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Obtaining materials

D4RR3N - 24-9-2007 at 14:43

Firstly I have been reading through some of the threads on hear and noted that some of you are experimenting with some quite exotic chemicals, where do you obtain them from?

I’m specifically interested in your answer if you live in the UK as I do. I have tried contacting a few suppliers I found on the net but most are reluctant to supply to the general public. I haven’t looked into the legal requirements yet but I assume that a license is required. Its frustrating because I have many experiments I would like to carry out but cant easily obtain the materials.

woelen - 24-9-2007 at 23:48

See your U2U box.

Drone - 25-9-2007 at 01:58

From what I have found in my research almost nothing needs a licence apart from certain biologically active molecules.

Most suppliers I have spoken too are very reasonable, apart from the larger ones who only deal with companys. The reason for this is that, apparently, under UK law, if a company sells to a company it is up to the receiving company to ensure the goods are handled properly but for a company -> End user sale the company has a duty of care.

The other (minor) issue is that for the last few years the police have been running a ~100 item watched list. If any individual buys 3 or more chemicals on this list the company has to pass the customer's details onto the police. This results in either a 1 day delay (in the vast majority of cases) or a visit from the counter terrorism people.

Having recently been visited by a couple of officers they seem rather reasonable. They were solely interested in terrorism and easily appeased.

Lastly, lab pak chemicals ( are a good place to start for basic inorganics and have reasonable prices.

D4RR3N - 25-9-2007 at 02:28

Thanks for that, most of the suppliers I contacted were the larger ones firstly because they listed a grater variety of chemicals and secondly they appear easily on a web search due to advertising. Will try smaller suppliers from now on.

SsgtHAZMAT - 25-9-2007 at 03:22

What are you looking for specifically? That would help answer the question.

D4RR3N - 26-9-2007 at 07:18

Iron Boride, Beryllium hydride, Boron, Hafnium etc

Also can Indium form a compound with Silicon?

All the above are for Magnetic, Semiconductor experiments.

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12AX7 - 26-9-2007 at 08:20

No. gives 47 results...

Edit: Through I will add that In and Ge form an alloy. The adjecent diffusion region contains In-doped Ge, allowing simple construction of germanium semiconductors. Si-In probably form a range of alloys, or at least can be mechanically bonded, but their probably isn't much interaction.


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D4RR3N - 26-9-2007 at 08:30

Thanks for that, yes Indium and germanium form a semiconductor as dose Indium and Tin. So if silicon was doped with Indium it would mix but no bonding between In and Si would occur?

12AX7 - 26-9-2007 at 13:28

My SGTE phase diagram collection shows In has very low solubility for Si and vice versa until rather high temperatures, but the liquids are always miscible when molten (unlike with lead, which is insoluble and immiscible). So, they will probably form a metal bond (imagine soldering silicon with indium), and maybe some In will diffuse into the Si, doping it.

In contrast, In has much more solubility for Ge, though still very little (fractional percent or less) at its melting point.

You mention In-Sn is a semiconductor. My phase diagram shows two intermetallics, beta and gamma, in the system. Sn is a semiconductor at lower temperatures, and presumably one of these intermetallics may also be. Because there is notable solid state interaction, this is different from In and Ge or Si.


woelen - 26-9-2007 at 22:51

Pure elements like indium, germanium and silicon frequently are offered for sale on eBay. But these elements are rather expensive, especially the germanium. Boron and hafnium also can be obtained from eBay.

D4RR3N - 27-9-2007 at 04:07

Just did an image search and found that you can purchase glass/crystal which has been doped with Indium to give it a violet tinge. I'm not sure if this is Quartz fused with Indium or Silicon fused with Indium.

Looks like Indium will fuse with Quartz to produce a powerful crystal giving you new age superpowers:D

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