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Author: Subject: Barium azide preparation help

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[*] posted on 31-1-2021 at 22:50
Barium azide preparation help

i only have one method of pulling this off and barium azide is going to be made to make it easier to make other alkali azides. this is for a theoretical chemistry research project i am doing. im trying to find a cheap and easy method to pull this off without HN3. i really need help on the best method to obtain this and i already have an idea.

from this website it claims that you can make barium azide from this reaction and i believe it because i remember cody's lab precipitating potassium chlorate on his banana video

Ba(ClO4)2 + 2KN3 => Ba(N3)2 + 2KClO4
website: (use google translate to translate the page)

so with that in the equation its as easy as doing that reaction in the conditions that the most potassium chlorate can precipitate. barium azide dominates the solution. filter and crystalize. redissolve it in as minimal water as possible. google claims that barium azide is insoluble in acetone and potassium chlorate is barely soluble in acetone. that means the barium azide would crash out first leaving with a more pure product. filter and wash with acetone and a final wash with ice cold water (0°C). that should declare a pure enough product.

is there any way to make barium azide from sodium azide? there are no listings that i can find that has potassium azide for sale. or does anyone have an easy way to make barium azide?

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[*] posted on 31-1-2021 at 23:24

Not a trivial route but sodium azide can be made from hydrazine sulfate, this has been discussed quite a lot on this forum.
For example this thread:
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[*] posted on 1-2-2021 at 00:50

Do you mean chlorate or perchlorate? You say chlorate, but your formula has perchlorate.
Barium chlorate would work, but not as well as the perchlorate salt as potassium perchlorate is less soluble that the chlorate salt.
Potassium azide can also be made via the method referenced by Belowzero, but obviously use use potassium salts in place of the sodium salts.
I know you said you wanted to avoid HN3, but you could consider the reaction between nitric acid and hydrazine sulfate as per the following link
Given the low solubility of barium nitrate it may not work well.
This may also be of use, but you will need to translate it.
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[*] posted on 2-2-2021 at 06:53

Another route I can think of is by boiling barium carbonate in a solution of ammonium azide.
I have done this to prepare barium nitrate from barium carbonate + ammonium nitrate, and know that works. Never tried it with azides though.
Its not fast, of course. I think it took something like 4-5 hours of boiling (was a long time ago, not sure my memory is correct on this).

You probably have sodium or potassium azide as your starting material, so you'll have to prepare the ammonium azide first. According to the first google hit I find that can apparently be prepared by mixing it with ammonium nitrate and heating to 190 C to sublime ammonium azide.
Sounds scary, but not very complicated.

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