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I think I figured out where Unit3d Nucl3ar gets their ball milz...

evil_lurker - 15-4-2007 at 15:17

Was looking for tools and ran across something that looked strangely familiar to me...

The_Davster - 15-4-2007 at 16:02

The knobs on the cans are slightly different....
Yeah thats how I'll justify my buying of one of UN's for 100$CDN 6 years ago(when our dollar was weaker)

bereal511 - 15-4-2007 at 16:38

Huh...I'm going to pretend I didn't see that and think $70 was a good deal for a ballmill....(shoots self in head).

egloskerry - 15-4-2007 at 16:41

But they don't give you media.

BromicAcid - 15-4-2007 at 16:50

A lot of ball mills look alike, I mean, it's a good design and knockoffs predominate. I have ordered from harbor freight in the past and they sell some good stuff, but a lot of it is low quality, break when you use it often, stuff. What I am saying, is that unless you know the brand United Nuclear is carrying, and you know the brand Harbor freight is carrying, then you really can't say they are the same. Although they certainly look similar. I'm giving United Nuclear the benefit of the doubt here.

joeflsts - 15-4-2007 at 16:58

I have been thinking about buying one of these for some time. I did a quick check and UN's price is about $5 to 10 more, depending on the meda than buying seperately, before shipping.

It does appear that they are basically the same mill. I have used Harbor Freight stuff for both home and professional use and while it isn't Snap-on quality some of it isn't bad.


evil_lurker - 15-4-2007 at 17:11

Upon closer inspection, the jars do look slightly different. But if you look at the two barrel mill from HF, the barrels are identical.

Ceramic media on Ebay is cheap... $22 worth would fill up both barrels. So are chrome bearings... 100 1/2" bearings are IIRC less than $20 (minus shipping of course).

egloskerry - 16-4-2007 at 02:43

Just a long would it take to process 5lb of KMnO4 in that dual 3lb one with lead media to a fine sugar consistency?

evil_lurker - 16-4-2007 at 03:03

You can buy it like that already at or use a simple $15 coffee grinder (which works pretty good for turning aluminum "curls" into course flakes BTW).

I dislike lead in ball mill for the simple fact that most of its pretty soft. Steel bearings or ceramic media would accomplish the goal in less than half the time without worries of lead contamination (which may or may not be an issue).

Sauron - 16-4-2007 at 05:19

My recollection is that handloader/reloaders of ammunition use ball mills with very mild media to clean and polish once-fired brass cartridge cases prior to decapping, repriming etc.