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Author: Subject: methyl chloride synthesis
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[*] posted on 10-2-2004 at 17:53
methyl chloride synthesis

again me far as i know alkene reakts with halogens to form a poison as 1,2 dibromoethane.
now to make ch3cl
would it be sufficent to just bubble methane throug a solution of chlorine.
will it work,will that make ch2cl2?
what would happend?
if im wrong...please tell me the synthesys

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[*] posted on 10-2-2004 at 18:13

Methyl chloride can be made from the reaction of concentrated hydrochloric acid and methyl alcohol followed by distillation, although the boiling point is much lower then what temeratrure the reaction will take place at the heat applied is necessary to drive the eqilibrium to the right as methyl chloride rapidly hydrolizes to methyl alcohol and hydrochloric acid.... well I said it twice in a row, just different way.

Or you could react methyl alcohol with chlorine gas in the presence of phosphorus or possibly sulfur.

There is always methane + chlorine in a heated tube filled with crushed ceramics.

To make the methylene chloride you need to further chlorinate your methyl chloride.

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[*] posted on 11-2-2004 at 05:21
free radical....

chlorintion by free radical
in the influnce of light(UV)
the reaction like below:
Cl2 + heat or light-->2Cl radical
Cl radical +CH4-->HCl+CH radical
CH3 radical +Cl2-->CH3Cl+Cl radical
these involved the activatio,chain,and terminal stepS
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