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anhydrous calcium iodide for making calcium

symboom - 12-8-2018 at 20:04

What would be the best way to make calcium iodide
I have calcium chloride
Calcium hydroxide
iodine crystals
Sodium hydroxide

Making sodium iodide then add to calcium chloride
To acetone to form calcium iodide and insouble sodium chloride

Or decomposition of calcium iodate
It can be prepared by the direct reaction of zinc and iodine in refluxing ether or alcohol with cacium chloride

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Foeskes - 20-8-2018 at 02:49

Well just react Ca(OH)2 and iodine to form CaI2 and Ca(IO3)2.
Dry then react it with a reducing agent i.e. Carbon.
Dissolve in water and filter.

DJF90 - 20-8-2018 at 02:59

Have you looked in Brauer?

symboom - 20-8-2018 at 11:56

That sound like a better path i was thinking of avoiding forming calcium iodate by reducing iodine with zinc. But i could just add carbon
The history of making calcium metal says that he used calcium iodide i have a lot of calcium chloride and a little bit of iodine there are many ways to get to calcium iodide im also needing it to be anhydrous which makes it easier to melt it so it will react with sodium and leave behind a crystalized mass of calcium metal.
Not sure if i really need calcium iodide
If the calcium metal melts together in one lump
According to the values below
The reaction seems to occur at 800C to 900C

Calcium metal
Melting point 842°C
Boiling point 1,484°C

Sodium metal
Melting point 97.79°C
Boiling point 882.9°C

Calcium chloride
Melting point 772°C
Boiling point 1,935°C

Calcium iodide
Melting point 779°C
boiling point 1,100°C

Thanks for the reply

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Foeskes - 21-8-2018 at 02:03

Remember to keep the temp below the boiling point of sodium otherwise you'll convert the calcium back to sodium(the reaction is reversible). By adding carbon I mean heating the mix at a high temp(couple hundred degrees) to reduce the iodate.
I think heating the iodide will dehydrate it.

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