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Author: Subject: synthesis of H2o2??
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[*] posted on 25-5-2010 at 20:26

My 2c worth

Thanks to Kewls, terrorists and acetone peroxide, H2O2 is becoming increasingly hard to get. At least here in Oz.
Last time I looked they were not even stocking the 3% stuff in my local pharmacy. In due course, things will go the same way in all sorts of places.
A practical method of producing 30% Hydrogen Peroxide may well be a useful addition to the already comprehensive collection of preparations we have. The high concentration stuff is mostly unnecessary for the preparations referred to in these pages.

I'm afraid I'm an armchair chemist these days (aside from minor dabblings) , so I would be a mere spectator, but I recommend one of you guys with the expertise and resources think along these lines.

Of course I would love to be proved wrong but I'm not holding my breath..... :-(
If anyone from Oz has any suggestion for a current source easily available, please P2P. Not on open forum.
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[*] posted on 16-9-2013 at 03:33

First route is like this: if H2O2 decomposes over a catalyst into O2 and H2O steam and heat, then reverse the process. Feed O2 and water steam over a thin catalyst mesh and add heat. When H2O and O2 react into H2O2 then this reaction absorbs heat and the output is hot H2O steam, colder H2O2 and hot O2. H2O2 needs to be separated, water and oxygen can be reused and fed again to the catalyst.

Second route:
*Heat washing soda Na2CO3 under vacuum, it decomposes to sodium oxide Na2O and CO2. (use high temperatures)

*Heat Na2O under pressure of pure oxygen. It absorbs O2 and transforms to Na2O2.

*Gently react Na2O2 with cold water to obtain H2O2 and titrate in acid to neutralize NaOH because H2O2 is stabile in acidic.

*Or some other route from Na2O2 to H2O2.
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