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hissingnoise - 13-3-2010 at 14:23

They don't look like HT lines - they're supposedly linked to depression but a depressed thief is still a thief.

helleborine - 13-3-2010 at 15:49

They seem very rich; the warehouse, which is rather small (it would have to be larger if they actually stocked what they have in their catalog, but it is large enough to repackage dubious chemicals scavenged from shady sources in India). They seem to have about half a dozen employees on their "payroll." I'd love for them to be subpoena'd and testify against their disgraced employer.

undead_alchemist - 15-3-2010 at 12:23

Found this on a search for a chemical:

Science Alliance Distributor United States
Internet source for chemicals, glassware, and scientific equipment for industrial, research, and academic interests. [More results]
URL: in English [Translate]

anotheronebitesthedust - 15-3-2010 at 17:46

Wow that is very interesting if indeed it is linked to Science Alliance. I actually remember thinking it was a coincidence both companies originated in Humble, TX. Perhaps the owner o Science Alliance sold it when he could no longer run it.


They seem very rich
I highly doubt it. Especially if they bought that house before the housing prices crashed in the USA. I'm pretty sure they are the type of people who live off of credit and are probably very in debt. Plus I doubt they have many loyal customers with the amount of complaints against them. They even rip off colleges and universities! Those could've been great potential clients. It's actually kind of sad that this company could actually be very successful with the amount of advertising and internet traffic they get. If only it was run by someone with a bit of business savvy. I mean really, most chemicals can be bought dirt cheap in India and China and turned over for massive profits, it's such a simple easy to follow business plan, and most customers wouldn't mind having to wait a few weeks as long as they get what they pay for.

Phosphor-ing - 16-3-2010 at 07:58

Science Alliance was Strike's old company busted in 2001 for supplying drug cooks there wares.

helleborine - 16-3-2010 at 12:05

Another place to voice a complaint: >>> your assistance in adding your own story is much appreciated.

Please continue adding to this site:

Also, I've contacted the webmaster for - he's an honest fellow and he wants to check it out, but if he finds to be a bad apple, they may remove their listing from the website.

And if that wasn't enough, I've filled up a merchant violation form with

I'm also busy posting warnings to every forum I belong to.

helleborine - 16-3-2010 at 18:53

One more thing.

The Texas Attorney General is VERY interested in people filing actual complaints that they can follow through, they need as many as possible to make a case.

So it is NOT hopeless, I urge everyone to take 10 minutes, and file a complaint with law enforcement.

They are waiting:

helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 04:38

The clowns that were backordered at least 4 months on DMSO, wrote me the following hilarious missive:

I am an independent consultant currently working with and I
was asked to review your order. I completely understand your frustration
with the process through which you have come through to this point. With
that said, my goal is to help you reach some type of resolution with the
company. Ultimately, I would like to speak with you on the phone in order
to prevent any discussion from being lost in translation over email, but
before we get to that point I would like to clarify a few points.

Can you confirm your receipt of two (2) 500ML units of Propylene Glycol,
USP, item number SLP2974-500ML?
Can you confirm receipt of a cashier's check, Serial # 0082803249, written
for $207.83?
Can you confirm that the payment initially made for your purchase was made
by MasterCard ending in 0977 for the amount of $379.58 on April 16, 2009?

Secondary to those confirmations, which I appreciate you making for me, it
appears that right off the bat you are still owed $35 for a Hazardous
Materials fee for a product that was not shipped; you mentioned in an email
that you wanted a refund of $473.77 in Canadian dollars. Would you mind
justifying that amount relative to the payment initially made?

Please understand that I am only asking these questions to clarify your
perspective on the matter; I am not challenging your perspective in any way.
As stated before, I do understand your frustration and hopefully, in the
end, some of that frustration can be relieved. While I have not dealt with
your specific issue before today, many of your frustrations in dealing with have been addressed since February 1. New policies and
procedures have been implemented to prevent these types of customer service
issues; and, while I am sure it is quite unlikely that you will ever find
the need to call again, if you did, I am sure you would have
quite a different experience. I would be more than welcoming of any
constructive criticism you might provide in order to help me improve the

On a personal note, while the most obvious scapegoat for the blame of your
issues and that of some other customers are the owners of the company, as
they are ultimately responsible for what happens within the walls of their
business, in no way would either have accepted the status of your order had
they been truly aware of the situation with your order. Unfortunately, in
the past two years, while each has dealt with a bout with cancer and been
mostly out of the office, the office manager abused her privileges and the
situation with which the owners were faced. Granted, that is no excuse, but
I do think that type of clarification should have some impact on the public
personal postings made by yourself and two other customers. The internet is
a powerful tool for advocating the positive or negative aspects of a
company, but personal attacks at an individual's family or listing their
children's names (as another unhappy customer did) is not necessarily the
best way to go about getting the desired results. But, that's just my
opinion and to be honest I hope that if we can resolve this issue from a
business standpoint then you might be willing to retract personal
information attacks. It is our responsibility as a company, on the other
hand, to responsibly address the concerns you have regarding your experience
in dealing with the company.

Thank you for your time in reading this lengthy email, and if you are
willing, I hope we can speak on the phone in order to completely resolve
this matter at a time that would be most convenient for you.

Best regards,

Business Development, Inc.
281.441.4400 phone
281.441.4409 fax
14025 Smith Road
Houston, Texas 77396

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helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 04:39

TO which I replied:

The propylene glycol was (1) at least 40 year old, (2) is dark amber so Lord
only knows it it is propylene glycol, and (3) it was NOT kept in an amber
bottle to protect it from light degradation. Amateurs know this. People
that "sell" chemicals ought to know better.

I want to be refunded for that so-called propylene that was clearly
scavenged from another lab and perhaps mislabeled. I am a retired molecular
biologist, I know what propylene glycol should look like, short chain, long
chain, it's ALWAYS a clear liquid kept in an amber bottle.

$473.77 is the amount I was charged in CANADIAN dollars. The exchange rate
has changed. I want to be refunded the equivalent of $473.77 CDN. Period.
I will not accept a penny less. Don't try to short change me.

There is no cashier's cheque. That is a JOKE. And a lie. You don't even
say what bank it's from, haha. First of all, I paid by Master Card, you
refund me on MasterCard. That's what everyone does. Not for an instant do
I believe that you ever sent me a cashier's cheque, the very suggestion is
absurd. It takes some nerve to continue lying at this point.

I'm not sure what changes you've made to the company, but even after
February 1, no one answers phones or emails at

Since you are capable of lying about a fictional cashier's cheque, you're
probably not beyond lying about the owners having cancer, too. I don't
believe it. There's no cancer. The shame of being thieves may keep them
out of the office - that I believe.

I will continue warning everyone not to purchase from all
over the internet until I receive my full refund in Canadian dollars. When
I receive my money back, I will stop. However, I will never retract my
complaints with your company like you have gotten other people to do. It
shouldn't ever have come to this. I shouldn't need to scream my head off
all over the place to get a refund that was owed to me and should have been
refunded a AUTOMATICALLY a long time ago. You should have refunded me
earlier. Period.

I will never, ever, bring the owner's children into this. I will not harass
the owners at home. I will not cross any legal boundaries. I will use
every public forum and legal avenue for them to be brought to JUSTICE. So
that they stop robbing people.

With the time it took to make up that fake serial number for a phantom
cashier's cheque, you could have refunded me already.

That's the only thing that will shut me up.

Also, you're no independent consultant, your phone number is at Really.

I hope that by now you realize that I'm no fool.

I don't want to speak to you on the phone. I want my money back. TODAY.

You can call me now, but I'm leaving in 20 minutes. And I don't want to
hear any sob stories, or pleading for retraction of my comments. I want the
money. Nothing else will do.

helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 04:45

Hey guys, you know that fellow that documented his misadventures with receiving used glassware from He took the page down this week. Was he buttered up by MMmmmmm...maybeee. But don't worry, I 've got screenshots from the Google cache.

They're stalling refunding me and they hope I'll go away in the mean time. How hard up is this company for a sum below five hundred bucks? Quite a bit hard up I should think, because if they had any sense, they would have long refunded me, at the first sign that I am Trouble, at least two months ago.

This morning, I got this retort in my mailbox (NOTE: NO REFUND STILL)

I appreciate your comments and your hesitancy to accept my previous statements; but, I personally stand by everything that I stated. I am a business development consultant hired by; my intent was not to insinuate that I am not paid by the company, but to simply let you know that I was brought in as a consultant to improve the operations of the business. The check, to my understanding, was cut and mailed on 3/10/2010; I am emailing now from home, but I will confirm that with the bank first thing in the morning.

I have no reason to try to pull the wool over your eyes. I also am not stupid and am fully aware that trying to do so would only make this situation more stressful for you; so, there is no benefit to by doing so.

I will call you tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, after 1:00pm Central time if that is an okay time frame for you.

I can tell you in advance though that the only way you will receive a further refund is by cashier's check; due to restrictions has with the credit card processing company, as many companies do, it is not possible to refund your MasterCard since it has been a year. Again, I understand your hesitancy in accepting that, but it is just the way it is. My full expectation is that you won't be satisfied until the money is deposited into your bank account, and I will proceed accordingly. The first check should be arriving soon; I will also email you in the morning to what address it was mailed. Thank you in advance for your patience while I help you resolve this.

In the meantime, you can feel free to call or email me at any time and I will respond.

Thank you again,


helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 04:53

I should take these fools to Judge Judy.

I don't believe a word you say. You can't even get your story straight and
you keep contradicting yourself.

There is no way a company that doesn't answer telephones or responds to
emails sent me a cheque back in October, THREE full months after I canceled
the order, and when I hadn't complained yet. Quick! Forge something on
PhotoShop if you can. And now you tell me I should receive the "first
cheque" "soon" and that you'll confirm which adress it was sent to? I
already know what you're going to say, and it couldn't be clearer that
you're trying to fool me again.

Another sign that you're lying is that you're ready to cut me another
"cheque" without proof that your imaginary first "cheque" didn't get cashed.
Never in a million years will I believe that I was so special that I got my
refund without asking, while you were neglecting on refunding everyone else.
Looking at reviews on the internet, you rob everyone you can.

You bloody well can send me a credit through Master Card. Are you kidding
me? You think I'm a moron??? Master Card doesn't give a rat's tutu if
someone wants to GIVE money through them. You're trying to buy time and
send me a bad cheque, or a cheque for a lesser amount than what I'm asking.
Stop it. Stop the nonsense already.

Also, in the MONTHS when I did start to complain, with increasing anger,
someone, somewhere, would have told me that a cheque had been sent and TRIED
TO FIX THIS. Because through all this, Stacey and Rob HAVE been receiving
my emails. They just chose to ignore them, figuring they'd ride this one
out like they rode all the other ones. So there was no cheque then, and
there is no cheque now, and there will never be any cheque; at least one
that clears.

The situation is not stressful for me. It's stressful for Stacey and Rob
Tyler, because they are criminals, and criminals, one day, rob the wrong
person, and get their comeupance. And by this I mean telling their 4
children that they're going to spend a few months with aunt Mildred while
they're off serving their sentences in one of Texas' world-renowned
penitentiary facilities. Everyday that the credit doesn't appear on my
Master Card statement, it's going to get more stressful for them. And may I
remind you that once rung, bells cannot be unrung.

As I said, you don't need to call. It's not like you're going to be
successful sweet talking me.

All you need to say is: "check with Master Card we have issued a refund for
$473.77 CDN"

Oh BTW, I am in Canada but I have a shipping address in the US - a warehouse (I import wind chimes and bird feeders, I have an import permit etc) - that's where they sent the chemicals. They're going to say they sent the nonexistent chque to the US address so that they can pretend it got lost, is getting lost, and will get lost.

They really, really think I'm a complete moron. I'm totally on to them I'm not letting anything pass.

They're so used to people getting sick of it and going away, and lying, they still think they can put me off forever, they're just pissing time away to postpone the refund as indefinitely as possible.

Have you ever had a company chat you up so much before giving you a refund that they very clearly owe you?

You can see that they are worried about bad internet press, though. That gets to them, it seems. That fellow took his photo-journalism down recently... and they're giving a cancer sob story, and their children were named, blah blah, can you imagine how many customers they had to rob before hitting one that was crazy enough to find their kid's name? Yeah, they sent ME a cheque in October without me asking. They're trying to get me to stop telling the truth about them. They don't want the truth to be known.

You can see the criminal mind at work; totally unscrupulous, lies as earnestly as honest people tell the truth, invoke pity with false cancer stories, blame it all on the hurricane, the bad office manager, woe is us! Have pity! Understand us! Meanwhile, they're hanging on to my refund money like their children will skip food for a week if they part with the cash.

But Stacey D Tyler does have money to give to right wing political parties, though, that's on the public record.

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helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 05:30


You're going to Looooooooooooooooove this one.

Before, they were saying that they refunded me back in october. Now they're saying they wrote a cheque a week ago!


I call lies.

Please refer to my email below: a cashier's check was cut on March 10, 2010, last week, for $207.83. Please confirm for me when you have deposited this check into your bank and it has cleared. I have not stated that I would arrange for a second check to be cut before you have confirmed receipt of the first.

If you do not wish to speak with me on the phone, then please do email me once you have deposited and cleared the first check.

I reiterate that in no way have I asked you to retract any statements regarding your experience with the company, nor have I set any expectations for myselfthat you will cease to seek your refund until you have received your refund deposited and cleared into your bank.

Thank you again, and please feel free to contact me any time.


My response:


You owe me more than $207.83.

That would mean that a liter of far-gone, totally degraded, light damaged propylene glycol (or some unknown liquid) cost me $200. You're out of your minds.

Also, if you'd actually written me a cheque on March 10, you can bet your sweet bippy that you would have told me March 10. Or in the first letter you wrote me. Or in the second one you wrote me.

I don't think you learned your lesson, I'm like a Truth Machine. I can tell the truth from a fib.

Stop lying.

Give me the FULL $473.77 CDN Master Card credit I deserve. Now.

There is no cheque, but just for giggles, I'm going to say that you should stop payment on it, and credit Master Card. Like, first thing in the morning when you get to the office.

JohnWW - 17-3-2010 at 06:31

That sounds like yet another case of "your check is in the mail"!

anotheronebitesthedust - 17-3-2010 at 07:32

Helleborine please don't stop, you're too good at this. Sciencelab has really shown their true colors, they're just a couple of shallow thiefs, leeching off of society. It takes a really special type of person to blame his criminal activities on cancer. I'm sure he'll be telling the IRS he didn't pay his taxes because his daughter has leprosy.
I am a business development consultant hired by
By "business development consultant" he really means Staceys nephew. Or Robert's alter ego lol. Someone should take a shit in a box and send it to their children. Label it Propylene Glycol.

hissingnoise - 17-3-2010 at 07:46

Quote: Originally posted by helleborine  

But Stacey D Tyler does have money to give to right wing political parties

Right wing?
You've been too easy on this prick.
It's time to go to on the offensive for real. . .

helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 10:25

They removed one of the comments on this page:

It now has (1) bad shopping experience instead of the (2).

They say:

"Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience."

Not responsible for ripped spleens resulting from the above comment.

helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 10:30

I got an email from the BBB saying they were about to close my complaint because the thieves at issued me a refund.

Er, they haven't! I'm still waiting.

So I refused the closing of the complaint

helleborine - 17-3-2010 at 11:55

My next step... since I'm a seasoned webmaster deeply versed in search optimization techniques, is to blow their website downward in search engine result pages.

It's going to cost me money and be a lot of hard work... but it's close to 16:00 local time and I haven't been reimbursed yet.

The clock is ticking faster and faster.

helleborine - 18-3-2010 at 19:21

You may want to reddit if you have a second:


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helleborine - 19-3-2010 at 04:29

I beginning to wonder if the four Tyler tykes are going to have to go without food for a week if parts with my refund money, aka their illegally gotten gains.

Wednesday morning, they asked me to scan my MC bill to show that my purchase had been converted to $473.77 CDN (that is the amount I want to be reimbursed). I replied with the scanned document immediately (they probably hoped I didn't have it, haha). I was promised by Chase that he'd get back to me on Wednesday afternoon with an update, possibly even a phone call.

It's now Friday. No word from Chase who has to know his wages come from defending criminals.

Therefore, I will up the ante.

It's now time to launch Operation Ruin's Google Rankings. I'm going to unleash all my search engine optimization skills on these still-unconvicted, still-unjailed thieves.

Since ultimately I want my refund, I'm going to begin with an onslaught on Google Image. Just to give them a chance. And,, let something be very clear: once I put something on the internet, it's FOREVER. I won't remove it. So the longer you wait, the worse it's going to be, permanently. Google Image is a little slow on the uptake; but my work is going to pan out sooner rather than later.

It might be a good idea at this point for Stacy Dement Tyler and Rob Tyler of to pass the hat with the employees if they want to keep their jobs, Or start saving by downgrading the string cheese snacks with store brand granola bars in the kid's lunches. If that's what it takes. It would be a wise investment.

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helleborine - 19-3-2010 at 08:35


I now own the domain name

The "MSDS" is strategic choice. I did my research, and I know what I'm doing. I'm also going to make money off that website. More than the refund, haha. I never work for free, my skills are valuable.

Stalling my refund is becoming increasing problematic for the future of

Within a couple of months, it's quite possible that my very legitimate and non-libelous website diminishes their prospects of perpetrating fraud on un-suspecting customers by a hefty 25%.

All legal and on the up and up.

If they refund me the $473.77+$60 webhosting and name registration fee by Monday, I may be willing to call the whole thing off. But since I totally not expect this to happen, I'm going full steam ahead and should have something very juicy online before the weekend is over.

helleborine - 20-3-2010 at 07:19

I have to fix the menu bar and I need to add the actual content, but the new website is all formatted.

I have tons of material, and I will spend the next week filling up the pages. I am going to TRY to be funny. I am always funny when I am irate. Keeping my fingers crossed.

If anyone now or in the future would like to provide photos of dumpster-diving chemicals that people have received from, please send them to me! There is an email link at the bottom of the page on the website.

If you have any ideas, funny, tragic or otherwise, I am also keenly interested. fraud or sham?

undead_alchemist - 20-3-2010 at 11:10

Found that they are selling controlled drugs as well.

helleborine - 20-3-2010 at 13:07

Thanks for the tip, took a screenshot and will add to website.

I also took pictures this morning of my "propylene glycol."

hissingnoise - 20-3-2010 at 13:23

I looked twice!
Thought I was hallucinating!
$1326.79 a GRAM!!!

helleborine - 20-3-2010 at 13:56

I have the page on controlled susbtances done: Controlled Substances

I welcome suggestions to make it better.

javagamer - 20-3-2010 at 14:17

This is great, keep up the good work helleborine. It feels great to read through everything you're doing and it's really inspiring. Once I have more free time I'll be sure to file some more complaints and see if I can make things a bit worse for them.

helleborine - 20-3-2010 at 18:40

I very much appreciate your encouragement and your feedback.

It is your ideas that I appreciate the most. I have received a great many suggestions and tips on forums, and I couldn't put a coherent story together without this invaluable help.

If anyone has a few minutes to compare the MSDS to those from legitimate chemical suppliers, and point out key, important differences, I would be immensely grateful. It's not like looking for a needle in a haystack, their MSDS's are all out of whack, and that's me making a cursory scan with my untrained eye. These errors are of course more important with some chemicals than others. It's identifying which chemicals to look at that is difficult for me.

But trust me on this at least, ANY MSDS you compare will have several key dangerous discrepancies with the legit MSDS's.

undead_alchemist - 20-3-2010 at 18:48
The bottles that sciencelab used for the propylene glycol are made for bathroom products.
I have seen them used for bath soaps and other things.

I have only seen propylene glycol packed in amber glass or metal cans.

The labels are the only things that look professional.

--- Update ---

If I can, I will see if I can get some photos of the same bottles being used for bathroom products. Don't have to go far, Just check Dollarama.

[Edited on 21-3-2010 by undead_alchemist]

helleborine - 20-3-2010 at 19:50

Haha, great, I just added this.

helleborine - 21-3-2010 at 11:46

I've spent the whole weekend working my keister off and I'm nearly done with the website.

I'm sure I'll make change to reflect inspiration I get in my dreams ;-) as well as any funny bits, insights, or factoids you would be willing to contribute.

I'm still looking for more MSDS vs. legitimate MSDS battle material!

In other news I've filed a worker safety complaint with OSHA. I didn't make anything up, said what I knew, and that they'd be wise to look more closely at the situation.

[Edited on 21-3-2010 by helleborine]

Polverone - 21-3-2010 at 12:29

Quote: Originally posted by helleborine  
I have the page on controlled susbtances done: Controlled Substances

I welcome suggestions to make it better.

I personally think that this is a weak claim because it highlights no new wrongdoing. If you search for fentanyl on Aldrich's site, for example, you'll find that they are selling 25 mg for $106.50 (this is the only quantity currently in stock) and their information page is similarly terse about the legal requirements: it just says "DEA Schedule II ... Controlled Substance Admin Charge" and doesn't detail licensing or documentation (though it is surely required before an order ships).

The main thing that differentiates sciencelab's catalog from Aldrich's is that items from the Aldrich catalog are actually delivered when a buyer is charged. Offering and failing to deliver fentanyl frankly seems no worse to me than offering and failing to deliver propylene glycol or any other chemical. The only thing that might make this noteworthy in its own right is if the company turns out to not actually require any sort of documentation before completing controlled substance "purchases" (i.e. customer wallet-cleansings). But in order to test that you'd need to try to make another purchase, possibly under a different name since they already know you're disgruntled.

undead_alchemist - 21-3-2010 at 14:02

On the site, is there any mention of the Texas laws for precursors?


Precursor Chemical Program

The precursor chemical statute was enacted by the legislature in 1987 for the purpose of controlling the diversion of chemicals used in the illegal manufacture of drugs, primarily methamphetamine and amphetamine. In 1989, the statute was amended and requires anyone who sells, transfers, furnishes, or purchases certain precursor chemicals or certain laboratory apparatus to be regulated by DPS.
"Chemical precursor" means:

(A) Methylamine
(B) Ethylamine
(C) D-lysergic acid
(D) Ergotamine tartrate
(E) Diethyl malonate
(F) Malonic acid
(G) Ethyl malonate
(H) Barbituric acid
(I) Piperidine

(J) N-acetylanthranilic acid
(K) Pyrrolidine
(L) Phenylacetic acid
(M) Anthranilic acid
(N) Ephedrine
(O) Pseudoephedrine
(P) Norpseudoephedrine
(Q) Phenylpropanolamine
(R) Hypophosphorous acid
(S) Red phosphorus

"Chemical laboratory apparatus" means any item of equipment designed, made, or adapted to manufacture a controlled substance or a controlled substance analogue, including:

(A) a condenser
(B) a distilling apparatus
(C) a vacuum drier
(D) a three-neck or distilling flask
(E) a tableting machine
(F) an encapsulating machine
(G) a filter, Buchner, or separatory funnel

(H) an Erlenmeyer, two-neck, or single-neck flask
(I) a round-bottom, Florence, thermometer, or
filtering flask
(J) a Soxhlet extractor
(K) a transformer
(L) a flask heater
(M) a heating mantel or
(N) an adaptor tube

Narcotics personnel with the Precursor Chemical/Laboratory Apparatus Section process one-time and annual applications, renew annual permits, enter sales transactions into an investigative database, gather intelligence from law enforcement contacts throughout the country, network with business representatives, and assist investigators nationwide by providing current information relating to methods, ingredients, places of purchase, contacts, etc., related to clandestine laboratory activity.

Generally, a person or business in this state must obtain a permit to take or place an order or to deliver or receive a precursor chemical or laboratory apparatus. The Department issues two types of permits for regulated precursor chemicals or laboratory apparatus (glassware), one to legitimate businesses (NAR-121), and the other for one-time transactions (NAR-120) where the items will be used solely for legitimate purposes. Each principal business location must have a separate permit. There is no fee for either permit. While the permit should not be displayed at a business location, it must be maintained so as to be promptly retrieved upon proper demand. The applications can be downloaded from this site but they must be printed, completed, and then mailed to our office. The forms must be originals; faxed and photocopies are not acceptable. The business permit will expire one year from the month of issuance. After the permit expires, the permit holder no longer has authority to receive or deliver a precursor or apparatus. A permit holder may not transfer or assign to another person a permit document or number, or an authority conferred by the permit.

A business must report to the director of the DPS Precursor Chemical/Laboratory Apparatus Section each incident in which the Texas distributor delivers a precursor chemical or laboratory apparatus to a person located inside or outside this state regardless of whether the recipient holds a permit or not. The report must be made not later than the seventh day after the distributor completed the transaction. The distributor must maintain this record for at least two years from the date of the transaction.

A business requesting a permit must meet and maintain security, recordkeeping, inventory, and reporting requirements. An applicant or permit holder must give written consent to inspect. The inspection will be conducted by a member of the Department who is assigned to the Narcotics Service. Failure to allow initial inspection may be grounds for denial of the permit application.

Questions about the permitting process, permit requirements, or the status of an application should be directed to or (512) 424-2481/2482.

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helleborine - 21-3-2010 at 15:21

The word "precursor" appears only once, and in singular form, on the whole website:

site search

helleborine - 21-3-2010 at 15:32

This website lists licensee for distribution of precursors. Am I right? Can someone help double-check?

I don't believe has a license.


The following REGISTRANTS are not displayed: Manufacturer, Researcher, Teaching Institution, Distributor, and Analyst/Analytical Lab. Should you need information concerning one of these Business Activities, call 512-424-2188.

Ah, that explains it.

[Edited on 21-3-2010 by helleborine]

ScienceLabDotCom - 22-3-2010 at 15:56

Hey Helleborine, great work!

Just a heads-up, the guy with the dinged up bottles that had a fiercely botched-up experience with, he dropped me a note to let me know that even though he removes his content, he archived it separately for us to reference.

Gotta love the URL...

helleborine - 24-3-2010 at 07:35

And thank YOU for your trailblazing work, SLDC!

They're still jerking me around for my refund, so you know they've got to be pretty hard up for cash. I'm sure they'd shut me up quickly IF they had the money. Sadly, they would have to steal from someone else in order to pay me... maybe they can have a bake sale or borrow from relatives.

On Wednesday, they asked for a scan of my MC statement supporting my claim that I had been charged $473.77 CDN. I sent it immediately. Then I didn't hear from them until Monday. Now they want to double-check my address. I asked for a tracking number. Now they're going to have to pull the random number generator AGAIN! No fresh news of them actually sending me any money.

They won't give me a credit with MasterCard - that's instant, and irreversible. No, they insist on sending me a check. A check takes time to arrive, and because it's international, I will not find out that the check bounced for a whole month.

However, I will consider myself "UNREFUNDED" until such time as $473.77 exactly reaches my bank account permanently and securely.

And as long as I am UNREFUNDED, I will wake up everyday, and labor to find creative new ways to push a stick into their spokes.

smaerd - 24-3-2010 at 09:59

Isn't this kind of a ponzi scheme?

I hope you get your money back helleborine these people are total scum!

helleborine - 26-3-2010 at 12:34

Thursday is almost over; no news of a tracking number, of a check actually being sent...

Again, I'm not even going to slow down the crusade until the money is securely back in my bank account.

Skyjumper - 28-3-2010 at 14:15

Maybe its time to pay the district attorney in texas a visit?

helleborine - 30-3-2010 at 07:49

I have my complaint at the TX Attorney General.

Still no sign of a refund in my mailbox, they are so jerking me around. If they were serious about my refund, it would be credited to MC already.

My website IS A FRAUD - is doing pretty good with people searching ( msds), it's on the first page, but still on page 3 for people searching (

I need to create a new page on the website. Anyone has any idea?

Skyjumper - 30-3-2010 at 15:38

oh lord, Google Page Rank

helleborine - 31-3-2010 at 06:05

The mailman has come and gone. Still no sign of a refund.

Not that I'm expecting a refund, I'm merely humoring them. If a refund was coming, they would have given me a tracking number.


I added photos of Humble/Kingwood residents Stacey Tyler, and two MUGSHOTS of owner Rob Tyler (aka Robert Marvin Tyler), dated as recently as 2007 and 2009. Cinder blocks are such a fitting background for him, I took away the picture of him being smug on a boat, and put the mug shots instead. It was purely an artistic decision.

Rob Tyler & Stacey Tyler of Kingwood TX

[Edited on 4-20-2010 by Polverone]

hissingnoise - 31-3-2010 at 06:38

Keep going helleborine - I'd say the refund will come, and maybe soon.
The work you're doing is in all our interests and we support you.

ScienceLabDotCom - 31-3-2010 at 08:33

Whoooa now. Are those actual mugshots of Mr. Rob Tyler? I'm intrigued, and curious as to what the charges were. I tried looking up warrant records for Harris County, Humble and Houston, TX... but no dice.

I've got a clearer picture of Stacey that was found on the internet... drop me a note if you want a copy of it. :) Sadly, it's not a mugshot, but she does seem to have a very healthy smile. ::nods::

So, here's a good story... currently in the works.

Another gal contact me a couple days ago who is in the middle of trying to get a refund for a recent order. After not hearing from or seeing anything arrive for a couple weeks, she followed-up and got the "it will be here shortly, and we'll ship it when it arrives" excuse from one of their employees over the phone.

I mean, it's brilliant if you think about it. She's already been strung along for half the amount of time that her credit card company allows for a dispute to be filed. You'd think the ball is in's court for makingout with another stack of free cash.

This consumer did a quick google search, found all these scam references and immediately asked for a refund. Meanwhile, she hopped over to another company,, placed the same "special" order, and it shipped that same day.

Here's the kicker; she clearly notified within their Terms-of-Use stated timeframe of 3 days to get a refund on her special order after the items had been dubbed a backorder... yet she has not received any further communication from them.

So the good thing for her is that she's been in contact with her credit card company and is disputing the charge, and has a ton of backup supporting her claim. The bad thing is that their independent consultant seems to have gone rogue, Stacey was said to be working "remotely" as per usual, and they've left the company in the hands of nobody with decision making authority again. = Bad = Good

helleborine - 4-4-2010 at 06:07


We have someone at the Harris County DA office that's finally looking at the case. If you have a complaint against that you'd like to detail, send me a U2U message and I'll give you his email addy.

helleborine - 7-4-2010 at 16:24

I received a refund. A last.

I need a vacation :o

gnitseretni - 7-4-2010 at 17:33

Congrats! :cool:

anotheronebitesthedust - 9-4-2010 at 23:44


My only advice is: DO NOT GIVE UP. You just spent your spare time making thes people's life's a living hell, and proved to be very well at it. And perhaps they may one day change their ways because of your actions.

They are praying on the innocent and those without he resources, financial backing, or mental capacities to fight back and they know that. It irs reminiscent of people scamming the elderly or invading the homes of handicapped people. They are the negative aspect of our society and deserve what is coming to them.

Please Helleborine, please do not quit your crusade against as it will only lead to the pain and suffering of many other suckers who get pulled into their trap.

Please, I kow you have received your refund, but I implore you to do not give up on putting these criminals in their place, where they belong.

Please, as time allows, continue to fight the good fight, if only for the benefit of all the future potential marks. Plus whay allow the scam artists to live the good life by robbing the poor.


helleborine - 10-4-2010 at 04:42

Don't worry; but it is no longer in my hands. It is in the hands of an investigator in the Texas Justice system. Again, if anyone has stories, send me a message, and I'll give you the investigator's email address. We have our foot in the door, all we need is the strength that comes from numbers.

hissingnoise - 10-4-2010 at 05:07

Well done helleborine - your persistence paid off and ScienceLab's experience will serve as a warning to other would-be rip-off merchants.

Sydenhams chorea - 16-5-2010 at 03:46

Actually, I do not believe all these claims about being ripped off by According to my judgement using the preternatural psychoteleportation abilities I inherited from my East-Anatolian Bosha gypsy great-grandaunt, I feel the people of are honest, responsive and meek as newborn lambs. I feel it is the complainers who are being greedy!

That is why I decided to highly recommend them wherever I could, and subsequently proceeded to send all their contact details to about 350 of my (mostly Central-African) acquaintances, including but not limited to bank directors, high-ranking military officers, representatives of gold-mining companies, the board of directors of several lotteries, recruitment officers, religiously inspired people, barristers and attorneys, and even more than once mr. Ban Ki-Moon, secretary-general of the United Nations himself (through his Nigerian representatives).

I've also sent these to many (mostly Eastern European and Russian) lonely girls who were looking for a serious relationship, so that they perhaps may take interest and pursue chemistry as a hobby to alleviate their loneliness.

Glad to be of help to the nice people of

hissingnoise - 16-5-2010 at 03:54

Hmmm, that pretty Russian girl I sent all my money to should have arrived here months ago. . .

quicksilver - 16-5-2010 at 04:12

I can tell anyone who's interested; - took my $, nothing arrived - called and called, finally told this and that's on "back order". This was a LONG time back. since then I got hooked up with real suppliers via Global. Business to business purchases were pennies on the dollar to pyro-outlets and even eBay.
But for the majority of things, it's SO easy to find them OTC if you get into grabbing MSDS sheets. The biggest grief is that boarder states have labels that are printed in Eng/Span so there's no ROOM for contents. Thus you HAVE to get an MSDS. Ace has a private website w/ all their MSDS. Home Depot's too much of a pain in the ass. Lowes has a big binder at Customer Service. Google MSDS, consumer materials, USA & you might find a gold mine but don't post the private ones.

MagicJigPipe - 16-5-2010 at 18:01

Not sure if this has been posted yet. If so, I will delete the redundant information:

ScienceLab down?

Mabus - 21-7-2016 at 14:48

I can't access the site at all. Anyone else has the same problem?

skip - 21-7-2016 at 15:39

If they are shut down they deserve it. rip off artists.

Loptr - 21-7-2016 at 18:17

Quote: Originally posted by skip  
If they are shut down they deserve it. rip off artists.

Care to enlighten? I seem to recall some of their prices being kind of expensive, while others where reasonable compared to commonly available sources.

Wait, or was this the one that was ridiculously expensive stuff with a somewhat decent selection?

I can't keep up with all the little science supply shops I have visited on the net. I think I am thinking of Science Company.

[Edited on 22-7-2016 by Loptr]

[Edited on 22-7-2016 by Loptr]

Mabus - 22-7-2016 at 00:10

I kind of liked their MSDS sheets. For some compounds, SL were the only ones having them.

EDIT: Yeah, they seem to be scam:
Wonder if they just changed domain to continue doing shady stuff under different name.

[Edited on 22-7-2016 by Mabus]

Mabus - 22-7-2016 at 00:47

Well, their site is gone now. Can't find any news about them being shut down, maybe they packed and fled.

Mabus - 31-7-2016 at 03:32

Nope, they're back.

The jersey rebel - 30-9-2016 at 04:19

Just checked and the sciencelab site is still up. I've never dealt with them but I assume that the prices are steep due to liabilities and licensing. If you want to buy or sell chemicals I highly recommend checking out BTW I have no affiliation with the company. It's just a cool site.
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