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hello can anyone tell me what this is?

jan visser - 25-1-2017 at 13:47

001.JPG - 689kB003.JPG - 661kB006.JPG - 677kB010.JPG - 692kB011.JPG - 676kB013.JPG - 616kB015.JPG - 716kB017.JPG - 633kB019.JPG - 699kB

DraconicAcid - 25-1-2017 at 13:56

Well, the one picture is a Perkin-Elmer UV-Vis spectrometer. It's for determining the absorbance of a solution at particular wavelengths in the visible and ultraviolet areas of the spectrum.

The other bits of equipment look Dutch to me.

aga - 25-1-2017 at 14:00

Which 'this' ?

Top right is a frequency generator.

4th down on the left clearly says 'Perkins-Elmer UV-Vis Spectrometer' on it, model 139.

The ones that say 'Power Unit' on them are, er, Power Units.

The IHBO stickers are electrical testing stickers from a local Dutch company.

Are you trying to sell them ?

unionised - 25-1-2017 at 14:06

You have the power supply for a hydrogen (H) and/ or Tungsten (W) lamp
The only similar ones I have ever used were designed to work with deuterium lamps (which are more efficient) so I guess that supply is over 30 years old.
I'm most interested in the first (top left) item.
Any more pics of it?

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m1tanker78 - 25-1-2017 at 19:08

How did you acquire these items? I'm baffled by the first (top left) item.

SelfInflicted - 25-1-2017 at 20:22

Top left 8mm film splicer. Top right 3-10Mhz frequency generator.
Should have an external modulation input on the generator somewhere.

unionised - 28-1-2017 at 11:34

Quote: Originally posted by SelfInflicted  
Top left 8mm film splicer. ...

I wondered about that.