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Author: Subject: problem with melting antimony

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[*] posted on 24-1-2020 at 09:17
problem with melting antimony

when i tried to melt antimony, it didn't melt, only a very tiny bit melted. i tried to melt it with a blowtorch like thoisoi2 did in his antimony video but it didn't work and i have no idea why.

does anyone know why it happened? i know it didn't make antimony oxide because it didn't make a white layer it just turned darker and got a dirtier look onto it.

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bought 15 because of toxicity issues/cant get it from household materials
3 years of this project and still working on catching them all (that's possible)
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[*] posted on 24-1-2020 at 17:29

Are you sure you were heating it up enough? You need to get it to 630 °C

Also are you sure your sample was pure?

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[*] posted on 24-1-2020 at 17:41

ones i placed sample of antimony on my a flash all my money was gone along with antimony.
also be careful with online sellers of antimony because lead acid batteries use alloy of Pb and Sb so some Sb that sells comes from recycling of that alloy, may contain toxic Lead impurities.

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