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Author: Subject: potassium animony tartrate from SbOCl possiblilty?

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[*] posted on 17-2-2020 at 08:07
potassium animony tartrate from SbOCl possiblilty?

so i am trying to see if i can make potassium antimony tartrate with potassium tartrate and antimony oxychloride made from antimony trichloride.

i have come up with a chemical equation for this but I'm not sure that the potassium antimony tartrate at the end will be the dominant reactant or even if this will be the product of this reaction. but i have at least tested it and i will show that further through the post.

H2O + 2SbOCl + 2K2C4H5O6 -> C8H10K2O15Sb2 + 2HCl

so what i tried is dissolving potassium tartrate in some water on high heat.
tested the pH: 4
added a tiny bit of antimony oxychloride
took some notes on my observations:
"*bubbling first started where i added the SbOCl
*after a bit, finer particles seem to disappear
*while bubbling i saw small SbOCl "clouds" in suspension
*after maybe 30 minutes because i don't keep track of time, there was definitely less SbOCl but the solution was a tiny bit cloudy
*tested ph and it was neutral mostly because it was slightly boiling
*left it cool overnight and in the morning there was definitely less SbOCl
*solution was clear and there was no layer of SbOCl on the bottom of the flask
*ph was about 3-4 after overnight
what i know is that there was definitely a reaction because i know i used an excess of water because i only used a tiny bit of SbOCl and about 10x more water than needed and about 10x more potassium tartrate than needed

i just have 3 questions:

how do i detect the potassium antimony tartrate (if i can detect it i can do a titration)?

how do i know if the reaction above is the reaction that happened besides very vague pH readings but with maybe math?

if the reaction above isn't the reaction that happened and it didn't make potassium antimony tartrate, then how do i make antimony trioxide without having the insufficient method of decomposing the SbOCl and losing a good bit of antimony?

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