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File hosting for videos or other files - FTP access

RogueRose - 28-8-2016 at 13:39

IDK if anyone on the board would have interest in access to a free FTP site that allows posting of basically any files. I have about 300GB of free space on my server (dual 10Gb Internet connection) for the access and can designate as many sub-domains and or folders names that are needed. These subdomains and folders can be forwarded to a folder/subdomain on the SciMad site instead so it doesn't use my domain name if that is a problem.

I can also setup various restrictions on the server if needed like pre-authorization before the files go live.

This might be a good place to post videos that YT no longer allows (which the list gets longer all the time) and or post backups of YT files that people want to save. This isn't limited to video as text, audio, zip's, etc work as well.

I also have a program that allows any Yt file to download by entering the URL and it has worked perfectly every time. It is a command line program but accepts text document input so a list of videos can be downloaded at once. This can be incorporated into the server as well to get files directly from YT if needed. This is Linux based but can be used in Windows as well.

If there is any interest in this, please let me know.

alive&kickin - 2-9-2016 at 16:01

Rose, I have approx. 900 pics from the Hubble telescope (and adding more, most of them from 4k to 1 meg in size, total 180 meg) some of them published and others unpublished. I was hoping that there would be a way for people to view them and then U2U me of the ones they want so hopefully I can find the larger file and send it directly to them. Most of the larger files are 2meg to 100meg and have zooms of thousands of times. Hope you can help.

metalresearcher - 2-9-2016 at 22:52

Get a VPS (a server running on a hosting provider).

Here in the EU we have Strato ( part of T-Mobile, which has a good hosting. They offer hosting where you can upload your own videos which are censored out by YT, make your website, register domains and have a VPS.

alive&kickin - 13-12-2016 at 17:54

To everyone, I've got these up where they can be viewed and downloaded. If anyone wants the larger files, let me know and we'll see what we can do. They make great desktops and slides for screensavers. Hope everyone enjoys.

Herr Haber - 14-12-2016 at 11:07

Woah, some are really amazing !
Thanks for sharing this, I've got hair standing on the back of my neck now. We're so insignificant :)

alive&kickin - 4-1-2017 at 16:41

Herr Haber, let me know if there are any you want the larger files of (some make for great zoom images), and I'll try to find them and post them up for you to download. Just remember that those files usually run in the hundreds to thousands of Mb. Glad you like them!