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increasing biosynthesis of lanosterol

soma - 8-6-2018 at 02:13

Anyone know of studies that found ways to increase lanosterol biosynthesis?

VictorMedvil - 17-2-2019 at 08:08

Add a stronger promoter region to the gene that does biosynthesis of Lanosterol if you are using something living to produce it.

Tsjerk - 17-2-2019 at 12:50

Most empty shell response I have seen in a long time... add a stonger promoter. .. first of all, it probably won't work, second, have you ever transformed a promoter in an eukaryote? Me neither, I wouldn't start doing so if it wasn't really required.

I am assuming we are talking about eukaryotes here because lanesterol is usually not produced by prokaryotes.

If I were to get an eukaryotic organism to up-regulate production of anything, I would start exploring the upstream path and see if I can induce receptors positively regulating the path, taking out repressors of receptors, or increasing metabolites used by the pathways. Also you could have a look downstream whether you could take out a product there, as pathways usually have there own negative feedback loops.

But do I know of an article? No. I had a quick look, you probably also had. What do you want do do? More explanation is always better.