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plant alkaloids

Slimz - 18-9-2007 at 10:34

anyone here experienced with them??

Im new to them and im very interested in learning how to extract and seperate them.

solo - 18-9-2007 at 10:48

Try google there is plenty of info there ......also use the search engine on this forum as books and discussion have been posted.........solo

Slimz - 18-9-2007 at 11:00

i plan to do alot of research on my own.. just wondering if there is anyone here that is experienced with it.. in case i have specific questions or need guidance...

not_important - 18-9-2007 at 17:12

Most people have some experience - making tea, coffee, yerba mate, or drinking tonic (quinine) water.

Outside of that there is such a wide range of alkaloids that the question is somewhat along the lines of "anyone here experienced with traveling??"

Sauron - 18-9-2007 at 17:33

Some of us even pyrolytically extract the alkaloid nicotine from dried plant material.

Maya - 18-9-2007 at 18:22

LOL! sauron the all seeing!

Didn't your O chem professor ever make U extract nicotine from tobacco > the regular way?

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Sauron - 18-9-2007 at 18:29

No, actually. I think we did steam distill an essential oil out of an herb once, but I do not recall any nicotine extraction in either of my two years of organic teaching lab.

Of course that was during the Dark Ages.

The_Davster - 18-9-2007 at 19:01
In our library:)

Sauron - 18-9-2007 at 19:18

Yes I already pointed him at the forum library, in his essentially duplicative "Questions from a New Guy" thread, where in addition to the two volumes on alkaloids there are some on the essential oils, and of course that does not exhaust the possible materials from plants.

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Slimz - 19-9-2007 at 04:15

ok so aparently the answer is NO, there is nobody here who's focus is on plant alkaloids.
Well i guess threre is now... i beter start reading...

Sauron - 19-9-2007 at 05:54

You don't know enough about this topic to be able to ask intelligent and specific questions. To questions as broad and general as you did ask, the answers would be as long as a book. So, go do your homework and when you have armed yourself with a little knowledge then you may be worthy of attention from this forum.

And next time don't ask about extraction of mescaline from cactus.

Slimz - 19-9-2007 at 06:16

I think you are correct..
however i am absorbing this stuff like a sponge

started here

I am learning about the bonds and at the same time learning specific traits of atoms with certain structures (like alkyl, alcohol, etc)

I know what a nitrogen ring is (kinda important if i want to study alkaloids)

In a few days/weeks, ill be back to ask some inteligent questions... till then ill doing some reading... ok, allot of reading...

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Sauron - 19-9-2007 at 16:31

Sounds like a good start.

The Merck Index would be a good acquisition.

phangue - 1-10-2007 at 12:35

Find a copy of the U.S. Dispensary from the late 1800's. Try a university library by all means. You will find detailed extractions for most of the medically interesting alkaloids in the book.

JohnWW - 1-10-2007 at 14:44

I have just posted download links for a large collection of Organic Chemistry textbooks and reference works, including the Merck Index, in the Organic Chemistry Books thread in the references section.

Jamjar - 1-10-2007 at 16:37

The Dispensatory of the United States of America Twentieth Edition 1918

Slimz - 2-10-2007 at 04:34

Thanks.. i searched but did not find it...

That site is an amazing rescource.. thanks for the link

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