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lithium sec-butyl hydride

conducter - 9-11-2007 at 17:46

I believe it is also called L-Selectride.or Lithium tri-sec-butylborohydride solution in THF.

Ive only seen this for sale on sigma-aldrichs website but it has that pesky "this item might be reviewed before shipment" warning..

is this an illegal item or can it be ordered without much worrying?

RxnJackson - 9-11-2007 at 18:21

Much of Alrich's stock is "reviewed before shipment". Unless it's totally harmless (ie: isopropyl), they require approval for shipping. I beleieve this is a result of the "recent" (2006ish) DEA policy requiring chemical distributors to "know their customers" and maintain lists for submission to the DEA of the 40 listed watched chems. Aldrich also has a policy where dangerous chems (watched or not), ie: highly explosive or very toxic, may be followed up on with the customer to ensure they can handle this chem (probably a liability thing). Of all the chem companies out there, Alrich is by far the most difficult to deal with.

We have accounts with Fisher and a number of other chem supply companies, and we only go to Alrich as a last resourt (were a small company, chem is not our claim to fame, but still necessary sometimes). Mostly because even to order something you are required to open an account (this includes distilled water!!), during which time they do a backtround check and may contact you directly requesting details about your chemical needs and nature of your buisiness, etc.

We just went through the same process for n-butyl-lithium 2M Hexane. I believe they are concerned because of how powerful a base it is. Maybe someone else can shed some more light on it, but technically its not a posted, "watched" chem. However, this doesn't mean that the govnt doesn't keep an eye on it. Seriously, what kind of mundane stuff do you need something like Lithium sec-butyl hydride (really nasty stuff, bee careful with that stuff, and keep way AWAY from H2O). You need a truly anhydrous atmosphere for that stuff. One of our research partners said that people working with butyl lithium either have had fires or will have fires (pretty good source, but who know).

Do you currently have an Alrich account?

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