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New Chems from Dr Cabalaba

Cabalaba - 21-8-2016 at 20:33

Anyone with a need for Thionyl Chloride? Got about a L coming only need a few hundred mL.
Its reagent grade, >99%. Paying 126.40 plus shipping.
U2U me if interested and how much wanted, Ill look in to transport.

Cabalaba - 29-8-2016 at 20:52

Im deciding on price because of risk but it has arrived via priority mail. So Its ready and not going anywhere.

The problem is I havent gotten the 500$ hazmat training course from UPS or Fedex so it would likely be shipped USPS, but USPS prohibits SOCl2

This, of course, makes me looks really stupid, but I recieved it via USPS so I didnt think to check USPS guidelines.
I still have more SOCl2 than I need so if you wanted it, please have patience, I still want to sell some off.

Sorry for the delay.

Cabalaba - 17-9-2016 at 06:30

SOCl2 available FOR REAL this time, <200g available, 40g bottles, only 2 per order though, price somewhat high due to shipping.

AlCl3 anhydrous, mostly clear crystals, some pale yellow-crystals (akin to sigma puriss, >99%). several 50g allotments available.

AgNO3- (see pic), Alfar Aesar Metals grade, 99.9+%, price varies with quantity, 1lb factory sealed bottle available now, have more, need to vet it.

Mo powder (see pic), Merrel Scientific, Lab/reagent grade, 75g available, have more, need to vet it.

Anhydrous NaBr, untested, recrystallized 3x, AgNO3 titration >99% (unable to test further, likely well over 99%). 500g available now, but have several more 500g bottle here, need to do titration and ensure dryness.

Various Acidic Alcohols: 1.25-1.5M HCL in dry: MeOH, EtOH, 1-POH, 2-POH. Quantities vary with each alcohol.

2-Phenoxyethanol, Sigma ACS reagent grade >99%, min 700mL available. max 250mL single shipment.

HBr 121-124C b.p. (approx 46%), 1.38g/mL (+/- 0.01g) min 400mL available- max 200mL single shipment.

HBr, constant 124C b.p., 1.45g/ml (+/- 0.01g), min TDB (<200mL), max 100g single shipment.

Cupric Bromide, (see pic) Merrel Scientific, Lab/reagent grade, >99% (unable to test further. 3 factory sealed bottles, 1 opened (for AgNO3 titr.), min 350g available.

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[file]53146[/file] [file]53147[/file] [file]53149[/file]

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Cupric Bromide.jpg - 24kBMo Powder.jpg - 90kBAA- AgNO3.jpg - 77kB

Cabalaba - 17-9-2016 at 08:25

NaBr Anhydrous and dihydrate, >99%, amount TDB (>1kg)

2,3-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid (see pic), CalBioChem, Pharma grade ("Grade A"), 4x 1g bottles

Iron (II) Sulfate (see pic), Sigma-Aldrich, 99% (titr), ACS Reagent, >250g available, max per shipment, 50g.

CsCl, Tocris, >99% (meant for biotech experiments), >1kg available. Will cost more than most CsCl suppliers due to source/purity

Gallium Nitrate, fuming, Noah Tech, >99%, >400g available, max per shipment, 50g.

Sodium metal, shaved off impure layers manually under argon. Stored in Argon flushed and CaCl2 dried Mineral oil. Samples shown in pic are >6months old so they'd sell cheaper than if a fresh sample was needed.

2',4',6'-Trihydroxyacetophenone monohydrate, (see pic), Sigma Aldrich, 98%, factory sealed, 10g available. Relatively new (btwn 1-2yrs).

Barium Hydroxide octohydrate, Sigma-Aldrich, >98%, ACS Reagent, factory sealed bottle of 500g, selling 400g max. Shipping restriction to 99g gram max.

Aluminum Hydroxide, Goldstien's, "Laboratory grade" approx 250g available.

Sodium Iodide, >99%, 500g factory sealed, offering 200g.

Tin (II) Bromide, Alfa Aesar, %99.5, [Appears] Factory Sealed, approx 5g available.

[file]53151[/file] [file]53153[/file] [file]53155[/file] [file]53157[/file] [file]53159[/file]

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Sealed sigma chem.jpg - 89kBIron (III) sulfate.jpg - 510kBSodium (2month old).jpg - 70kB2_3DBA.jpg - 94kBTin (II) Bromide.jpg - 71kB

Cabalaba - 17-9-2016 at 09:38

Few Notes

1) Prices are NOT mentioned intentionally, prices will depend on amount desired or if a trade is possible (I still need chemicals, just not these).

2) Unless the chemical is ultra rare and I could use it some day OR if shipping is an issue----Prices will be as fair as possible. Im not trying to make big bucks, rather downsize, re-coop material costs, and make a little extra to reinvest in the hobby. So the price will factor in materials to ship, paypal fees, and usually a small profit (<20%) for my time.

3) Please forgive delays in replying to U2Us during the week, my fulltime job takes precedent.

4) Im unloading slowly, so bear with me, needed to get training to ship certain things, still need more training so I cant ship certain quantities.

5) I dont have many "exotics" but do have a large selection. More will be posted.

6) I can also acquire bulk chems with my company's EIN and address. BUT this would take several weeks to complete and the price will reflect the effort to obtain.

7)I can also prepare something but you guys shouldn't need that service

8) I still have shipping restrictions. I can't send large volumes yet, nor will I send certain chemicals on certain lists, like P2P, white P, or HI(aq).
Also no tert-amyl alcohol (sorry but stupid kids, well, they dont often use those chemicals for chemistry). BTW- Anyone selling that in the US, please know, if a certain percentage of your sales (either compared to other chem sales and/or the percentage of clients buying that chem specifically), are being ingested, your disclaimers and ignorance wont be worth much. Check case precedents or just consult attorney Rick Collins, who specializes in legal chems/drugs sold under the 'not-for-human consumption' precedent, he'll explain the nuances in a couple of minutes. People are constantly being charged with selling completely legal chemicals if certain, ill-defined, criteria are met. Even if your not prosecuted, a civil case, even one you win, could be a loss in the end.

DieForelle - 17-9-2016 at 12:53

I'm absolutely mystified by your closing statements. Does anyone actually "abuse" amyl alcohol? Doesn't it give a terrible, sickening "high" compared to various other alcohols? (well, other than methanol making you go blind!) Who is the regulatory body involved for which an attorney named Rick Collins is needed? It's not a DEA listed chemical and it's hard to believe anyone else would even remotely care about it. People who are huffers can buy anything they need to huff at a paint store or hardware store...and obviously every paint store or hardware store in the country doesn't have Rick Collins on retainer.

DieForelle - 17-9-2016 at 21:59

Well, I learn something new at wikipedia every day:

so it was sort of a low-rent form of Chloral hydrate. Surprised it isn't scheduled.

Ironic Name...

TertAmyl - 17-9-2016 at 23:22

One could speculate that TAA is easier on your liver/body because it can't be metabolized into aldehydes. The effects are less like chlorohydrate, and more like a more a 4hr euphoric drunk with a 12hr Alprazolam come down. However it's lack of water solubility, and strong camphor/chemical smell make it an undesirable substance IMO.


Hi All,
Very interesting discussion! It’s motivated me to have a comparative look. Below is a list of 17 alcohols with an indicator of their toxicities, their LD50 oral, rat. 1 of these alcohols was taken from, some others from and the remainder, ones already in suggested in this thread and other similar alcohols on this board. Better of all would be some sort of index of intoxication, which is not only hard information to come by, but also a bit of a vague parameter. I’ll talk about this at the end. As a comparator, ethanol is around 7g/kg but some studies indicate around 10g/kg, methanol is listed as 5.6g/kg (I always thought methanol was 5 times as toxic as ethanol, go figure!)

1) 1-propanol 8g/kg
2) isopropanol 4.4g/kg
3) 1-butanol 4.3g/kg
4) 1-pentanol 2.2g/kg
5) 1-hexanol 0.72g/kg [another study says 3.1-4.9g/kg]
6) 1-heptanol 3.25g/kg
7) 1-octanol 3.2g/kg

8) 2-methyl 2-butanol 1g/kg
9) 3-methyl 3-pentanol 0.71g/kg
10)2-methyl 2-propanol 3.5g/kg (tert-butanol)

11)2-methyl 2-propen-1-ol no oral data
12)2-methyl 3-buten-2-ol 1.8g/kg
13)3-methyl 2-buten-1-ol 0.81g/kg
14)2-methylbut-3-yn-2-ol 1.95g/kg (3-methyl butynol)
15)3-methyl 1-pentyn-3-ol 0.3g/kg

16)1-ethynyl cyclohexanol 0.585g/kg
17)2-phenyl 2-butanol 1.4g/kg

Now the only data I can find regarding intoxication volume-for-volume parameters is roughly this:

1-propanol ~2-4 times
isopropanol ~2.5 times
1-butanol ~9 times
2-methyl 2-butanol ~17 times
1-ethynyl cyclohexanol ~50 times (based on bluelight reports)

which results in an intoxication-toxic (compared to ethanol 10g/kg) index of

2.4 for 1-propanol
1.1 for isopropanol
3.8 for 1-butanol
1.7 for 2-methyl 2-butanol
2.9 for 1-ethynyl cyclohexanol

making so far, 1-butanol, 1-propanol and 1-ethynyl cyclohexanol clearly more preferable than ethanol to consume. Whether or not the LD50 oral, rat is the best parameter against which to judge toxicity is a major question here. For instance, the ratio indicates that isopropanol is about equal to ethanol. Somehow that’s not convincing enough for me to make a regular switch. There needs to be some sort of consideration of long term non-fatal consumptive effects for this.

Access to intoxicative indicators [or membrane/buffer partition quotients] would be more available had I access to many journal articles. Please contact me with any information you can source and I will update the intoxicative parameters and intoxication-toxic ratios. Can anyone confirm the preferability of 1-propanol? It seems that 1-propanol is metabolized to propaldehyde -> proprionic acid, which looks like pretty nasty stuff to me. If you have a look at the second link I posted above, there’s quite a few measurements of liver activity and so forth linked to a lot of these alcohols that give you more of a picture as to what’s going on. Someone mentioned 1-pentanol as significantly stronger than 1-butanol, for instance, but check out the liver-enzyme stats for pentanol vs. butanol. I know which I'd prefer - pentanol seems to have strange effects on liver O2 consumption, something else quite different is going on here.

Metacelsus - 18-9-2016 at 06:39

Funny that we should be on this topic -- there was a recent incident with tert-amyl alcohol at my university. People bought it online, drank it, and did stupid things.

Cabalaba - 22-9-2016 at 19:27

Quote: Originally posted by DieForelle  
I'm absolutely mystified by your closing statements. Does anyone actually "abuse" amyl alcohol? Doesn't it give a terrible, sickening "high" compared to various other alcohols? (well, other than methanol making you go blind!) Who is the regulatory body involved for which an attorney named Rick Collins is needed? It's not a DEA listed chemical and it's hard to believe anyone else would even remotely care about it. People who are huffers can buy anything they need to huff at a paint store or hardware store...and obviously every paint store or hardware store in the country doesn't have Rick Collins on retainer.

Tert-amyl alcohol (not all amyls, my mistake) is a new drug of abuse. I had 3 orders from buyers who bought BDO, Tianepine, etc. So I asked Rick for a consultation, he specializes in steroid law, but also has made great cases (both winning and loosing) for vendors selling things like Etizolam (which although it related to aplazolam, it is considered structurally distinct by the DEA standards (although I guess which chemist were to show up at your trial), but also legal since analogues to drugs Sch3 and below are not illegal.

Hardware stores sell most of their chemicals used in drug synthesis/misuse much less proportionally to the sales of the sale chemicals used for legitimate purposes. They aren't culpable for the following reasons,

A) If most of what your selling is meant to intoxicate people, legal or otherwise- it can be prosecuted a few ways (fake drugs, corrupting minors, attempted or conspiracy to commit manslaughter, and even some states have laws explicitly preventing that kind of salesman ship.

B) Say I sell etizolam as a non-lethal rodenticide (there are gov't agencies looking for this type of a chemical). I could sell 50 other rodenticides, and still be prosecuted based on the percent of etizolam to users or just in percent profit relative to other rodenticides general.

C) Say I starting selling relaxation medicine, 99% legal herbal stuff, but 1% benzo analogues but nearly all my profits were from the 1% of benzo's- Id be in court. Or if I sold a chemical that was psychoactive, even something like tert-amyl alcohol amid 100s other legit chemicals and 1 middle or upperclass asshole kills himself with it. I may not be in jail but I can expect a civil case.-

Thats Ricks niche, thats when you need him on retainer.

BTW- He also wont bother with sch2 or Sch1 analogue suppliers, unless DEA chemists have testified under oath that the drugs does not qualify as an analogue (like the Alpha-ethyl tryptamine case, which blew up in the prosecutor's face when the chemist said, under oath, that substitution to the alpha position on the side chain constituted a substantial difference, or the near trial of selling allyl-substituted tryptamines). I used to know the case law but forgot it and need to do other stuff now

When it comes to selling legal psychoactive chemicals, or even just growth hormone and steroid analogues- Call Rick Collins before making a business out-of-it.

He seems happy in the grey zone, with rich clients or easy cases. I mean he's country renown for his practical and legal expertise in these issues. He gets more cases than he can handle- plus the 10min free consultation was about 45mins. So he's not a stickler for money or genuinely likes his field.

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Cabalaba - 22-9-2016 at 19:51

As a side note: Beware of selling even an ounce of that stuff.

I had to sell mine to two of the three after obtaining photo IDs, written statements about their chemistry background (with a transcript), what they were using it for (in detail), and a clear disclaimer. to sign I bet one wasn't even chemist but couldn't prove it, the other sounded like a first or second year- claiming to want to halogenate it. The third I rejected, he said something like "I want to test its purity" and when asked how he said he'd send it off,. I asked why bother and how much does a third party test cost and what kind of test, he literally said "Because I want to and its an NMR for 150$."

I wanted to call off all sales but you know eBay- Id have gotten 3 consecutive negative feedbacks. I even called eBay, they said sell if you have it (and I'd already relisted it, so I couldnt lie, it would have been obvious. eBay is such fucking hypocrites, they cared more about customer satisfaction than fucking customer safety (unless federal pressure is felt)..

But I was worried for weeks after I sent it- should I have diluted it with similarly odorous peppermint schnapps or sent what I sent. I still dont know what the right thing was;