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Mush - 18-5-2016 at 10:59

Does anyone have experiences with them?

Their prices are unbeatable.

myristicinaldehyde - 18-5-2016 at 12:23

Looks like an Amazon knockoff.

wg48 - 18-5-2016 at 12:29

I have not ordered glassware from them only other things. Plastic pipits. Digital thermometers, pid controller and other electronic bits. No serous problems. One item did not work they sent an other. Yes there glassware is cheap. Check it is borosilicate glass.

Loptr - 18-5-2016 at 12:34

Haha, I saw this a while back and thought Aliexpress knockoff.

I have ordered from Aliexpress and love it. I have noticed some of the same vendors are on here too.

Mush - 18-5-2016 at 13:13

As I see Aliexpress doesn't accept paypal payments but banggood does. This is a huge advantage. Some sellers have the option to choose whether the item would be shipped from EU or China warehouse.

woelen - 18-5-2016 at 22:53

Banggood is legit. I used it for buying all kinds of robot equipment (chassis, sensors, line followers and so on).

myristicinaldehyde - 19-5-2016 at 03:25

Well, it is cheap.

But why use the same logo as Amazon! It ain't foolin no one!

ahill - 19-5-2016 at 22:50

banggood are great. (for what they are)

If you are looking for fine quality - this is not it - if you are looking for cheap Chinese stuff - its the business.

With Aliexpress / EBay you are dealing with individual dealers. Aliexpress's dispute resolution process is worse than useless. (ie frustrating and time consuming, and in the end, you dont get your money back or you thing fixed !)

In the case of BangGood, you are dealing with BangGoood.

I've used them mostly for electronics stuff, arduino knock offs, pH testers, temperature probes, wifi doohickys, sensors etc. Prices cant be beat, and they seem quite reliable.

Shipping seems to take about a month. (to Australia)

Mush - 8-7-2016 at 13:11

I 've made few purchases (mostly lab glasswares) from them. My experiences are mixed. The borosilicate beakers (Weiy) are excellent quality ,this also applies to yellow thermometers (110 C).
I have found the Erlenmeyer flasks (Bomex) have quite thin walls. The measurment marking paint come off after first washing. Still good price but not for proffessional use (fine for home labs though).
Glass graduated measuring cylinders (5/10/25/50/100mL) in set is super fantastic for just 8 dollars.
I can't complain about packaging. Everything was very well packed (foam wrap+ inflatable air column roll).
I' ve never had to pay custom duty after these produts so far.