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all these moving threads

Organikum - 8-6-2003 at 00:01

make the forum a little hard to overview I think. It´s ok to move them, but must they stay in the old forum also? (technically)

I am an esthet! (or asthmat?)

This is not ultimative important, thats understood, I post this that our administration doesn´t feel useless and not needed. Thats called service!

no no - it´s ok, no flowers....
;) ;) ;)

Krypton - 8-6-2003 at 08:30

more flowers

Apparent is the knowledge of the flowers
because of bad air banned in brain.

we have a choice

Polverone - 8-6-2003 at 13:34

We can move the thread to a new area and leave no trace in the old area, or move the thread to a new area and leave a redirect in the old area. The redirect clutters up the forums somewhat, but I have been leaving them (and madscientist has too I guess) because I don't want people to look in the old area, see the thread gone, and think it has been deleted. Perhaps I should credit our users with more ability to find moved things on their own :).

Organikum - 8-6-2003 at 18:07

And what about the flowers?


Krypton - 9-6-2003 at 04:25