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Lucky Me

Slimz - 20-9-2007 at 04:18

well i was talking about hemistry with my father who used to work in a pigment plant, in the lab (30 years ago), and found that he still had a bunch of pyrex so i now have

2 x 2000ml beakers
2 x 1500ml beakers
3 x 1000ml beakers
3 x 500ml beakers
3 x 250ml beakers
2 x 100ml beakers
1 x 50ml beaker

1x5000ml Filtering Flask (Heavy)
1xLarge ceramic filter funnel w/ rubber ring

all Pyrex brand
grand total

not a bad start for free eh'?

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woelen - 20-9-2007 at 04:26

Its always good to have quality glassware, and it is even better if you get it for free ;).
Beakers of all kinds of volumes are a must to start with, besides of course the most basic things like test tubes and funnels.
You also should obtain some means of heating the beakers in a safe way. Most simple setup is an alcohol lamp, with a tripod and a gauze or asbestos sheet, better is a hot plate.

YT2095 - 20-9-2007 at 08:29

I also am pleased for you :)

having nice quality glassware is a pleasure in itself, and of course FREE is always the best price ;)

Sauron - 20-9-2007 at 08:38

Good thing you aren't in Texas!

Slimz - 20-9-2007 at 09:48

LOL I read that post...

guy - 20-9-2007 at 12:58

Originally posted by Sauron
Good thing you aren't in Texas!

Pride of America

YT2095 - 28-9-2007 at 08:32

well I also Got VERY lucky today too, I got talking to the Lab Tech at college today, and it seems she also has a passion for chem and nice glassware, so we got talking, and she took me into the stock room to see all the chems and the original bottles some 50+ years old, apparently the place was a real mess when she took over.
and even though she`s cleaned quite a bit up there`s a Load of stuff really old that has to be gotten rid of...

That`s where I come in! ;)

so all being well, next Tuesday I`ll have sevral crates of ground glass reagent bottles all marked up, such a Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium Hydroxide etc... as well as Kipps apparatus!
this isn`t all though, as there`s plenty more to sort out, other things will be mine to! :D

so Christmas has come early this year for the YT Lab!

naturally she said No to the old chems, but I aint greedy.

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Slimz - 28-9-2007 at 08:50

Awesome... i was happy with my haul but it sound like you got lucky too...

I just ordered some more from, some beakers and a separation funnel and some tubes and a thermometer.. sells lab plastic ware at ok prices too (like wash bottles etc)
plasticware link

Mardec - 28-9-2007 at 09:57

Originally posted by Sauron
Good thing you aren't in Texas!

What post?

Slimz - 28-9-2007 at 10:09

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Mardec - 28-9-2007 at 10:38

Originally posted by Slimz

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The stupidity..

Anyway, great for you Slimz, good glassware is always nice :-) is it still in good shape?

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Slimz - 28-9-2007 at 11:17

yeah its all unchipped and in great condition

organometallic - 2-10-2007 at 03:44

Heh, today I bought 6 1000ml volumetric flasks with stoppers for £3 each from an army surplus store..they appear to have no defects..I also got 3 reduction adapters for large reaction vessels for £1 each. Which is nice.

Antwain - 2-10-2007 at 05:29

I managed to inherit some glassware my father had when he was a home chemist... back in the days when you could go to your pharmacist and say "please sir, i'm a home chemist, could you order some nitric acid in for me".

Most of my stuff I bought, at great expense. I'm not even sure I could do that now, 5 years later.

And ye Slimz, free glassware is good glassware. :D

Slimz - 2-10-2007 at 05:46

I have gone thru the attic and come across a few more large beakers (2500+) but i have a problem...
i have one of these
its about that size too (5000-6000 ml)
but its full of dirt.. i dumped most of it out but how the hell do you clean one of thease things...
I was thinking of puting sand and water in it to scrape off the dirt (swirling it around).. is that OK for the glass?

Phosphor-ing - 2-10-2007 at 05:58

Use NaCl and water. Add an excess of salt to act as your abrasive.

Slimz - 2-10-2007 at 06:01

so salt and water .. ok...

Twospoons - 2-10-2007 at 19:12

Since we're all bragging about free glassware ...
Years ago my wife was working at a med equipment supply company. They had decided to stop stocking glassware, and were having a hard time offloading it (even at a discount). So it was all going to be dumped :o . I found out, and asked if I could pick up a few pieces (expecting to have to pay). I was led into the storeroom and told "help yourself". I left with three carloads of brand new Schott Duran ground-joint kit - gratis! Oh happy day!

YT2095 - 3-10-2007 at 00:45

well my 1`st load arrived yesterday:

there are 7 bottles there one of each, HCl, H2SO4, HNO3, barium chloride, silver nitrate, ammonia and sodium hydroxide.

this is a closeup of the HCl bottle, it`s quite deeply etched and good quality.

these are the rest that haven`t been cleaned yet.
I`m still keeping my fingers crossed for the Kipps though!

16MillionEyes - 7-10-2007 at 14:56

And you got that for free YT2095!!?

YT2095 - 7-10-2007 at 22:59

that and another car load!
including stuff I have no idea about, but so far I have cataloged:
1, a Hoffman Voltameter
2, Victor Meyer apparatus
3, Landsberger apparatus
4, Washburn & Read apparatus
5, Beckmann freezing point apparatus
6, Cottrel Brown Boiling Point apparatus
7, 3 small bubbler scrubbers
8, load of volumetric stuff

and I haven`t finished yet either, I may post some pics to help me ID a few things, for instance I have a dozen hand blown glass spheres, in each there is an amount of lead shot, the sealing end of the glass is shaped into a Hook.

if it wasn`t for the fact that where quite heavy and the lead inside leaved the glass looking a but dusty inside, these would Not look out of place on a Christmas tree :)
I tried one in water and it sinks also.

The_Davster - 7-10-2007 at 23:09

Nice!...I am going to suggest not using the NaOH ground glass stoppered bottle...Mine has been frozen shut for a year now.

As for bragging...I had a building at my university be shut down. Lots of fun free stuff, mainly physics machines which I have hidden away and will never use, but I got some chems and glassware out of it.

16MillionEyes - 8-10-2007 at 15:50

How on Earth are you getting all that stuff for free though?