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Benzylideneacetone condensation, UV

quantumcorespacealchemyst - 25-3-2016 at 18:55

if Benzylideneacetone is producable by NaOH induced condensation of Acetone and Benzaldehyde, what would removing the NaOH and using electrolysis do? what would UV exposure do under reflux, and if the solution isn't conductive, what would UV exitation of the solution, with electrolysis do? what special anode and cathode substances and catalysts would help, and what pathways could the reactions be able to take?

quantumcorespacealchemyst - 26-3-2016 at 08:39

does the reduction at the cathode (+), act as OH- ?

what kind of membranes are build able to absolutely keep reaction products on one side and some other mixture/solution on the other. so that only reduction occurs in the Acetone and Benzaldehyde solution?

would melting ion exchange beads together work, or are there pores in them that would glob over and fill, preventing ion exchange.

i think nafion 115 is used in electrolysis, but the accessibility and information regarding ion exchange membranes is elusive to me now.