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12V Amplifier power supply

FrankRizzo - 23-5-2007 at 17:06

Would any of you fellas know of a source for power supply boards for DIY car audio amplifiers. I know that many amplifiers out on the market today are modular units, so the power supplies should be available on some market. I'm looking for a supply that will take 12V DC in and supply +- 45-60V DC out.

Failing a commercial solution are you aware of any forums where this type of project might be discussed?

Lambda - 23-5-2007 at 19:43

Here you are @FrankRizzo,

DIYAudio Forum:

Making car amplifier SMPS with tl494 + DC Protection:

This Forum is about as good as it can get on the Internet concerning DIY Audio. There are also many other threads on DC to DC converters using other chips than the TL494, but you won't find them any cheaper. Nearly all old Computer Power Supplies use this chip, or with slight modifications of the same architecture.

Good luck !


FrankRizzo - 25-5-2007 at 14:12

Thanks Lambda!