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Hybridization of Viral Vectors MV-x Strains

Vmedvil - 18-9-2017 at 21:00

First, I am going to start with this is my private research, that has never been tested physically with Multi-Targetting Viral Vectors or (MV-x) series, x= number of different viral Species of traits used.

The Idea is based around how two viruses in the wild or by man sometimes fuse into a hybrid virus during reproduction called natural chimera that is reproduction competent, this would in nature generate a new combined strain of the two viruses.

US20030180329A1-20030925-D00003.png - 38kB

During the Cold War the Soviets and U.S.A. did much biological weapons research into Chimera Viruses until the research was stopped in 1970s by Richard Nixon in the U.S.A., Before the fall of the Soviet Union and The End of the Biological weapons program in the U.S.A. both sides had claim to have made Natural Chimeras, this is a process used before Nanofabrication.

With this knowledge we do know that it is possible to cross breed Viruses but with Biotechnology at our disposal we can make much more exact Chimera with Cross Viral Species Traits. This is commonly practiced in making vaccines in modern times. The Thing I always found interesting was the Protein Coat or envelope of the viruses would have active glycoproteins from different virus types meaning it has the possible to infect cells of two types instead of one. If you remember that is what allows entry into the cell through a receptor on its membrane.

glycoprot_4149.JPG - 202kB

It seems much like cellular receptors that the Glycoproteins can function correctly and sit on the Envelope from different species and strains of viruses. Which begins us to discover how to make viruses target many types of cells when Antigens and receptors have multiple types on the envelope of Red Blood cells and White Blood Cells, it is how the immune system functions and notices infection.

I thought about this problem that the Caspid of each virus was different along with a Envelope, did the Envelope have Molecular Holes for the Glycoprotiens to fit in or a Lipid Layer like receptors and Antigens with the knowledge of Chimera Viruses, with shifting Glycoproteins between strain and species, I think now that it must be all part of the same evolutionary trait being on a basic level that immune cells look like Retroviruses, that caspid being a distant ancestor to Cellular nuclei and Envelope of the Virus being a distant ancestor of the cellular membrane.

HIV Structure

Retrovirus_labeled.jpg - 330kB

T-Cell Structure

gr1.jpg - 65kB

If the White Blood cells and Red Blood cells have different Glycoprotein like structures on their surface maybe we could apply that to a virus, making them have the Ability to Multi-Target with a sort of Swarm Intelligence, but from different species different DNA and RNA viruses the glycoproteins will allow different material to pass much like a Channel Receptor for instance the Potassium Channels that only allow Potassium through them.

figure_13_24b_labeled.jpg - 136kB

So, with this newly deducted Viral Swarm Robotics Theory, we construct Swarm Intelligent Vectors from combined DNA and RNA species in this case we will take the DNA Adenovirus and RNA HIV Virus and make a Hybrid Multi-targetting Viral Vector.

First, we need to understand that these Glycoproteins allow very different but somewhat the same materials entry into the cell.

Adenovirus Structure

HIV Structure

These two Protein Matrix Envelopes are incompatible based on a computer Simulation both not having a lipid layer, the Adenovirus has Hexons that hold a set of Pentons attached to the Glycoprotein Fiber, the envelope structure for a Adenovirus is almost crystalline. Lets try something different. The RNA Virus Rabies, more closely evolutionary related to the RNA Virus, HIV.

Rabies Structure

HIV Structure

Both of these have compatible Lipid Membranes that can both have each other's Glycoproteins on them like a Cellular Membrane. Well since rabies is lytic causing death to the cell upon reproduction we will use the machinery of HIV, which we well understand. The Rabies Virus targets nerve cell p75 receptors while the HIV Virus target CD4 Receptors on T-Cells. First we will generate a Hybrid HIV Vector that targets Nerve Cells.

Rabies Genome

HIV Genome

pharmaceuticals-06-01507-g001-1024.png - 334kB

Now you remember from Biochemical Construction of Vector that there are Three major parts to a HIV Vector Pol-Gag and VSV-G proteins that make this Vector. Pol-gag being the DNA Machinery that inserts the DNA into the Genome and VSV-G being that part that allows entry into the cell, which is made up of two parts the Glycoproteins(GP) and Envelope (ENV), This time we are going to use the Envelope of HIV being a standard Lipid Layer and the Glycoproteins of Rabies being the G Gene, which sits in a Lipid Layer on the Envelope of Rabies. so it will look from 3' to 5' (ENV - G) one from rabies another from HIV making this HIV Vector target Nerve cells instead being the VSV-G used. This Rabies-HIV Synthetic VSV-G gene needs to be constructed via Viral Gene Synthesis. The Next step will be the same as in any HIV Vector LTR3' - Gene of Interest - LTR5' , Synthetic HIV-Rabies VSV-G, and HIV Pol-Gag machinery.

This will make a HIV Vector that Targets Nerve cells with its new Glycoprotein attachment.

Now, lets make a True Swarm Intelligent Vector a MV-2 Rabies/HIV, For this all you would need to do is also include the HIV Glycoprotein being GP120 and GP41, being the Fiber and Head of the glycoprotein, now we make a new VSV-G Gene, MV-2 VSV-G, which is (ENV-GP120-GP41-G) which will make the virus during construction have both Rabies and HIV Glycoprotiens being able to target Nerve Cells and T-Cells. This could be done with more than just two virus species the possibility exists to make a MV-∞ given enough viruses with Lipid Layers being the only requirement for Hybridization, targeting a select type or all of the cells in the body by surface receptors. It seems that Blood cells and viruses have much in common.

Multi-targetting Viral Vector

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CRUSTY - 25-9-2017 at 08:46

I feel like it would be far more convenient for everyone if you were to either combine these into a single post, or better yet, turn it into a web page. Hosting through Google Sites is 100% free and easy to set up. It's just a lot to read in a single vertical post and kinda fills up the sub-forum. I dunno.

Vmedvil - 25-9-2017 at 13:51

Quote: Originally posted by CRUSTY  
I feel like it would be far more convenient for everyone if you were to either combine these into a single post, or better yet, turn it into a web page. Hosting through Google Sites is 100% free and easy to set up. It's just a lot to read in a single vertical post and kinda fills up the sub-forum. I dunno.

Ya, that is why I ended it, at the Promise and Peril of Nanotechnology, I noticed that the sub forum was starting to get kinda full, give it time these posts will settle. It doesn't seem as if people really post that often on this biochemistry forum, but this is definitely Biochemistry related. As people add more new post in the biochemistry forum it will not fill it up anymore.

NEMO-Chemistry - 17-11-2017 at 05:28

I am really enjoying it.....