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diphenylmorpholine - 8-1-2017 at 13:23

Hello, science folks i am New Here and mi heart beats for organic chemestry so
Here is some organic stuff called Cinnamedrine from the aldehyde Cynnamaldehyde
Out of cinnamon ,with im not talking because its an symphatomimetic amine or amino alcohol but think not ilegal , anyway its just an interesting compound and dont think anybody wants to ingest that? Here is the wiki link:

Does somebody have some More info on this compound or practical experience,
Kamlet would be the greenest method enviromentali i mean and as reducing, yousing a aqueos sodium dithionite solution prepared fresh on the run, from zinc powder and sodium bisulfite!?
Mi topic oft the day and the first one,
Dont want to be rude or to Direct as a newbie.

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messembrine and bupropion

diphenylmorpholine - 9-1-2017 at 13:29

I stop smoking tabako second time with the help of bupropion, nicotin, (S)-(–)-3-(1-Methyl-pyrrolidin-2-yl)pyridin its a piperidine compound like ritallin, Methyl phenyl(piperidin-2-yl)acetate well not quite but its that famyli because piperidine compounds are nown to be found a lot in nature and pyrrolidin and pyridin Domes Form piperidine nucleus its like crack and all your smokers now that?!

Bupropion,(RS)-1-(3-Chlorphenyl)-2-tert-butylamino-propan-1-on is a chlorinated some cathinone type drug and there no other like it, its against Nikotin adiction, Depression and its as efective like ritalin for adults. With Patient and self control it can help you stop smoking but you have to want it !!!

But lets talk about the wonders oft messembrine, (3aS,7aS)-3a-(3,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)-1-methyl-2,3,4,5,7,7a-hexahydroindol-6-one this stuft is natural and it helps against Nikotin addiction, Depression, its also some Kind of push-up nootropic stuft and amplifies, changes the effect of Cannabis vor mabe Cannabinoide. Its found in sceletium tortusom a fat plant and some aptemnia fat plants, the breaken up plant pulp is fermented and dried. I tried this fermentation sich one aptemnia type and after right fermentation for some 8 days it smells just good not rotten, what eher i believe that this stuff can help against adiction just bupropion, bouth are some anti Addition drugs, addiction not easy and these are just tools that can help, not a miracle. I Trier both and messembrine works on me and it amplifies Cannabis in a wierd way.
I alredy had stop smoking wen i tried messembrine, but later i started tabaco again for 2 years and then quited again but with hell of bupropion and At the same time against upcoming Depressions as also for mi ADHS, and it help me alot.
I can garantee you , that till there no other like bupropion to help you in that manner , if there is i would like to now.

Post of the day from diphenylmorpholine

diphenylmorpholine - 9-1-2017 at 14:08

What i want to say whit this is not just about cinnamedrine, but its a cheep easy way to geht some aldehyde from cinamon"hydrodistillation" or an Ethanol extraction crystalized to the bisulfite aduct, filtering and washing it with some more pure Buße, where i come from they sell just every where, 96% Ethanol/denatured with some agar-agar bulshit, that will plug up mi Ethanol bunsenburner, just so one cant youse ass full, but it works fine for bisulfite aduct washing.

Cinnamon bark is loaded with cynnamaldehyde, just Waiting in your cakes and everywhere, to play with, one can reflux cynnymaldehyde with sodium carbonate aq. Soln. To optain shity amounts of benzaldehyde that would clearly notecibel if this is do corectly you will now that you got benzaldehyde, because that bitteralmond smell is so ovewhelming.

I apolegize for errors in mi Text, writing in phones is quite wierd.

What so ever blub-blub, but the kamlet aldol Reaktion shure works on cynnamaldehyde, but needs some heating linke in the protocatechuic aldehyde Version for adrenaline, it forms a paste Mike substance.
Sorry but this is Amateur alchemistic stuff and i speek out mi own projects as from mi experience, not because i now chemestry, but learning is what wie do.

diphenylmorpholine - 9-1-2017 at 14:20

And i came to this forum in search for understanding, the idea of the kamlet reaction really is so great its so green but the yields suck, but its great just l-pac fermentation and all type of fermentation reactions, one can reduce ketones by fermentation, what about callus culture of ephedra Cells???

Soaking apricot seeds in water to split up the amygdalin to benzaldehyde and some by-products that are dangerous but its still a natural process.

Destructive Destillation of plastik

diphenylmorpholine - 9-1-2017 at 14:27

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diphenylmorpholine - 9-1-2017 at 14:50

Sorry i mean Destructive Destillation of Polyethylen and polypropylene Plastik waste is the title.

This was performed alots of times under direct flame on a gas stove and mi 1000ml roundbottom is still rocking you gota love Duran borosilicate. The plastic Material was cleaned and cut with a sissor "by Hand" heated till all got melted and refilled,remelted, refilled till it was full enough but not to full. The melting is no Problem as these type plastic melt real good, because they where designed, to do so for recycling, world problems, they are the future they say.
Dont got mi notes now , but pyrolises reaction kicks in at some 300-400C, if to low temperature there will be no reaction,as higher the temperature as more hydrocarbons come over, if lower temperature one gets more olefin compounds.
These olefins are quite fun to play with, i was gona prove that one can get propenylbenze, after purification of the crude olefin stuff, from the pyrolization, then oxydation using manganese dioxide "from dry cell batteries" to benzaldehyde, with i would smell to asure the conversion.
But got no time now, so i be yapin about it.
But these plastics are propenylbenzene "a-methylstyrene" plastics and propenylbenzen should smell like burned Plastik???
Just like polystyrene hapends to be styrene monomer plastics.

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woelen - 10-1-2017 at 00:14

No one is waiting for this kind of blurp.
Bad grammar, tons of spelling errors, no/poor punctuation.
What do you really want to share with us?

Conclusion: detritus.

Aqua-regia - 10-1-2017 at 02:56

I afraid, you have confusion in your mind, cause PE and PP is aliphatic if decomposing by pyrolisis. You have no chance to get from this benzene ring.

Polystyrene destr. decomposition is very known process, you can google several home made instructions, but styrene is not the best precursor for benzaldehyde. If your goal is really making benzaldehyde, buy high toluene consist thinner in the hardware store, and gain the toluene by rectifikation. (The process is strongly advised with dist. column.)

DDTea - 10-1-2017 at 07:01

Quote: Originally posted by Aqua-regia  
I afraid, you have confusion in your mind, cause PE and PP is aliphatic if decomposing by pyrolisis. You have no chance to get from this benzene ring.

Formation of aromatics is well-known in pyrolysis and cracking of long hydrocarbons, but it inevitably results in a mixture of products requiring downstream separation/interconversion. This is fine in a refinery, but not a convenient source of raw materials for the amateur.

Amos - 10-1-2017 at 07:25

At the very least, one could conceivably fractionally distill the myriad of products and keep a low-boiling fraction for use as a petroleum ether of sorts. Alkane solvents are often annoying or expensive to obtain for amateurs, so this might be a good source.

woelen - 10-1-2017 at 08:22

You almost certainly will not have a clean alkane solvent. I am quite sure that the mix will contain quite a lot of unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds and this radically changes the properties of the solvent. It is MUCH more reactive and it most likely will have a horrible smell.

From my personal experience I know the following:
- n-hexane has a weak somewhat sweet smell, the same is true for cyclohexane.
- 1-hexene and cyclohexene both smell like a leaking oil refinery in your backyard.
- 1-propanol has a mild smell like alcohol, but somewhat more musky.
- propenol (prop-2-en-1-ol, allylalcohol) has an intense rotten onion-like odour and is quite a strong lachrymator.
This demonstrates how your solvent will be which you obtain from cracking plastics. Unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds in volatile compounds are quite nasty.

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 10:53

Well hello and thanks for reply, im talking about this because, i tried it all up and down i
Distillated the low boiling Fraktion and one gets a high boiling Fraktion, where i come From i can get benzaldehyde till i have enough or can buy it every where, thats 1 oft the good things beeng me.
I just wanted to See if benzaldehyde will be made by crude oxydation of that high boiling crude oily fraktion.
And fraktionaly separeting is not poosible because of some reasons, but still or glassware is no Problem, im just poor.

I have quite some runs and have Seen alot in this subject, when i have time it will make me happy to pressent you Fotos, videos and Text made by me for you.

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 10:59

Indeed this is nasty stuff and work, you will feel have Been worked in a mine. I think i never again will forget the smell of burning Plastik, but this stuff burns and will make a fuel that you wohnt forget.:)

More Details will come soon, still this is stuff good to be used in urban living for fuel.
Its dirty messy , it works and Plastik is everywhere, See it as survivel.

phalaris aquatica extraction

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 11:57

Here grows a lot of phalaris, containing DMT, meoDMT, gramamine and some difrent DMT
Compound i think. This was a spontaniuos extaktion of fresch, plalaris aquatica root, with was hand grinded, as fine as possible. This was performed outside, in a normal plastik bucket, with contained the plant material, there was added some water and this was basified with saturated NaOH solution till P.H. was some 12-13. After standing over night with a blanket or plastik bag, on top so its closed, the P. H. Was checked to confirm that the P. H. Has not changed by soakt plant mass. This was then extracted using Hexane, a couple times then somehow the solvent decanted or separated of, filtered and dried using anh. Sodium sulfate.
I then poored dry solvent extract in to some pyrex dish and set in to a freezer, this was left over night to see if it would crystalize and to mi surprise it did in round shape crystals.

This is obvius not pure but a proof that "fresh", phalaris aquatica roots contain some stuff that looks similar to mimosa extraction stuff. Be aware that gramine is bad and will damage a person and meo-dmt is strong psycadelic stuff, this was not intended for consumption, but natural extraction project.

Tsjerk - 10-1-2017 at 12:01

So you're trying to say you extracted everything hydrophobic from some plant and came to the conclusion it was not pure?

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:19

If one youses fresch plants material for extraction, i recomend cooking this down with vinegar solution then filtering of plant mass and evaporating away water and vinegar to yield, crude paste.
This will help to reduce solvent amount and purify the acetate by simultanious steam destellation of unwanted stuff, leaving most alkaloid salt forms behind.

This is then a good raw material to work with, i also tried this with ephedra and sao pedro cacti.
When you use fresh plant or plants, you will notice its more material to work with then contained alkaloids and will take a lot of solvent to extract the goods. Like this one can extrakt more with less solvent and mostly any fresh material can be extracted.

I would basify this crude alkaloid acetate paste and then extract with solvent.
Another way to easy steam destill the base alkaloid in basic solution, would be using carbonates as base for basification and just perform some hydrodestillation then extracting hydrolate with solvent. Carbonates "natron" will not harm the alkalois wen hot or to concentrated, but hydroxides will break alkaloids, if to concentrated or if warmed.

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:22

This plant is phalaris aquatica, and yes this is a conclusion, ignoranci will not help. Not all of us gets a chemestry degree stuck up there ases!

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:25

Lerning is a long dificult process

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:30

Are you from the city??? Mr jerk??? So how do you know?? Or know nature?

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:31

Well i know this plant because nature told me so. Do you know this or did you google it?

diphenylmorpholine - 10-1-2017 at 12:37

If you have a way to chromatograph this or analize, i will send you a sample as a friend and you can tell me its contents and work together in this drugt up fuckt place we live in.

violet sin - 10-1-2017 at 13:24

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