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help with research on drug metabolism

contrived - 14-12-2007 at 00:31

I am temporarily locked out of my academic search engine.. possibly for maintenence reasons - I don't know yet. I'm in a terrible time crunch. I need references on the metabolism of drugs altered by liver disease. This is 'drugs' in the broadest sense, medicines of all kinds. vitamins, etc. Anyway there's a body of literature on the impairment of drug metabolism and liver compromise. I need as many articles as I can find in the next two days. I would ask in references but I can't do the academic searches to get the information I would need to post there so I'm begging, hat in hand, here. Thanks very much.

Darkblade48 - 14-12-2007 at 13:35

You should be able to do some of the research yourself, i.e. look for abstracts that you want first, and see if anyone is willing to help...I don't think anyone will do the research for you, since the topic is so broad, etc.

Abstracts are always free, and you can get an idea of whether the article is any good from there.