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Author: Subject: Worried that police are intercepting my packages, worried about knock on door. Or just COVID-19 shipping delays?
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[*] posted on 29-4-2020 at 18:51

Or wash your magnesium with a little diluted HCl, rinse with water and methanol and dry over CaCl2. Dry all other reagents over molecular sieves. This way most Grignards will start without any iodine or other kickstarters.

My magnesium is so active after such treatment it bubbles with methanol.
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[*] posted on 29-4-2020 at 20:09

at least this motivated me to finally clean all of my glassware thoroughly and organize the lab in preparation for a police visit.

Any good reason works LMFAO.

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[*] posted on 9-5-2020 at 14:04

Fancy how I imagine people having "bug out box" that is put on aside and where they keep their more occult chemicals in case someone shows up for a check and all they've got to see are some biofuel experiments, homebrewing and etching and electroplating stuff. Another thing is, when one is open and even a bit eager to show things around, they tend to be looked upon.

Nowadays many commonplace lab reagents can easily fall into restricted categories, now when new EU restrictions are on place.

The more hazardous way could be to label the products to something else, for ex. storing nitric acid in car detergent canister. In case the contents are actually sampled, a more serious investigation needs to be on the grounds. I've witnessed police investigation scene of felony drug warrants and basically if the container stated it contains something, they'll count on that. In question was "a suspicious white powder" can that turned out to be some sort of legal nootropic. It was never sampled.
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[*] posted on 9-5-2020 at 17:33

I'm all for reusing containers, but IIRC, purposely mislabeled chemicals is a big red flag for any visiting law enforcement. In some cases (meth lab busts) they sample everything. You can take your chances I guess. Maybe I'm just naive but carefully labeled containers sounds like a better option even barring cookery.

I used to have a special place for what seemed like taboo chemicals, but did away with that shit. I sleep better without feeling like I have a box of secrets. Now all my chemicals are stored together and I'm prepared to defend my reasons for having them. However, I'm privileged to live in a relatively chemistry friendly place.

Cou, I also started to play the saxophone this year. Don't give up on it so easily!
Karlos, I'm 25. I wish I had piano hands! Learning this instrument, my first, makes it seem like it would be easier than before to learn any instrument.

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[*] posted on 9-5-2020 at 17:44

What, you started to playing a music instrument lately?
May I ask how old you are?
I am fed up of getting told I have piano fingers and then to explain I never ever thought about learning it.
I alwas thought "yeah well, its called arachnodyctaly, so what"?.

Now I'm in my thirties, and I wonder, if it might be beneficial to learn this still?
I would like it, I think.
But I can't afford a piano since I started to study again.

Not talking about the lady department of course :D

But would it be fun?
Would it be enjoyable?
I never ever played a musical instrument at all.
I don't know if I would like it at all?
It surely sounds like a challenge... and then again, Shulgin did so as well... it is tempting, but I never got into such a thing ever.
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