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Author: Subject: Easy way to make activated charcoal

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[*] posted on 24-3-2020 at 02:07
Easy way to make activated charcoal

Hello everyone,
Id like to make some activated charcoal, so I saw some videos and tuto on internet. I havn't a furnace to make it by injecting water when the charcoal is hot, but I saw a lot of tuto making it by "attacking" the charcoal with calcium chloride. Does anyone tried it ? That could be my solution
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[*] posted on 24-3-2020 at 03:35

Did you even search this forum/site? There are many threads that already discuss this at extent and I'm not sure there is much more that is going to be added unless people have been trying to make their own recently.

How much do you need? What do you want it for? What kind of starting material do you have? Are you going to need it often or is this a once and done thing?

It is priced pretty well online, especially if you are looking for it as filter material like for aquariums (fish tanks). I've seen liter containers for 5-10 euro and that is enough to go a long way. You can also crush it up to get more surface area to clean a solution more quickly. Powder it, stir it into a solution and filter, and it will do an amazingly quick job of removing things from the solution. Another option is to powder it and form a layer on a filter (maybe cover with another filter so it doesn't float away, though it will settle eventually anyway). While powdering it doesn't really increase the porosity (total surface area of pores), it just makes them more easily accessible and will allow absorption (or adsorption, IDK which it does in this case) much more quickly.

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[*] posted on 1-4-2020 at 14:58

From memory: you need to reflux the carbon in a dilute solution of an oxidising mineral acid, usually 10-15% HNO3 or H2SO4 for an hour. Then filter and wash the carbon with lots of distilled water until all traces of acid are gone. This was the recommended procedure for re-activating 'spent' carbon.

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[*] posted on 1-4-2020 at 17:03

you can use talc as it decompose at 800-900C and give lot of water.just add some in the bottom of the container and pack ready made charcoal above, but don't let them mix.

acid that repeat its qualities called "Periodic acid".
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