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Broken *Kontes Ultra-Ware* Filtration Apparatus

MagicJigPipe - 6-6-2018 at 15:03

Well, I’ve gone and done it. One of my prized pieces of glassware has been broken by my clumsiness so I feel immediately compelled to seek out a replacement. I simply can’t afford to buy one brand new at the moment so I’m reaching out here. It’s been many years since I’ve posted here but I have been lurking in the shadows. Some of you may remember me, most may not, but regardless, I’m looking for a decent price on one of these. I also previously broke the vacuum adapter for it so if anyone has one of those as well I’d happily make or respond to an offer.

If you can’t tell from the picture this was a 2 L flask. I suppose I could get by with a 1 L but would prefer the flexibility of 2.

Thanks a lot in advance.

P.S. The worst part is I got this years ago before many people were buying glassware on eBay and I think I got the whole thing for 20-30 USD!

FBF983DD-2D4B-4265-AC70-738C15E480D2.jpeg - 1.4MB