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Author: Subject: Polythiazyl

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[*] posted on 28-8-2009 at 23:35

It was suggested in my thread about S2Cl2 that I post this thread.

Polythiazyl, (SN)n, is a metallic conductor at room temperature, and becomes superconducting at 0.3 K. Doping with Br results in a substantially higher Tc (approaching liquid nitrogen temperatures) and superior conductivity at ambient temperatures (on a part with Al). Despite these remarkable properties, it is a true macromolecular polymer (in contrast to many metal halides, which are polymeric in the solid state via bridging halide atoms) and have mechanical properties and ostensibly processing behavior similar to other synthetic polymers such as polyethylene.

The purpose of this thread is to promote discussion of methods for synthesis and doping chemistry of polythiazyls, and experimental results on conductivity, molecular weights and PDIs attained by various approaches, etc.

The synthetic route I am proposing is:

S2Cl2 + NH3 ---N2, 300 K---> S4N4----heat SLOWLY-->S4N4 (g) ---Ag wool---> S2N2 ----2 days, 273.15 K---> (SN)n

Any thoughts?
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[*] posted on 29-8-2009 at 06:39

A very intriguing topic only lightly discussed in a few previous posts here

Pdf page 6 of the following on sulfer chemistry provides a primer on the substance

Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers , See pdf pages 97, 233,

food for thought , page 8

polymer preparation

some background on doping

Forum member ' Axt ' had posted this on the Tetrasulfur-tetranitride precursor.
more here

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