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Sciencemadness Inaccessible?

gdflp - 6-6-2016 at 11:51

SciMad was just inaccessible to me for about an hour or two, with the server timing out when I tried to ping the IP. Anyone else have this issue, or was it just me?

It might be a good idea to come up with a method of contacting one another, should something like this occur again more permanently.

Update : As I'm posting, access is coming and going every few minutes.

pepe - 6-6-2016 at 12:19

I have had no problems today.

Volanschemia - 6-6-2016 at 16:32

I have had it happen to me at least three times in the last four months.
No access to the site and time-outs when ping requests are sent. Usually it resolves itself after a few hours though.

APO - 6-6-2016 at 20:15

I have had this happen before, not recently though.