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Author: Subject: Wanted to share my recent experience with Dr Bob

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[*] posted on 5-9-2020 at 03:20
Wanted to share my recent experience with Dr Bob

I recently purchased a relatively large amount of lab glass from Dr.Bob and I just wanted to take a minute to share my experience. To give some background, I am an organic chemistry student in my senior year. Due to Covid-19 and other economic factors, the availability of lab glass at my school is severely limited. So...this semester, I was basically forced to procure a bunch of lab ware i needed for school....which as most of you know can be just exceedingly expensive...especially for a struggling college student. Any how, based on multiple threads and discussions on this website, I decided to message Dr.Bob. He replied promptly with an itemized spreadsheet of everything he had in inventory. He was very friendly, cordial and professional. I had what in my view was just a ridiculous number of questions and concerns...that stretched the actual buying process out over about a two week period. Yet, there was no air of annoyance or even the slightest hint of impatience from Dr.Bob, in fact each verbal interaction was very helpful and informative. After my barrage of questions had been answered and my concerns attended too, i placed the order. Not only did I completely screw up by trying to pay Dr.Bob from my paypal account that had been limited, but I managed to somehow get him to send me money for the transaction. At this point not only have I not paid Dr Bob, but i now also owe him a few hundred dollars. In return for all my mistakes and oversites I received in return nothing but kindness, understanding, patience and concern. At the end of this, i managed to place my order and fix the money issues, and today I received in the mail a huge shipment of awesome lab glass. Thank you Dr Bob. I feel like it is important to recognize people and commend them when they do something exemplary or when they go above and beyond the normal parameters of their i felt it was important to leave this review. From this point forward, Dr.Bob will alwayws be the first person I go to when I need glass.He has a high quality diverse set of labware and glassware at outstanding prices...and his customer service just exudes his love and passion for chemistry. Thank you again Dr.
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[*] posted on 6-9-2020 at 02:50

I was also quite dazzled by my experience of procuring a fairly large order with Bob. The way I see it. it's a no brainer: He has been an active poster, with oceans of information to share not just about grasping Chemistry, which he clearly does, but actually DOING it.

He actually taught me how to run a chromatography column, without saying a word about it!
(He threw in a few disposable items in the order without explaining their purpose, and it was a perfect 'scavenger hunt'.

Do keep in mind the glassware business is not his day job. However in the spirit of true exploration as found here in scimad, he will of course help, but to me he is more of a colleague than a merchant, so I try not to overwhelm him=D
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[*] posted on 6-9-2020 at 08:05

Thanks to everyone who has purchased glassware from me. I really appreciate the help in selling off the lab suplpies from by friend Ed's now closed business, as well as few other more recently closed labs. This forum has helped me to help find a home for well over 200 boxes of labware. But please remember that my inventory is just what is left, and I have a slowly shrinking list of items, so I have limited inventory and am out of some items. But I want to help people like m,y friend Ed did for me when I was young (I worked for him for part time a few years while in high school and college), and he mentored me in chemistry. He is now 96 or 97, and getting more deaf ands somewhat senile now, but still going strong. So this helps to provide his niece with extra funds to pay for his care. I look at it as a way to recycle glassware, help Ed, and help chemists get lab ware as cheap as possible. Also, I have caught up with a number of delays orders, so if you still are waiting for me for anything, please feel free to remind me, as I had about 40 conversations going, and am slow to sort them all out sometimes.

PS, if the moderators want to move or merge this thread with my main thread, that is fine with me. But thaks again to those who have bought things from me.

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