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Author: Subject: Something about us
International Hazard

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[*] posted on 10-10-2020 at 18:21
Something about us


There is awesome community of people and I was thinking that would be nice get to know members of forum a little bit. Lots of us have also other hobbies than chemistry, so maybe someone find here other member of forum with similar interests. So if you want to tell something about you, here is the right place to do :).

I studied on chemistry high school, applied chemistry with specialization on analytical chemistry.

My hobbies besides of chemistry are:

Paleontology (I am interested in mesozoic reptiles, but last few years I am more focused on paleozoic tetrapods (early amphibians, early reptiles and synapsids (ancestors of mammals))

Zoology (especially I fall in love with repitles and amphibians)


Walkings in nature

Music (I played on bassclarinet in ensemble for a few years)

Writing (I wrote few western books and tails, my last two books are from slightly futuristic world, but it mostly look as present world. There is fight against dictatorship, social conventions, evil. The main character search his true family. I also wrote few paleontological stories and few poems. I plan to write some fantasy, but I don't have creative period right now.)

What I like:

Food: Mushrooms, livers, chicken, cheeses

Drink: Juices, ice tea, black or green tea, cappucino

Music: Metal - mostly power-symphonic metal (Kamelot, Serenity, Beast in Black), from heavy metal I love Disturbed. Beside metal I love Roxette or epic music.

Series, movies: There is planty of it, but generaly fantasy (LOTR, The Hobbit, GOT, Pirates of the caribbean, The Originals, Lucifer...), sci-fi (Star Gate, Star Trek, Jurassic park/world, Primeval, Westworld...), western (Deadwood, The Good, the bad and the ugly...), comedy (espacially I love british humor - Allo, allo, Mr. Bean, Monthy Python's flying circus...), detectives (my most favorite is probably Hercule Poirot), documents (Attenborough's documents about nature are top quallity, I also remember with love Walking with dinosaurs/beasts series and Prehistoric park).

Books: Practically all genres as movies: Fantasy, western, detectives, educational literature

Videogames: Mostly racing games (Forza Horizon 4 is great, from the older ones for example NFSMW), Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft go, World of tanks or some creative games.

If you are interested in aqueous inorganic chemistry look at

"An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he had read. He said that Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin never died. They simply became music." Dr. Robert Ford, Westworld
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Texium (zts16)

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 07:00

The main reasons I enjoy chemistry are that it is hands-on and it results in a sense of accomplishment in synthesizing new compounds. Unsurprisingly, that same sentiment is common to my other hobbies as well. I love cooking, especially baking. Starting with simple raw ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, and eggs to produce complex foods feels akin to completing an impressive synthesis starting from OTC materials. And you can eat it! I also enjoy gardening, particularly of vegetables, since they provide a tangible reward for your efforts. I've been gardening since I was 13, and it was my main hobby before I got into chemistry. I'm hoping to put a greenhouse in at my new house soon. I also enjoy working on my car. I have an old car that's quite accessible to work on, so there's rarely anything that it needs that I can't fix myself with the service manual, a few tools, and any parts that could be ordered online or picked up at the local auto store. Now that I own a house, that same mentality applies to it as well. Overall, that sense of accomplishment, of being able to make things and fix things is what drives everything I do.

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National Hazard

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 07:17

I already wrote a bit about myself in other topics. I was born in a country which doesn't exist now - Soviet Union. Relocated in the Netherlands from Ukraine in 2015 because the war was too close to my house. I did a lot of chemistry before 14 years but then I switched to electronic/computers/programming. I am IT specialist, working in HTC Eindhoven, living in Friesland.

My second hobby is an amateur astronomy (I am one of organisers of "Double cluster" meetup).

I play piano, clarinet and some other instruments.

I read math books as well as other literature. My favourite writers are Walter Scott and Clifford Simak.

I drink wine and beer but now I live far from my native country, so have a little chance to do it in company of my friends especially in this COVID time.

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Hazard to Others

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 07:33

I'm going to follow a similar format to Bedlasky

I've never properly studied chemistry, as my high school doesn't offer it until next year, so most of my learning has come from borrowing textbooks

My hobbies besides chemistry are:

Physics (I don't do all that much physics, because most of the stuff I want to do require a high vacuum setup, which I do not have and cannot afford)
Cooking (sometimes)
Playing the piano/guitar.
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International Hazard

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 08:28

My hobbies beside chemistry:
Rock climbing
Salsa and bachata dancing
Figure skating and skating at skate parks
But due to the pandemic it's been a while

Welding and blacksmithing the first thing that pushed me into chemistry being able to create.

My more resent hobbies I picked up are
Reading and learning about neuroscience
Botany and permaculture more recent
Weightlifting and yoga

I've been wanting to get into glassworking
Got to get the set up with a furnace and didymium glassses been trying to build a oxyhydrogen torch

For drinks I like
whisky and coke
Khalua and milk
Yerba mate
Thai tea
Taro tea
Albiza and kava tea
Love to try exotic fruits and vegetables from around the word

Deep fried alligator
Salsa verde nachos
Orange chicken

NF, tech n9ne, offspring, Slipknot, rise against, disturbed, breaking Benjamin, culcha candela, Juanes and starset which have futuristic videos like eith BMI and crispr being used by everyone.

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 11:01

I loved chemistry back in school, but that was 30 years ago. I recently discovered the goofy "ChemicalForce" videos, and this piqued my interest. So far I've only collected some elements by buying them, but I'm hoping to make or refine some of the samples myself. My other main hobby is electronics. I really like to design and build little mechanical things, and control them electronically, which could be useful for chemistry!

This weekend I wanted to melt a 1# bar of zinc, so I made an electric crucible out of an old ceramic coffee cup. I added some Nichrome ribbon wire, fireplace cement, and some kind of high temp insulation. I carefully planned out the wire spacing to end up around 25 ohms. I powered it with a variac, and it actually worked! Next I plan to try melting NaOH or KOH for electrolysis. For temperature sensing, I have only used glass NTC thermistors, which max out at 250 or 300C. I need to learn how thermocouples work, so I can measure higher temperatures.
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Forum Redneck

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[*] posted on 12-10-2020 at 13:26

Grew up and went to school in central Florida (70's), in a quite rural area. Joined the USMC at 17 and saw the "World", Parris Island and 29 Palms.

I've lined in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, South Dakota, California, Nevada, and OF COURSE Arkansas. Don't think I left any out.

I used to hitch-hike across country at the drop of a hat. Made it from Amboy, CA (look it up...) to Baltimore in three days once and got a ride right to my Dad's door. Last time I hitched was about 7 years ago, from 29 Palms to Reno, through the middle of Nevada. On US95, a very empty highway. took 5 days to go 500 miles, but that was OK. I had water, books, etc and figured it might be my last time and it was actually a "pleasure trip".

I've "never met a stranger", as they say here in Arkansas. (I like people, but only in small quantities at a time). In fact, the most favorite job I ever had was driving Taxi in 29 Palms on the night shift. Got to interact with a variety of peeps, but only one or two at a time. Perfect.

I love beer, and even though I am quite good at producing clean EtOH (It's HAND SANITIZER, officer!), I don't care to drink it. Everyone needs a hobby.....

I live in a town of around 250 people. 22 miles to the nearest WalMart. I love it; know just about everyone by name and rarely lock my door. They all know I have a capable Org Synth lab, and also know I'm not cooking dope. Harmless eccentric. lol.

I firmly believe in the truth of my signature quote!!

A bit about me..

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.

Mark Twain

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