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Author: Subject: A Grave Risk of Death
National Hazard

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[*] posted on 18-8-2014 at 19:52

Quote: Originally posted by prof_genius  
I am now becoming seriously worried about the upcoming regulations, and I will have to start stocking up on reagents.

Upon a visit from the police, as you try to explain that you are just a hobbyist....
Police: Why exactly sir do you have 50kg of ___ and 20L of ___?
prof_genius: Well, uh, I was worried about authoritarian restrictions on the purchase of x, y, and z. I wanted to have them before you clamp down on us.
Police to radio: We have a libertarian with an agenda, and a stockpile of WMD. We'll be bringing him in with excessive force...

Might want to keep those items hidden away from the lab. You might give a nice dime tour of the lab to a curious officer following up on a call, but if you keep more than 100g of his list of naughty chemicals, he might not buy your hobbyist story.
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Hazard to Others

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[*] posted on 19-8-2014 at 00:59

I would have to start a small resale company, that would also give me reseller pricing from some companies.
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National Hazard

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[*] posted on 20-8-2014 at 11:15

Quote: Originally posted by woelen  
Things can be worse than that. I understood that in Germany, acetone may not be sold to the general public anymore at concentrations above 35% by weight. In some special situations, with registration of the buyer's ID, acetone may be sold in concentrations up to 50%. Possession of acetone at concentrations above 50% requires a special license, issued by the government.

In the Netherlands there also are many votes for that kind of regulation. The following things are discussed now and should become available only when you have a license:
- sulphuric acid above 50%
- urea
- acetone
- metal grit and powders, finer than 0.2 mm particle diameter
- nitric acid in any concentration
The Netherlands wants even stricter control than the upcoming EU regulations of Sept. 2014. On the other hand, if I look online right now, then there still are numerous sellers, who sell urea, nitric acid (53%), acetone and sulphuric acid. Locally I also can buy urea and acetone at many places. So, things look contradictory. Probably enforcing all these kinds of restrictions is a big problem for the government, especially in these economically hard times where law enforcement people are fired, due to lack of money.

Ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium nitrate already are restricted. They cannot be obtained anymore by the general public.

It is sad to see how in just 5 years (from appr. 2009 to now) the situation can alter so drastically. In 2009 I still could buy KAS fertilizer (ammonium nitrate with a small amount of dolomite mixed in) in packs of 25 kg and 5 kg without any paperwork or registration. If the regulations indeed come into effect in September and are enforced then it will be nearly impossible to obtain anything reactive, corrosive or oxidizing stuff. All of this is for one reason: fear of terrorism.

Sorry to quote this all for a short answer, but it is becoming more and more obvious, that the terrorism threat is not only real, but the terrorists have already won, by taking our freedom and rights and suppressing us to a totalitarian surveillance society. Everyone is a suspect, and it's a matter what we could do. The threat of banning even the most basic chemicals in EU for individuals is most distressing, but what makes it even more extreme, is that these kind of restrictions are being applied to several other things too, which represent the basic freedoms of ours. Have you heard the Malmstrom's gun control scheme?
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[*] posted on 31-8-2014 at 10:38

The 'terrorists' have definitely Won Already, and have succeeded in taking over our decision making at the highest level.

The effect is simply that young Taliban (et al) males will be actively encouraged to Learn Chemistry (especially OC and EM) while Westerners might even get locked up for it.

They win.
We lose, by throttling ourselves at their suggestion.

Perhaps it's a really really clever plan, where the west appears to lose, then all those who were encouraged to do chemistry all start making drugs instead of EM, and get their own population whacked out on meth.

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