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Biochemical Construction of Vector

Vmedvil - 6-9-2017 at 10:04

This is the HIV Virus Active Structure without any changes, we are going to change this into a Viral Transfer Plasmid.

Virus Structure Labelled

Gene Length Map

hivmap_lanl.gif - 5kB

Protein Map of HIV

Now we know we need the Core Structure Capsid Proteins for HIV which is the gag gene in this protein map P18, p24, p15. All of these genes being those that produce the core structure of the HIV virus these are together called gag. This generates the biochemical protein lattice containing this virus Then you need pol gene Pol is the p10,p66,p55,p32 containing the Protease, Viral Replication Enzymes, Reverse Transcriptase, and Integrates. This reproduces and transfers the viral RNA to DNA via Reverse Transcriptase and Integrase into the host cell and is also Processes the construction of these proteins. These are two Biochemical Pathways that creates the internal structure and transfers the virus into the cell target.

Modified HIV-1 Gene Transfer Viral Plasmid Genome

Pol-Gag is Packaging

HIV-GAGPOL.jpg - 23kB

LTR 3' and 5' are primers genes, basically meaning that integrase notices this gene patterns and binds to this gene set able to move it into the genome.

Then there is the targetting envelope which is the genes gp120 and gp40
This is the glycoprotein stalk and glycoprotein for HIV-1 which targets the cell to T-Cells.

First, you take the Five genes Pol-Gag, ENV and LTR 3' and LTR 5'.

You take all these Genes plus the Gene that you wish to transfer the transfer vector and place them into T-cells, then you harvest the HIV Vectors with your Gene inside them.

Final Product

Genetically Modified HIV Viral Vector

All of the DNA is made for the vector by the process, DNA Synthesis For Viral Vector

UkAmateur - 6-9-2017 at 13:17

Ok. At the risk of sounding dumb here... (Won't be the first time nor the last mind).

What does this achieve? Or possibly achieve? Are you saying this is a possible route to a cure? Or are you further weaponising an already lethal epedemic (in some countries) disease ???

Sorry. I followed the gist of action/method/process described.

I just don't know what the actual achievement is at the end?

Please excuse my ignorance. But I gotta ask?! Lol

Vmedvil - 6-9-2017 at 13:46

Ya, i think we should heal mammals of genetic diseases. It passes the turning test for a viral gene transfer vector.

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