2016 at 19:26

I find the "space-x" project to be pointless and a massive waste of human resources. I put them on the same level as the "Tesla Motors".

hyfalcon - 27-6-2016 at 02:34

Welcome to your opinion............for what it's worth.

The Volatile Chemist - 27-6-2016 at 09:13

I really am looking forward to Mars One, SpaceX commercial flights, etc.

alive&kickin - 28-6-2016 at 18:40

One of the good things about living on Cocoa Beach, no question about a rocket launch, it shakes the windows on the house. I step outside to watch it live and then go to the tv and watch the coverage. With the SpaceX Falcon9, I can hear the rumble from take-off to landing. LIFE IS GREAT!

AdamAlden - 13-9-2016 at 17:10

Another spacex failure...

Metacelsus - 14-1-2017 at 18:14

And they're back!